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What Kind of Car Insurance Discounts Are Out There?

When getting auto insurance on to your policy, it is best to ask what types of car insurance discounts you are eligible for.

Although all insurance carriers offer some type of discount on an auto policy, car insurance discounts can vary across different carriers.

The main categories that auto insurance discount fall into are the following:

Policy Type
Vehicle Type
Driver Safety
Driver Status
Usage – Based
Insurance Car Discounts Main Categories

Having discounts added on to your policy can end up saving you more money in the long run!

Policy Discount Types for Car Insurance

There are a few different discounts that you could receive on your policy depending on the type of policy it is.

Whether you are a Homeowner, have multiple vehicles on a policy, or bundle or policy with another, it is certain you will receive a discount for it!

Most of the carriers we have to offer at A Plus Insurance, do have these discounts available.

In the chart below, we will list different policy discount types, how much of a percentage off you could see, and an explanation of what the discount is!

DiscountPercentage offExplanation
Homeowners3% (Varies)You are eligible for this discount if you are the homeowner of your house. Some carriers will offer this discount whether the homeowners policy was processed through them or not.
Multi-CarUp to 25% (Varies)You are eligible for this discount when more than one vehicle is listed on a single policy. You could potentially save up to $200 when doing so, rather than having two different policies with two different vehicles.
Bundling / Multi-policy5% – 25% (Varies)Bundling policies does not have to include just auto and home policies. In fact, you can bundle your auto policy with a boat or even with home along with an umbrella policy added along.
Early Signing3% – 10% (Varies)This discount is considered “rare” to find or add, but not impossible. With one of the carriers that we offer, you could be eligible for this discount. Travelers will offer this for clients who sign up for a new policy up to 3 days in advance of your current policy’s expiration date.
Paid in Full5% – 10% (Varies)Paying in full is a great discount that is offered amongst carriers. This discount is applied once the policy is paid off completely by it’s first effective date.
Electronic Billing5% – 10% or $30 (Varies)Larger insurance carriers will typically offer an EFT or Auto pay discount when paying with your account and routing number or debit/credit card versus online or over the phone.
LoyaltyN/AAlthough this discount does not necessarily lower your premium cost, it can help with accident forgiveness or distinguished customer service. Carriers like Progressive will offer loyalty discounts for continuing to remain their client over time.
Insurance Car Discounts

Vehicle Type Discounts

Did you know you can receive car insurance discounts for the type of vehicle you own?

Vehicles that are equipped with certain features are also eligible for a discount as well!

When speaking to an agent, ask to see what car insurance discounts you could receive based off of your car’s safety features or vehicle model.

DiscountPercentage offExplanation
Anti-Theft5% – 15% (Varies)When you have an anti-theft device added on your car such as a hood-lock or a passive disabling system, then you could receive a discount on having those devices to prevent your vehicle from theft.
Anti-Lock Brakes5% – 10% Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) is a factory-installed system. This feature is to ensure that your wheels are prevented from locking up when trying to steer out of the way to safety.
Passive Restraint25% – 30%This discount is applied to a policy’s personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payments premium coverage. The way this is applied is when your vehicle has met the requirements for airbag and seat belt safety for the driver and passenger seats.
New Car10%This discount can stay applied on a policy for up to 3 years. Typically, insurance carriers will consider the vehicle as “new” if the driver is the car’s first/original title owner, or if the car is the current year and/or previous years model.
Daytime Running Lights3% If your car is built in with daytime lights that work, you could receive a 3% discount off of the car insurance premium. This is a discount due to large insurance carriers believing that it is effective in reducing car accidents
Car Insurance Discounts

Driver Safety Car Insurance Discounts

The type of driver you are behind the wheel can be beneficial. If you are a safe driver, you can expect to receive additional car insurance discounts on your auto premium.

Insurance carriers want to praise good driving habits by giving insured’s a discount off of their auto policy’s.

If you have had a rocky past with driving, that does not mean that in the future you would not be able to be approved for these car insurance discounts. It may take a few years, however, in the long run it will be worth it so you have a lower monthly insurance payment.

DiscountPercentage OffExplanation
Defensive Driving10% – 15%If you had taken a defensive driving course and had become certified or registered, you could receive this discount. However, make sure to ask your agent about it first since some carriers will allow it for only senior citizens or young drivers.
Accident-FreeN/AIf you had been accident free for 3-5 years then this discount will automatically apply on to your policy. The way this is added is when carriers view your driving record and see that their has not been any accident on record within that time frame (consecutive). This discount can lower your premium at the time for renewal.
Safe Driver10%You can receive car insurance discounts when being a safe driver. To be considered a safe driver, you must wear your seatbelt, less aggressive braking, and have low driving speeds. Some carriers, like Progressive, offer Snapshot, which monitors your safe driving.
Low MileageUp to 20% (Varies)Drivers who use less than 7,500 miles a year on their vehicle can receive this discount. This discount is in place due to insurance carriers viewing the insured as less of a risk factor since they won’t be on the roads as much as the average driver.
Car Insurance Discounts

Some tips for safe driving include:

  • Think of your safety and the safety of others first
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings
  • Do not depend on other drivers or their next moves
  • Stay at least 3-4 seconds behind another car depending on the speed (or stay about 1 car length away for every 10 miles per hour [Ex: 6 car lengths for 60 mph])
  • Control your speed when driving
  • Having an escape route planned in case of an emergency
  • Do not take on too many risks, instead separate them
  • Avoid any distractions such as your phone or having the music too loud

Driver Status Discounts

There are car insurance discounts out there for the type of profession or age you are as well.

Whether you are in college, have worked in the military (active or veteran), worked for the federal government, or even just reached the age of 55 and older, you can apply for these car insurance discounts as well!

DiscountPercentage OffExplanation
Good Student5% – 25%If you are a full-time student and maintain a B average on your scholastic records, then you may qualify for this discount.
Student Away5% – 25%If you are a parent to a student who’s college is more than 100 miles away from your residence and their vehicle is left/located at your address, then you may be eligible for this discount when speaking to your agent.
Military / Federal Employee8% – 15%When serving in the United States military or federal government, you will be able to have this discount added on your policy. This discount honors active members/employees, veterans, and retirees. Just ask your agent about which companies have this car insurance discount available!
Professional2% – 10%A large majority of insurance carriers are partnered or affiliated with other organizations, If you are a member with the organization that is partnered/affiliated with the carrier, then you could apply for this car insurance discount.
Senior5% -10%If you are a driver that is 55 years or older, then you could be eligible for this car insurance discount on your policy. Another way to get this discount is by taking a defensive driving course for seniors.
Car Insurance Discounts

Usage-Based Car Insurance Discounts

Certain insurance carriers such as Progressive, Allstate, and Travelers want to offer personalized discounts to ensure you get your car insurance best deals when downloading their app.

In general, the app or device you plug into your vehicle will typically monitor your driving speed, the time at which you operate the vehicle, how often you drive, how quickly you accelerate, how you brake, and the usage of your phone while driving.

Some of these apps will also detect whether you have been in a crash or not by giving you the option to quickly dial 911.

Though it is not a requirement to have these apps downloaded when receiving insurance from the carrier, it is an option to help you save more money per year by encouraging safe driving habits. Some insured’s may receive up to 30% off of their auto premium, while others will receive up to $156 off per year.

The amount of savings you receive will be different for each individual and state you reside in.

DiscountPercentage OffExplanation
Progressive SnapshotN/AProgressive Insurance offers personalized car insurance discounts such as Snapshot. You can use this device by installing it as a mobile app or by receiving a plug-in device. It will monitor how much you drive as well as how you drive. Some users can save up to $156 per year using Snapshot.
Allstate DrivewiseN/AAllstate Insurance also offers personalized car insurance discounts when installing their Drivewise mobile app. This app monitors driving as well as crash detection. The discounts per person will vary as well as vary by state.
Travelers IntelliDriveN/ATravelers Insurance offers a personalized app, IntelliDrive, for more car insurance discounts. This app monitors the time of day you drive, speed, acceleration, braking, and distractions with your phone while driving. Some Travelers clients have seen savings up to 30% by having safe driving habits.
Car Insurance Best Deals

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance Discounts

Q1: What types of discounts are available for car insurance?

A1: Car insurance discounts can vary, but common types include safe driver discounts, multi-policy discounts, good student discounts, senior citizen discounts, and discounts for safety features on your vehicle. You may also qualify for discounts based on your driving habits or affiliations with certain organizations.

Q2: How can I qualify for car insurance discounts?

A2: Qualifying for car insurance discounts depends on various factors. Safe driver discounts often require a clean driving record, while multi-policy discounts can be obtained by bundling multiple insurance policies with the same provider. To qualify for good student discounts, you typically need to maintain a certain GPA.

Q3: How can I find out which discounts apply to my car insurance policy?

A3: To determine which discounts apply to your car insurance policy, it’s best to contact your insurance provider or agent. They can review your policy and discuss potential discounts based on your specific circumstances. Additionally, you can often find information about available discounts on the insurer’s website or in your policy documentation.

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