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Keizer Oregon is located in Marion County, towards the North West portion of the state of Oregon.  Conveniently located on the 45th parallel, Keizer is located halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. It is beautiful place to live and had spectacular drives for the auto owner.

What is your Favorite place to drive in Oregon? What is your favorite cartruck, classic vehicle, or motorcycle to drive when you are on the highway? The best vehicle to drive or ride is one that is covered with the right insurance!

Do you need an SR22 to drive to the beautiful Oregon beach? Do you need full coverage to drive to your next backpacking adventure? Call us on a moments notice to get the coverage you need to be legal and more importantly safe! Do you need roadside assistance? Adding Roadside assistance to the average auto policy only add roughly $2 per a month!

Keizer Oregon Insurance was pioneered by brothers, T.D. and J.B Keizer during the Wagon Train of 1843.  Donated land claims were later filed by the families to help found the town.  Nestled in the Willamette Valley, and located near banks of the Willamette River, Keizer Oregon has had several floods that created massive damage throughout its beginning.  With the building of the dams in the 1950’s, Keizer has started to flourish.  While driving through the quaint surroundings and of their neighbors, Salem Oregon, Woodburn Oregon, and Silverton, you will need to make sure you have the proper coverage for your insurance.

In the State of Oregon, it is mandatory that everyone legally operating a vehicle, motorcycle, or RV (recreational vehicle) must have liability limits that meet or exceed the state minimum.  The state minimum liability limits for Oregon is 25/50/20, which means there is $25,000 per person, up to $50,000 per accident of bodily injury protection, and up to $20,000 in property damage protection.

Graph details affordable car insurance coverage for Keizer Oregon

Staying in Oregon? Go exploring!

Upon exploring this beautiful area, you may decide to, or currently already do, reside in the Willamette Valley.  If that is the case then you would want to protect your investment by insuring your home.  In certain areas of Keizer, and other areas the are on the banks of the Willamette River, you may also need to carry flood insurance protection with your homeowners insurance.  

Finding an insurance broker can help you shop multiple companies for auto, home, motorcycle, boat, ATV, RV and business insurance.  Our agents are happy to help. We are licensed in multiple states. Give us a call and a friendly knowledgeable agent will help you today

Why Choose A Company That Costs More?

Why Choose A Company That Costs More?

When it comes to insurance, its something we all need. Before choosing the right one, we will look at many factors. We most likely are going to look at solid ratings, quality of customer service, good reviews, affordable premiums, multi-policy discounts, and convenience. The question is would you pay more for better customer service? A recent survey indicated that 68% would pay more to the company that provides great service, 33% would pay 1-9% more, 27% would pay 10-20% more and 8% would be willing to pay over over 20% more if the service was great! Customers now love personalized service, fast problem solving and love to hear from an actual person on the phone lines instead of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Its very simple, when a company shows that their customers are valued, they will have a stronger emotional connection to your company and they wont mind paying more for your services.

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