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Motorcycle Insurance Maine

Maine is well known for its Rocky shorelines, Lighthouses, and of course Maine Lobster! Also, many people may not know that Patrick Dempsey and Anna Kendrick (best known for Pitch Perfect) are from the great State of Maine! If you like casually running into movie stars while enjoying your lobster dinner by the beach, Maine is the State for you. Stick around, we have bigger fish to fry – Insurance related! 

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Motorcycle Insurance Maine

Maine is well known for its Rocky shorelines, Lighthouses, and of course Maine Lobster! Also, many people may not know that Patrick Dempsey and Anna Kendrick (best known for Pitch Perfect) are from the great State of Maine! If you like casually running into movie stars while enjoying your lobster dinner by the beach, Maine is the State for you. Stick around, we have bigger fish to fry – Insurance related! 

Motorcycle Insurance Maine : Rating Factors

Rating factors are used to help determine the premium for Motorcycle Insurance Maine based on the bike, driver, and coverages.

One of the biggest factors used for determining premium is the type of bike (year, make, model). The bigger the engine, extra accessories, or if it is custom built, the bike may cost more to insure.

The type of driver or rider is also used to determine the premium based on the driver’s history and experience. A driver with more years of experience operating a Motorcycle and who has no violations or accidents on their record will see cheaper insurance prices because they are considered to be safer drivers.

Lastly, the type of coverage desired will be used to determine a premium. Liability coverage is generally cheaper than full coverage on a bike. All of these factors are kept in mind when Insurance companies are calculating the premium for your Motorcycle Insurance. 

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: Rating Factors
education level
riding frequency
rider age
marital status
rider experience
Type of bike (engine size
year make model)
occupation. Credit

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: State Requirements

StateLiability RequiredPersonal Injury Protection?

Each State requires you to carry at least Liability coverage while operating any Motorcycle or Automobile on the road.

Your liability will protect others from you in the event of an accident that you should be found “At Fault” or liable for.

Of course, you can add additional coverages to protect yourself and your motorcycle in an accident, but those coverages are not required by law.

In Maine, the minimum liability limits you must carry are $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $25,000 for property damage.

Many people only carry the State required limits, but it is very important to match your liability limits to your assets so that you are properly covered in an accident.

Not sure what limits are appropriate for you? Contact one of our agents at A Plus Insurance for advice! 

Liability insurance in Maine

In what instance should you only carry Liability Insurance on your Motorcycle?

Coverage options are completely up to the customer. One may choose to only insure their bike for liability if the bike is older, and may not have a high value. If you are paying full coverage on an older bike, you may end up paying more in insurance than what the bike is worth.

Liability coverage will most likely be cheaper than paying for full coverage on your bike, so it is up to the customer what they are comfortable with and what they can afford.

You can add additional coverages on your liability insurance, like roadside/trip interruption and Accessory coverage, which is still considered liability only.

Not sure what Motorcycle Insurance coverage you may need? Contact our agents for a free Motorcycle Insurance quote today!

City in MaineAvg. Monthly Rates
South Portland$115.00
Cape Elizabeth$118.00
South Berwick$120.00
Old Town$97.00
North Berwick$128.00
New Gloucester$98.00
Lincoln town$100.00
Old Orchard Beach$100.00
Presque Isle$114.00
Motorcycle Insurance Maine: Liability only Average cost

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: How to Get a Motorcycle License

Obtaining a Motorcycle License in Maine consists of a couple of steps, just like obtaining a Driver’s License.

  • Per law, you must complete a hands-on rider education program in order to pursue your license, this process will also require a vision test.
  • If you are at least 16 years of age, but less than 18 years you must complete a basic driver education course before enrolling in your motorcycle safety course.
  • It is not required, but recommended, that Motorcyclists continue to improve their safety level by taking experienced rider courses through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. As mentioned, these classes are not required to maintain your license, but are encouraged. Many Insurance companies even offer discounts for these classes, so while improving your safety on the road, you could also save on your insurance premium.

Check with your local DMV for any documents and fees needed at the time of the application. 

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: Which Companies Can Offer It?

Many Insurance companies offer several products including, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance. If you find a company that offers all of the products you need, you can bundle your Insurance policies to get additional savings.

If you are tired of searching for the cheapest motorcycle rates in Maine, call our agents for a free quote today. We are a brokerage that offers several Insurance companies and several products to help you find the best coverage, for the cheapest price.

Not sure which companies are reputable? We are honest enough to tell you when a company may not be your best fit, just because they are the cheapest option.

Check below to see the main insurance companies that we work with who offer Motorcycle Insurance. 

Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance: If your motorcycle is less of a treasured possession and more so your main vehicle of getting around, Dairyland is an excellent option. They help cover the cost of rentals, and provide great emergency roadside assistance for that extra peace of mind.

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance: Progressive tends to be the best option when it comes to all of the discount opportunities there are. They also have many options of add-on coverage and original equipment coverage, making it a great insurance choice for people with custom built motorcycles.

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: Laws You Need to Know

Motorcycle Safety
Maine state law does not require that riders wear a helmet, but it doesn’t hurt to consider getting one. Click to see why.
  • In Maine, you must be at least 16 years of age to obtain a learners permit which consists of a written test, vision test, and basic rider course before receiving a valid license.
  • You must carry at least the State Minimum Insurance requirements in Maine, which are 50/100/25. This will pay out if you are found liable in an accident – $50,000 for the death/injury to any one individual; $100,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage.

In addition to proper licensing and Insurance requirements, there are safety laws that you must adhere to as well.

  • Motorcycles must have at least one mirror adjusted to provide drivers with a clear view of the road in the rear.
  • Only one passenger can ride and there must be a permanent seat, or attached sidecar.
  • Front- mounted headlights are required on all Motorcycles.
  • Maine Law does permit Motorcycle riders to travel abreast of each other in one lane.
  • Helmets and Protective eyewear are not required by law, but extremely recommended for your safety.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Many Insurance companies offer discounts in order to help keep the cost for Insurance cheap, and save you money.

Many of the common discounts include, paperless, EFT, auto pay, advanced quoting, and Accident free discount. Other discounts factored in may include married discount, education discount, safety course discount, and group affiliation discount.

As mentioned, all companies differ when it comes to what discounts they offer so be sure to check with your provider to see which discounts you could qualify for. 

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: Discount Opportunities!
multi policy
Operators Safety Course
HOG Discount
prior insurance
Anti lock brakes
education discount
Responsible driver
Garaged or locked storage
vehicle usage & Mileage
Motorcycle Rider Group Discount
LoJack device
Homeownership Discount
prompt payment
PIF Discount
Years of riding experience
Continuous Insurance Discount
EFT Discount
Multi Lines Discount

Cheapest motorcycle rates in Maine

Looking for the cheapest Motorcycle rates in Maine? Sometimes, full coverage can cost the same as what liability coverage would, depending upon the bike and the insurance company you are being quoted with.

Our agents specialize in this and know what companies to look at and what coverages to select for the best coverage, and cheapest price.

Don’t settle for your Maine motorcycle insurance if you are not comfortable with what you are paying, there are always other options out there (other fish in the sea).

Call us today for a free Motorcycle Insurance quote! You won’t be disappointed. 

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: Coverage Options

Luckily, motorcycle coverages are very customizable. You can opt for the most basic coverage, which would be liability only.

You can choose to add additional coverages for a small price (some companies include these for no additional cost) which include Roadside/Trip Interruption, and Safety Riding Apparel. This will cover you if you are stranded more than a certain amount of miles from your residence, and if you were to damage any of your riding apparel in an accident, such as Helmet, Goggles, Leather Jacket, etc.

Most companies like Progressive, Geico, and Dairyland Insurance include these coverages for no additional cost.

You can also opt to carry full coverage, which consists of Comprehensive and Collision coverage. Comprehensive will cover for things like fire, theft, vandalism and Collision covers an impact with another vehicle or object. 

Maine Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options
Safety riding apparel
Trip Interruption
Medical Payments
Roadside/Trip Interruption
Accessory Coverage
Carried contents
Guest Passenger Liability
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury
Diminishing Deductible
Uninsured Motorist Property damage
Optional Equipment
Transport Trailer coverage
Rental Reimbursement
Physical Damage Plus

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: Safety Tips

We recommend always checking the weather before planning a trip, that way you are not caught out in a rainstorm or any other unfavorable road conditions.

Make sure to always carry proper documentation, such as Drivers License, Insurance documents and Registration in the event you should be pulled over.

Most importantly, always wear safety gear such as a Helmet, Eyewear and leather jacket, gloves, and chaps! 

Motorcycle Insurance Maine: Frequently Asked Questions

Motorcycle Insurance Maine

Is Motorcycle Insurance required in Maine?

It is required by law to carry at least the State Minimum Liability Requirements of 50/100/25 in Maine. 

How much should you pay for Motorcycle Insurance in Maine? 

Motorcycle Insurance is generally cheaper than Auto Insurance in Maine.

Who has the cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in Maine?

Some of the cheapest Motorcycle Insurance rates we have seen are with Progressive and Dairyland Insurance through our Agency. Don’t be afraid to shop multiple Insurance providers to find the best coverage for the cheapest price. Some customers pay an average of $6/month for liability and $23/month for full coverage.

We hope this information was helpful…if any of your questions were not answered…just give us a call and we are happy to get you on the road…safely and legally!


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