Driving in snow-7 Tips For Driving Safely In The Snow and Ice (Winter Driving Safety Guide)

7 Tips For Driving in snow and Ice

How to prevent accidents or hazards while driving in snow.

Tips For Driving In Snow
Driving in Snow

With winter approaching, we all could use some tips on how to safely drive in the snow! We have listed some great ones here…

1. Driving in snowDrive smoothly

Most important is… Do NOT jerk or make harsh movements when driving in snow! That will make the tires “unstick” their grip on the slippery road. Instead, every turn or push on the break or gas should be delicate and smooth.

2. Look far ahead of you

Always be ready for what you will do next. If you know a turn is coming up, be ready ahead of time for that turn and slow down a lot for it. Making sure that you break way before you must have to stop especially when the ground may be wet and icy when driving in snow. Just take extra precaution and concentrate solely on the road ahead of you!

3. Pay attention to your flashing lights

You have lights on your dashboard so pay attention to that. You will have a light called stability control system warning (the symbol is a car with squiggly lines behind it), that will warn you that your tires are slipping, and you need to take your foot off the gas so the tires can regain their grip. If you find that they are losing their grip just EASE into your movements.

4. Look around!

Have a plan, if you are feeling like your car will skid or slide out of control look and see where you are going to turn your car into so as not to hurt others or put yourself in oncoming traffic.

5. Dealing with skids

If you feel you are skidding, or sliding do NOT slam on your brakes! Ease off the brakes, that will allow the front tires to regain their grip. Quickly turn the steering wheel in the same direction that the rear wheels re sliding. So, if your rear tires are swinging to the right, turn your wheel to the right. Then ease off your gas and stay off the brakes, when you get your traction back move your steering back in the correct direction. Just stay calm and keep control.

6. Use of your Anti-lock brakes

If you can not do any of the steps above and are in imminent danger use your Anti-lock brake system. All newer cars have this system installed in them. So, if you need to avoid an obstacle and you have ABS, you will need to push the brake pedal down hard and do not let up on it, the computer will do the rest for you. The system adjusts the braking force and will help movement of the car while slowing down. Just keep steering and keep you foot on the brake. The vibration you may feel is normal.

7. All- wheel drive

While all wheel drive improves and helps a lot, do not think that you are immune to the road conditions. You still need to be cautious to your turns and breaking, because all wheel drive does not improve those things.

Just always remember to stay calm, do not make harsh movements and always be prepared for anything to happen!

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Driving in Snow

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