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How Tickets And Violations Affect Your Auto Insurance In Alaska

Pertaining to your insurance after you have been the cause of an auto accident or may have got one too many speeding tickets, you may be paying more on your insurance premium. Wasilla, Alaska has clear and open rules regarding how certain infractions affect your drivers license status. When you get too many points/tickets, this can cause your drivers license status to become suspended or revoked. One thing to know is that your drivers license record is not the same as your insurance record.


The sate can look at your points on your license differently than the insurance carrier. You should be aware of how traffic infractions will affect your insurance rates in the long run. Types of traffic violations you receive can affect the amount of time your insurance carrier surcharges your policy. Always give us a call if you have any questions about your policy and the type of traffic tickets you may have that is affecting your premium.

Violation NameMajor, Minor, or Non MovingHow Long it Will Affect Your Insurance Rates
Running a Traffic Light or Stop SignMinor3 Years
At Fault AccidentMajor5 Years
Expired TagsNon MovingNA*
SpeedingMinor3 Years
Crossing over a Center DividerMinor3 Years
Non-At-Fault AcccidentMinorNA*
Reckless DrivingMajor5 Years
DUIMajor10 Years
ParkingNon MovingNA*
Failure to Use Turn SignalMinor3 Years
Using a Cell Phone with DrivingMinor3 Years
Failure to Use a Seat BeltNon MovingNA*

Wasilla AK Weather And Driving conditions

Alaska is one of the most bipolar states when it comes to weather. Winter months range from a high of 22 degrees to highs of 46 degrees. Summer months ranging from lows of 37 degrees to highs of 78 degrees. During the winter months it is good to check with
National Weather Service before Traveling. Their website is Extreme weather conditions exist during the winter months in Alaska. A few major highways are also not maintained during the winter months. Travel is strongly discouraged for safety. You can find urgent reports about travel assistance and emergency services at Finally, make sure you and your passengers are always wearing a seatbelt! Seatbelts save lives.

Wasilla, Alaska
Summer High: the July high is around 69 degrees
Winter Low: the January low is 8.2
Rain: averages 15 inches of rain a year
Snow: averages 55 inches of snow a year

Auto Insurance Discounts From Each Company In Wasilla Alaska

Discounts are potential savings available to you on your auto insurance policy. As part of a customer loyalty insurance companies sometimes reward long-term customers with lower rates. Good drivers with a clean record and no claims or accidents save on insurance. Older drivers who refresh their skills with an approved defensive driving course get a discount as well. One of the best insurance discounts offered is continuous insurance. Drivers who have been insured for 6 months or more save on insurance. See the data below for the discounts offered by Progressive and Dairyland. 

Continuous Insurance 
Advanced QuotePaid in Full
No Accidents or ViolationsHomeowners
Multi PolicyMulti Vehicle
Education DiscountContinuous Insurance
Paid in FullAuto Pay
MarriedNo Accidents or Violations
Multi VehicleMilitary
Auto Pay 
Paperless Discount 

Top 10 Vehicles We Insure In Wasilla Alaska

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, we want to help you get the best auto insurance rates and coverages. We insure so many types of vehicles in many different states! Just to show you, we have made a list of the top vehicles we insure in Wasilla, AK.



Image Shows Scenery Of Alaska
Insurance Wasilla
Insurance Wasilla

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Car Insurance Wasilla & Anchorage Alaska

At A Plus Auto Insurance We Offer auto insurance quotes not only to Wasilla & Anchorage residence, but to the entire state of Alaska. 

We will shop your rates through several different auto carriers in Alaska to help find the best rates for you.

Living in the vast state of Alaska gives you many wonderful experiences;  from seeing the abundant wildlife and enjoying the scenic views. There is nothing greater than catching your first BIG fish. With all the uniqueness that Alaska has to offer, drivers will also need to be prepared to experience different driving conditions. In the winter, and even during spring time, a driver can experience freezing rain, snow, wind and snow blindness.  

Seasonal driving

During the summer and fall, the sun causes blindness whether directing driving into it or having it reflected in your mirrors.  Wildlife is a great factor for today’s motorists as well.   And this wildlife is not limited to your typical cats, dogs, and squirrels that may jump out in front of your car, but we have the big boys too;  moose, caribou, and possibly a bear or two you may see on your drive home!  

Driving in Wasilla Alaska

Driving in Alaska can be gorgeous & treacherous at the same time. We recommend that you take the time to review your policy to make sure you and your family are adequately covered. We can help you choose the right coverage for you. Please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable, friendly staff at A plus auto.  We look forward to helping you with all of your questions and insurance needs.

In about 10 Min. you will have a free, no cost, no pressure quote at great rates for Auto & Car Insurance in Wasilla, Alaska.



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