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What to Know When Shopping For Cheap Insurance in Pueblo

Purchasing auto insurance is the only way drivers can protect their financial interests, both when they are on the road and when they are parked. There are many factors regarding who to purchase coverage from, what to add or remove from a policy and what can be done to make insurance more affordable. Each state regulates what type of coverage they require, and every agency will make certain those minimums are met when a quote is provided.

Colorado State Insurance Requirements

When purchasing Car insurance, Pueblo residents need to be aware of what the law requires. Liability coverage is required in case the vehicle damages property or harms someone. The legal minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per vehicle for each accident is considered by many legal experts to be less than adequate. In addition, a fee to cover the expenses in case an accident occurs with an uninsured or under-insured motorist is also required. Not required is the medical payments coverage. However, it needs to be noted because the state of Colorado requires insurance agencies to offer it to all clients. Customers will need to request for it to be removed from their policies if they do not want this coverage.

In Pueblo, most banks will require that any vehicle that is being used as collateral or does not have a clear title, have additional coverage along with the coverage the state requires. This includes collision and comprehensive coverage, so the vehicle is insured no matter what causes damage to it. The coverage should always be enough to pay off the outstanding balance of the loan as well as cover any other expenses that may be incurred in the accident. Gap insurance is an important optional choice that should be considered if the vehicle has been recently purchased because it can cover the difference that often exists between what the value of the vehicle is, and what is actually owed on it.

Since January 1, 2016, to October 17, 2017, there have been 479 fatalities due to auto accidents in Colorado.  191 of those deaths are in Region 1.  So why do you need auto insurance, it’s simple. First it is the law, second, you never know what might happen when you are out on the roads.

The Risk of Car Theft In Pueblo

One overlooked protection is against theft. Even though Colorado has been initiating awareness campaigns about car theft, it is still a common problem. In addition to whether or not theft protection is included, it is important to know if leaving the vehicle unlocked or leaving keys in the vehicle may affect the claim in any way. Not all insurance companies will cover damage to a stolen car if the owner left the keys inside the vehicle.

Not all free quotes are the same, so always take the time to read through each before making a decision. Online rates may seem cheap until it is discovered they are short on coverage and require enormous deductibles before they will cover any damage. Some companies do not require a lot of information before they provide a quote. While this may seem to be a time-saving feature, it is not necessarily going to provide the most accurate quote. Taking the time to provide genuine information about the vehicle, how it is used and any blemishes on the driving record of those who will be using the vehicle will give a more accurate picture of what to expect for a final policy cost.

By understanding the basics about auto insurance Pueblo drivers can be certain they have enough to cover any expenses should an accident happen. This protection is important because it can make it possible to repair damage, replace vehicles and cover medical bills as needed. Insurance agents are happy to answer any questions their clients may have about the items on their policies, as well as to make suggestions about ways to save money.

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Pueblo is located 35 minutes south of Colorado Springs, Colorado and about one hour and 45 minutes south of Denver, CO.   Originally Fort Pueblo, the city was incorporated around 1870.  Many of the people who live there enjoy the smaller city size.  Pueblo is the eighth largest city in Colorado.  Filled with drivers of all kinds, both young and old, Pueblo has multiple different needs.  At A Plus, we understand the various needs people to have for insurance in CO.  Whether it is a standard auto & car policy, or an auto policy bundled with a home, or simply a pleasure policy for motorcycles, we have a variety of options to fit different needs. Our agency offers mono-line auto coverage as well as monoline homeowners insurance.  We can cover toys such as motorcycle insurance, a.t.v, coverage.  Even boat and personal watercraft coverage for those enthusiasts who like to play in Pueblo Reservoir.  We offer tons of discounts to help in this tough economic time.  These discounts include, but are not limited to, homeowners, multiple policies, good student, safe driver, accident-free, violation free, paid in full, and paperless.  And for those drivers who need additional filings such as an SR-22, we can accommodate those as well.  So, give us a call or visit us online.


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