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Minimum Liability Requirements for Virginia

30 / 60 / 20 : $30,000 for Bodily Injury per Individual / $60,000 for Bodily Injury Coverage per accident / $20,000 for Property Damage Coverage

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Virginia Liability Insurance


Liability Insurance in Virginia:

In Virginia, the minimum amount for liability insurance is:

  • $30,000 for Bodily Injury for one person. This will be the cost that your insurance carrier will pay for when another person is injured in an accident you have been found responsible for causing.
  • $60,000 for Bodily Injury for multiple people. This is the total cost that your insurance carrier will pay if multiple people have been injured within an accident you have caused.
  • $20,000 for Property Damage for each accident. This will be the total cost that your insurance carrier will pay for any property you had damaged while in an accident.

It is a State requirement to hold the minimum amount of Virginia Liability Insurance.

Does Everyone Need Virginia Liability Insurance?

Under Virginia Code 46.2-706. All registered motor vehicle owners in the state of Virginia are required to have liability car insurance or substantial amount of money to pay for any losses or damages caused within an auto accident.

Three ways the financial responsibility can be met is by:

  • The owner of the motor vehicle will need the minimum liability coverage with a policy issued by an insurance carrier.
  • The owner of the vehicle can show proof of having a Surety Bond.
  • The owner of the vehicle pays the $600 Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee.

Virginia Car Insurance Quotes

When shopping around for quotes on auto insurance, it comes to no surprise that you will want the best coverage and pricing for your budget!

All insurance companies will not be the same when it comes down to having your best interest and finding the most affordable coverage plan best fit for you.

It is strongly recommended to look at quotes from at least three different insurance companies. However, you are always more than welcome to look at more if needed!

Over at A Plus Insurance, we work with many different carriers! This means there will be different options when it comes to getting free Virginia car insurance quotes!

Cheap Liability Insurance in Virginia

If you are interested in only liability coverage and about the monthly cost you would pay per carrier, check out the chart below.

This chart includes some of the carriers we offer here at A Plus Insurance:

National General$84
Mendota Ins. Company$96
Assurance America$106
Progressive Insurance$106
The General$106
Bristol West$135

Do keep in mind that this prices are subject to change depending on many factors. Some factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving Record
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Credit Score
  • Etc.

Feel free to contact one of our agents to figure out what factors may play into the total cost for liability insurance in Virginia.

Virginia State Fun Facts!

Virginia Liability Insurance

Not only is it known for being the first permanent English settlement in the United States of America, but it is also known as “The Birthplace of a Nation.”

In 1607, the United States became found in Jamestown, Virginia. Jamestown also was the first Capital for Virginia. However by 1699, the States Capital changed to Williamsburg. Only another 80 years later, in 1779, and the State Capital was changed one last time to Richmond. This was due to Governor Thomas Jefferson believing that Williamsburg was subject to more attacks from the British.

In 2022, Virginia ranked 8th place out of all 50 states with the lowest average car insurance premiums!

Virginia Liability Insurance: Full Coverage

Why stop at only liability?

Having Full Coverage means you have comprehensive and collision coverage added on your auto policy.

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle by covering the costs in damages done to your car from external sources such as fire, flood, tree falling, or even theft.

Collision coverage protects your vehicle by covering the costs in damages done to your vehicle when coming in contact with an object (such as a pole) or another vehicle (whether parked or moving), resulting in an accident.

Therefore, when having both of these coverages on your auto policy, you are essentially fully covered from a majority of scenarios that can cause damage to your vehicle.

However, if you have only liability then you will need to pay out of pocket for any of the expenses in damages caused to your vehicle.

National General$139
Progressive Insurance$139
Mendota Ins. Company$146
21st Century$156
Bristol West$159
American Family$161
Acceptance RTR$163
Liberty Mutual$166
State Farm$168
Assurance America$173

Virginia Liability Insurance: Young Drivers

Unfortunately, young drivers may see a higher price for insurance amongst other drivers they know. However, this does not mean that due to the increased rates, you should not get insurance. In fact, despite the age, having liability insurance in Virginia is something every current citizen there should carry when operating a vehicle.

Just a few reasons why young drivers tend to pay more are due to:

  • They are highly likely to be involved in car accidents.
  • Them not already having a driving record built up (this comes with time of driving on the roads of course).
  • They are more likely to be distracted whether it is by their cell phone, putting on makeup/fixing hair, having the music turned up to full volume, or even eating while driving.
  • They have a lower credit score.
  • They pose a risk to Insurance Carriers, financially speaking.
  • They are more reckless when operating a vehicle. Examples include: speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, etc.
National General$138
Progressive Insurance$152
Bristol West$157
Mendota Ins. Company$157
American Family$158
The General$160
21st Century$182
Acceptance RTR$182

Statistics from 2019 show that:

AgeNumber InvolvedType of accident

I understand you all may want to impress your partner or friends, but the consequences that follow may end fatally. So instead, buckle up, stay within the speed limit, and stay focused!

Virginia Liability Insurance: Clean Driving Record

If you have never been involved in an accident, moving violations, or adding points to your license then you should have a clean driving record.

Individuals with a clean driving record will find themselves with better rates when it comes to having auto insurance.

Insurance carriers are likely to lower the cost for having auto insurance with them since you are a low risk client. Low risk clients are considered safer drivers. This means it is more unlikely for them to be involved in an accident or to file a claim.

National General$133
The General$140
Acceptance RTR$144
Progressive Insurance$149
Assurance America$156
21st Century$157
Mendota Ins. Company$157
Bristol West$158
Liberty Mutual$168
State Farm$170

Virginia Liability Insurance Calculator:

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