Denver Car Insurance

Graph Shows The Auto Insurance Rates In Denver Colorado
Denver Car Insurance

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Denver Car Insurance

U.S. News & World Report recently named Denver the best place to live in America, beating out hyped-up cities like Austin and Portland. And it delivers. From a strong job market and low unemployment rate to a thriving restaurant scene, Denver has become a cultural hub.

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Denver Car Insurance

U.S. News & World Report recently named Denver the best place to live in America, beating out hyped-up cities like Austin and Portland. And it delivers. From a strong job market and low unemployment rate to a thriving restaurant scene, Denver has become a cultural hub.

Denver Car Insurance- How age and gender affect your rates

Yes, age AND gender do matter when it comes to Denver Car insurance rates. That may seem a little unfair, but studies show that men drive more than women, therefore they are prone to more accidents which lead to more claims.

Now for age. if you are young, same thing, you are unexperienced which can lead to more accidents. When you turn 25 and have a good record, it will go down and the same with when you turn around 40-50.

16-18$ 231.84$ 184.09
19-24$ 193.20$ 161.00
25-30$ 139.84$ 124.84
31-40$ 110.40$ 106.08
41-50$ 109.48$ 98.44
50-65$ 99.36$ 101.48
65+$ 106.08$ 114.08
Denver Car Insurance

Denver, the capitol of Colorado. It is known for its gorgeous scenery and views. It is also known as “The-Mile-High City” because it is at an elevation of 5,280 feet or a mile above sea level!

It is best known for the location of the Rocky Mountains. Pretty much all of Colorado is gorgeous and all the cities for its own unique reason. Some of the closest cities you can visit is Aurora, Brighton, Littleton and Englewood, Commerce City, and Thornton. See below for more!

Neighborhoods in Denver, ColoradoCities Near DenverZip Codes in Denver
Civic CenterAurora, CO80210
Cherry CreekBrighton, CO80019
Athmar ParkLittleton, CO80022
Denver Car Insurance

Violations-Colorado Car Insurance

When it comes to your Denver Car insurance rates, there are quite a few factors that will get you either a great rate or a not-so-great rate. One of the main factors are violations.

When getting an auto quote, one of the questions the agent will ask you is if you have any violations on your record within the last 5 years. For the most part, violations will affect your rates for 3-5 years. There are some profoundly serious ones that can last up to about 10 years.

See the chart below for some violations and how it affects you in Denver, CO.

Violation NameMajor, Minor, or Non MovingHow Long it Will Affect Your Insurance Rates
No Proof of insuranceNon MovingNA*
Failure to maintain Clear Distance (tailgatingMinor3 Years
Improper Lane useMinor3 Years
At Fault AccidentMajor5 Years
SpeedingMinor3 Years
Reckless DrivingMajor5 Years
DUIMajor10 Years
Failure to Secure Load to truck/trailerMinor3 Years
Failure to Stop for a Pedestrian Side walkMinor3 Years
Expired TagsNon MovingNA*
Crossing over a Center DividerMinor3 Years
Driving without a LicenseMajor3 Years
Denver Car Insurance

Discounts for Denver Car Insurance Company

You will be happy to know that you can get discounts on your auto insurance policy!

There are quite a few discounts that your insurance carrier offers. Make sure to contact your agent today and see if you are taking full advantage of those discounts.

If you check out the list below, we have put together a list of them from two of our carriers.

The GeneralGainsco
Continuous InsuranceAuto Pay
No Accidents or ViolationsMarried
Auto PayHomeowners
MarriedContinuous Insurance
Paid in FullMulti Vehicle
Multi VehicleNo Accidents or Violations
HomeownersPaid in Full
Denver Car Insurance

Affordable Auto Insurance in Denver, Colorado

Colorado natives know driving on icy roads in Denver’s traffic can be interesting at best. You will need an professional that can guide you without gauging you. We will help guide you to the proper company that will provide you the coverage you are looking at a reasonable price.

As independent insurance agents, we can shop several companies to find that fit. Both owner’s of A Plus are Colorado natives that understand Denver’s unique situation in the industry. 

SR22 Insurance Denver CO

At A Plus, we help offer advice and guidance when choosing what type of insurance best suits your needs. That includes SR22 insurance quotes. Please contact one of our agents today via phone or online. 303-355-2337. Just as our website indicates, we are here to help and serve our clients.

Some of these additional coverage’s include, but are not limited to, uninsured motorist bodily injury protection, uninsured motorist property damage protection, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, rental reimbursement, roadside assistance , and lease loan payoff.

The uninsured motorist protection options will help protect you from other drivers who may hit you in an accident, they are at fault, but are not carrying an active policy for Denver Colorado. Comprehensive and collision coverage are the elements that help form what people commonly refer to as full coverage insurance.

Comprehensive will help protect the vehicle from resulting damage not caused by an accident such as theft, fire, vandalism, glass, etc. Collision coverage is what helps protect your vehicle damage in the event of an accident – even if you are the one, who is at fault. Comprehensive and collision coverage are usually associated with a deductible.

First and foremost, Colorado is considered an at-fault state. This means that the person who is deemed to be at fault in an accident is the person who is held liable for the damage. Liability helps protect other people from you as the driver.

The basic coverage is typically a split limit liability policy broken down into two sections: Liability for bodily injury, and liability for property damage. The liability for bodily injury is also divided further into two separate sections: Bodily injury per person, and bodily injury per accident. The state minimum liability limits for Colorado are shown in an auto insurance policy as 25/50/15. Numerically speaking those number represent up to $25,000 per person in bodily injury protection, up to $50,000 per accident in personal injury protection, and up to $15,000 in property damage protection.

For example, if you were to cause an accident and you were carrying the state minimum liability limits for Denver, the auto insurance policy would pay up to ,000 per person.  It will also restrict the maximum to $50,000 per accident if you damage multiple people for the bodily injury.  Please keep in mind that this is not medical coverage for you, it is for the individuals in the car or vehicle you hit.

Your car insurance would also pay up to $15,000 per accident for property damage you caused to other items that do not include your vehicle. If you cause more damage in an accident exceeding the liability limits you have set, then you as the driver would still be held liable for the damage that was not covered by the policy that you have set in force.

For this reason, you may elect to spend a little bit more and choose a policy that has increased limits of liability that are above the state minimum to help distance yourself from any liability you may cause in an accident. Once you have the liability limits established by your insurance policy, then you can add additional coverage to help extend your protection while driving on the roads in Colorado.

Car Insurance Coverage- Littleton, Colorado

Getting the right car coverage is very important. You want to get an insurer that is good value but also one that gives you the right cover. Most insurers will have similar offers when it comes to windscreen cover and breakdown assist. But there are lots of bits in the small print that need attention too!

There are so many car insurance companies out there!

It can be a little overwhelming when you start looking for auto insurance, especially if this is your first car.

In Littleton, Colorado there are quite a few local car insurance companies. Of course, there are bigger companies that operate in a lot of different states, or even all across America. These large companies might be more attractive initially, as they can afford to do big advertising campaigns. They have the budget to make sure they get successful marketing techniques. But do check out the insurances companies that are in Littleton itself. And there are lots to choose from! The great thing about checking out local businesses is that you know you are helping to support local industry too. Now offering coverage in Brighton Colorado.

But you will need to narrow down your search. It is nearly impossible to find out what every car insurance company out there has on offer! That could take a long time, and it would mean spending hours on the computer and the phone. Narrow it down and get a few quotes.

What to expect when shopping for Auto Insurance

When you look to get your car insurance quote, you will be asked a few questions. These will be related to your driving history. It is important, to be honest here as you need the quote to be as near the end price as possible!

Talking to an agent is probably the best way to get your car quote. This person will do all the hard work of form filling for you, and it is always better to hear what your options are. The agent will be able to explain these to you also.

If you are getting quotes from companies in Littleton, then you can visit their offices. This is great because it means you get to talk to a person’s face to face. When trying to negotiate a price or individual offers, it is always better to do so with a person you can see! It is always possible that the agent you meet will have certain proposals that have been okayed by their boss. Or perhaps they are in a position to speak to their superior about a quote on your behalf!

In Littleton, there are a lot of car insurance companies. It is a good idea to get some quotes online, as it would be difficult to visit them all! But if you have time, it is an investment to call or visit a couple of the Littleton car insurance companies. See what they offer when you speak to an agent!

Looking for local agents for Auto or home insurance, to help you save on you some money?

Denver Colorado Insurance Tips

Many people believe that motorcycles are more than mere toys for the weekend. They can also serve as the principal means of getting around town. When preparing to secure Colorado Motorcycle Insurance, it pays to spend some time comparing different options and making sure the coverage is adequate. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

One of the first points to address is what sort of coverage the Colorado Motorcycle Insurance policy provides. At the very least, it must meet the standards set by local laws. Carrying at least the minimum coverage will ensure that the owner does not run into trouble with the authorities. Since the coverage level is designed to make sure that the driver does have enough coverage to handle most types of events, this also means there will be no worries about how to pay for repairs or medical costs should an accident take place.

As with any motor vehicle coverage, expect the Motorcycle Insurance in Denver to come with some deductibles. This is simply the amount that the insured party must pay out of pocket before the insurance provider will begin to pay anything on a claim. Take a good look at the deductibles and also any co-pays that may be associated with towing and any other need after an accident.

Seek to secure a policy that does not require a lot of out of pocket expense but is still affordable. While that will mean comparing the offerings of several different companies, it is possible to find a plan that is a perfect fit for the budget.

While it is all well and good to find an affordable plan that seems to have all the coverage required, always look into the reputation of the provider before signing anything. How fast does the company tend to process claims? Have some past customers been unhappy with the amount of time it took for an adjuster to look at the damaged motorcycle? If there appear to be recurring issues with the provider, it may be better to avoid doing business with that insurance company and look for one that has a reputation for taking care of the clients.

Remember that choosing to ride the motorcycle without proper coverage is asking for trouble. Along with running the risk of having trouble with the local authorities, there is the matter of severe financial hardship if an accident does take place. Take some time today and begin evaluating options for policies. Doing so will make it easier to find the right amount of coverage and be able to ride around town with confidence.

We offer competitive, quality motorcycle insurance for Denver Colorado residents. We compare several insurance carriers and do our best to find you a company that fits you.  

You need to take different things into account for your coverages.

1. You likely don’t need to carry as much property liability coverage as you carry on your automobile policy. Given that the amount of damage you are likely to cause on a cycle is less than if you were in a car. We bet that is the first time you had an insurance agent tell you that you don’t need more coverage.

2. Although you may not need as much property liability, you will likely need to have more medical payments or at least uninsured motorist for medical payments. Now that is back to the insurance agent you have come to expect “recommending more coverage’s.”

3. When shopping for your cycle coverage, you might want to look at your health coverage first. Why do you ask? There is no need for duplicate coverage. If you (and your motorcycle passengers) are fully covered by your health plan, then you may only want to purchase enough medical protection for you vehicle insurance to cover the deductible.

4. Let us talk about Coverage for you Motorcycles Custom parts and equipment. What is it? How many motorcycles have not had some after market work done or have a rider that does not have on Saddle Bags, Leathers or a helmet? Helmets and leathers don’t cost a lot. (do they?) Some companies offer some level custom parts and equipment free of charge.

5. Most cyclists nowadays are not using our motorcycle to commute to work. We are using them for adventure. If this is you, then you might want to consider a relatively inexpensive coverage called “Trip Interruption.”

6. Some companies in Colorado have policy minimums. If you have an agent that is working hard for you, they can keep adding additional coverage’s and still stay under the policy minimum.

Riding your motorcycle in Colorado can be an amazing.

Let us help you protect your investment from the over sanded roads in Colorado and the other drivers who are just not paying attention.

Serving: The entire state of Colorado. So call us today and speak with one of our agents to get your Colorado motorcycle covered.

For your motorcycle insurance Quote Call (719) 392 4000 or (303) 355 2337 (We have great rates for your Harley and we beat Geico 71% of the time.). 

Company Info: The following address is mailing only.

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3773 Cherry Creek North Drive # 575
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