Arizona Auto & Home Insurance


Graph that shows affordable car insurance rates in Sierra Vista Arizona

Are You Paying Too Much For Auto Insurance?

creates more and more risk for you and your family. Especially in Arizona. Driving on interstate 10 has its own hazards. The goal of insurance is to protect hazards that come with driving in Southern Arizona. Lets say a deer jumps in front of you.. Do you have the right coverage for your car or truck? Believe me there is a difference between liability only and full coverage on your auto but do you know the difference? If you are shopping for insurance in Tucson, Arizona, call one of are agent to know what coverage fits you the best. Get up to date on the state requirements. We provide very competitive rates for your area. Are live local are near you are ready to assist your insurance needs.

How To Save On Your Car Insurance

The number one thing you can do to save money on your insurance quote is to simply strive a clean driving record. It is a no brainier that insurance carriers, such as Progressive, will happily give a cheaper insurance rate if you are a safe driver. Most insurance carriers look in the past 5 YEARS for ACCIDENTS and 3 YEARS for VIOLATIONS such as speeding tickets. Young drivers this is something to keep in mind.

The number two thing you can do in Arizona is keep your insurance active. Never let you insurance lapse. Having proof of prior insurance can save you hundreds of dollar of the course of a year. When insurance carriers like Liberty Mutual see that you currently have insurance, that just tell insurance carriers that you will more than likely will be on-time with paying you premium

The third thing you can do is shop with A Plus Insurance. We are you ONE-STOP-SHOP. We work with over 10 different carriers such as Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Bristol West, Dairyland, Mendota, SunCoast, and more. We also offer SR-22 Insurance. We can give you a quote in just 10 minutes!

Homeowners Insurance

When was the last time you looked and see how much you spend on insurance coverage for your homeowner policy? How much are you spend? The next question is… When was the last time you got an insurance quote?? You could be spending 100s of dollar more than you should be. The bright side is we provide FREE QUOTES for your home and property. Even if you decide to move we are located in multiple states.

Our biggest concern when it comes to homeowners insurance is that you might not have enough coverage… Its that simple. If you have a fire, water damage, or whatever else you should have the coverage to protect you and your family. A disaster can leave you and your family homeless but with the right coverage insurance carriers can provide coverage for alternative housing until the proper repair have been made. Protect your future and wallet at the same time!

Why We Love Arizona

Living in Southern Arizona is like living in a different country. It is hot and dry. The wildlife brings great excitement. All of the mule deer, the birds and beautiful insects. I remember when I was 15 driving on Interstate 17 from Tucson, Heading north, I was just struck at the shear beauty of Arizona. The magnificent mountain in that back drop. They were not just a brown color, when the sunset gently touched these rock formation, they personified purples, pinks, reds, and blues. The sky was stretched father than any sky I have ever seen. More Blue than anything can be blue. It seemed that no motorist could drive to its end.

My Grandma and I drove in Subaru outback. With her Car having All-Wheel Drive we truly got to explore! We drove on dirt road all over southern Arizona! We kept traveling north all the way to Flagstaff Arizona. We saw all of the pine trees and even some snow! As young driver at the time I had the time of my life!

My trip to Arizona was more than a decade ago. To this day spending time with my Grandma in Arizona is something will never forget. Fast forward to now being an insurance agent, Truly love to talk to people from Sierra Vista, Arizona. I can understand a little more on what challenges they face and the many wonderful things than can enjoy. The first thing that comes to mind for driver in southern Arizona is there is no short way to drive to get to anywhere in Arizona. Everyone is use to driving in Arizona. Just as I am Passionate for Arizona all of our agents are to!