Non Owners Insurance Guide

Non Owners Insurance in Maine: A Complete Guide

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Maine State Liability Requirements

Required Liability Coverage:
$50,000 bodily injury liability per person
$100,000 bodily injury liability per accident
$25,000 property damage liability per accident
Uninsured Motorist Coverage: $50,000/$100,000
Medical Payments: $2000

Who Benefits from Non Owners Insurance in Maine?

In Maine, Non Owners Insurance serves as a vital safety net for a diverse group of drivers. Whether you’re someone who frequently rents cars for road trips along Maine’s scenic routes or a city dweller in Portland or Bangor who occasionally borrows a friend’s car, this insurance ensures you’re covered. It’s also a perfect fit for those looking to maintain continuous coverage for licensing or SR22 purposes. Essentially, if you’re driving but don’t own a car, Non Owners Insurance in Maine offers the liability protection you need, ensuring compliance with state laws and offering peace of mind while on the road.

Why Non Owners Insurance is a Smart Choice in Maine

Opting for Non Owners Insurance in Maine is a smart decision for those who don’t have a vehicle but still find themselves behind the wheel occasionally. It’s not just about legal compliance; it’s about being financially responsible. This type of insurance is particularly beneficial for college students in cities like Orono or Lewiston who may not own a car but occasionally drive. It provides an affordable and flexible insurance solution, tailored to the unique lifestyle and driving needs in Maine.

Non Owners Insurance Estimated Rate Comparison in Maine

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Type
Progressive$50Liability Only
Dairyland$55Liability Only
Travelers$53Liability Only
Gainsco$52Liability Only
National General$54Liability Only
Bristol West$51Liability Only
Mendota$56Liability Only
The General$55Liability Only
Suncoast$50Liability Only
  • Ideal for Maine residents who rent or borrow cars.
  • Necessary for continuous insurance coverage, including SR22 situations.
  • Provides essential liability protection.
  • Affordable and flexible, fitting the needs of occasional drivers in Maine.

Coverage Options for Non Owners Insurance Maine Policies

Non-Owners Insurance in Maine typically offers liability coverage, encompassing bodily injury and property damage liability. This coverage steps in to pay for damages or injuries you’re responsible for if driving a borrowed or rented vehicle. Additionally, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage might be available, offering protection in accidents involving drivers with insufficient or no insurance.

Key Coverage Options:

  • Liability Coverage: Protects against bodily injury and property damage liabilities.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Offers protection in accidents involving inadequate insurance.

Here’s a table showcasing estimated monthly rates for Non-Owners Insurance in Maine from various insurance carriers:

Insurance CompanyEstimated Monthly Rate ($)
Progressive$40 – $60
Dairyland$45 – $65
Travelers$50 – $70
Gainsco$55 – $75
Assurance$60 – $80
National General$65 – $85
Bristol West$70 – $90
Mendota$75 – $95
The General$80 – $100
Suncoast$85 – $110

These estimated rates demonstrate the potential monthly premiums for Non-Owners Insurance in Maine offered by various insurance carriers.

Factors Influencing Non Owners Insurance Rates in Maine

In Maine, several key factors influence the rates of Non Owners Insurance. Your personal driving history plays a significant role; if you have a clean record, you’re likely to enjoy lower premiums. However, if you’ve had past infractions or require an SR22, your rates may be higher. Location within Maine also matters – rates can vary between busier areas like Portland and quieter, more rural settings. Additionally, the frequency of how often you rent or borrow cars can affect your premium. Understanding these elements helps in finding the most cost-effective Non Owners Insurance for your specific needs in Maine.

Tailoring Non Owners Insurance to Your Maine Lifestyle

Choosing the right Non Owners Insurance in Maine means considering these diverse factors. Whether you’re a student in Orono occasionally borrowing a car or a frequent renter in Bangor, these aspects will influence your insurance rate. Our brokerage specializes in personalizing policies, ensuring that you get coverage that’s not only compliant with Maine’s regulations but also aligns with your individual driving habits and needs.

Key Factors Influencing Non Owners Insurance Rates in Maine

  • Driving History: Clean records lead to lower rates; infractions or SR22 requirements can increase premiums.
  • Location Variability: Rates differ between urban areas like Portland and rural parts of Maine.
  • Rental/Borrowing Frequency: The more frequently you rent or borrow cars, the more it may impact your rates.
  • Policy Customization: Policies can be tailored to fit individual needs and lifestyles in Maine.

Non Owners Insurance vs. Regular Auto Insurance in Maine

In Maine, Non Owners Insurance offers a distinct coverage option compared to regular auto insurance. Designed for those who don’t own a vehicle but still drive occasionally, Non Owners Insurance primarily provides liability coverage. This means if you’re involved in an accident while driving someone else’s car, you’re covered for damages you might cause to others. On the other hand, regular auto insurance covers a specific vehicle and includes comprehensive and collision coverage, protecting against a wider range of incidents, from accidents to theft. Understanding these differences is key for Maine drivers to choose the right insurance based on their vehicle ownership and driving habits.

Making the Right Insurance Choice in Maine

For Maine residents who don’t have a car but occasionally borrow or rent one, Non Owners Insurance is a practical choice. It ensures you stay legally covered without the higher premiums associated with insuring a specific vehicle. However, if you own a vehicle or frequently use a particular car, regular auto insurance becomes essential, providing broader protection. Our brokerage helps clarify these options, ensuring you select the coverage that best suits your driving needs in Maine.

  • Non Owners Insurance:
    • Ideal for non-vehicle owners in Maine.
    • Provides liability coverage for occasional driving.
    • Does not cover a specific vehicle.
  • Regular Auto Insurance:
    • Necessary for vehicle owners.
    • Offers comprehensive coverage, including liability, collision, and theft.
    • Linked to a specific vehicle.

Finding Affordable Non Owners Insurance Rates and Discounts in Maine

Securing cost-effective Non-Owners Insurance in Maine involves exploring discounts and comparing rates. Carriers may offer discounts for good driving records, multiple policies, or completing defensive driving courses. Additionally, seeking quotes from different insurance providers and leveraging available discounts can help you find the most affordable rates.

Key Ways to Find Affordable Rates:

  • Discounts: Look for savings like good driver discounts or bundling policies.
  • Comparative Quotes: Obtain quotes from multiple carriers to compare rates.

Here’s a comparative table showcasing estimated monthly rates from various insurance carriers for Non-Owners Insurance in Maine:

Insurance CompanyEstimated Monthly Rate ($)
Progressive$35 – $50
Dairyland$40 – $60
Travelers$45 – $70
Gainsco$50 – $80
Assurance$55 – $85
National General$60 – $90
Bristol West$65 – $95
Mendota$70 – $100
The General$75 – $110
Suncoast$80 – $120

These estimated rates give an idea of potential monthly premiums for Non-Owners Insurance in Maine from various insurance carriers, aiding in your decision-making process.

Non Owners vs Broad Form Car Insurance in Maine

Non-Owners Insurance in Maine offers liability coverage for individuals who occasionally drive but don’t own a car. It provides protection when driving rented or borrowed vehicles. In contrast, Broad Form Car Insurance, though available in some states, isn’t offered in Maine. Broad Form typically provides broader coverage, extending beyond specific vehicles to cover the insured person, but its absence in Maine prompts individuals seeking extensive coverage to consider other options.

Key Points:

  • Non-Owners Insurance: Offers liability coverage for non-car owners driving borrowed or rented vehicles.

Unfortunately, Broad Form Car Insurance isn’t available in Maine, leaving Non-Owners Insurance as a primary option for liability coverage when driving without owning a vehicle.

Debunking Common Myths About Non Owners Insurance

  1. Myth: Non-Owners Insurance is Expensive
    • Fact: Non-Owners Insurance tends to be more affordable since it typically provides liability coverage only and doesn’t include coverage for a specific vehicle. Rates vary but are often lower than traditional auto insurance policies.
  2. Myth: Non-Owners Insurance Isn’t Necessary if You Don’t Own a Car
    • Fact: Even if you don’t own a car, Non-Owners Insurance is crucial when driving rented or borrowed vehicles. It offers liability coverage, protecting you from potential financial liabilities in case of accidents.
  3. Myth: Non-Owners Insurance Provides Comprehensive Coverage
    • Fact: Non-Owners Insurance solely covers liability, not physical damage to the vehicle you’re driving. It’s essential but doesn’t include collision or comprehensive coverage.

Understanding Non Owners Insurance with SR22 in Maine

In Maine, if you’re required to file an SR22 form due to a driving violation but don’t own a vehicle, Non Owners Insurance becomes a crucial solution. This type of insurance provides the necessary liability coverage that the state mandates for reinstating your driving privileges. Opting for Non Owners Insurance with SR22 in Maine allows you to meet legal requirements affordably and effectively. It’s particularly beneficial for those who occasionally drive borrowed or rented vehicles, ensuring that you’re legally covered without the financial burden of owning a car.

Understanding the Role of Non Owners Insurance in SR22 Situations

Dealing with SR22 requirements in Maine can be less daunting with Non Owners Insurance. This insurance fulfills the state’s demand for proof of financial responsibility, even when you don’t own a vehicle. Our brokerage understands the nuances of such situations and can help you find a policy that not only satisfies the SR22 condition but also aligns with your specific needs, making sure you’re back on the road with the right coverage.

  • Non Owners Insurance is ideal for fulfilling SR22 requirements in Maine.
  • Essential for those without a vehicle but needing to reinstate driving privileges.
  • Provides a cost-effective solution to meet legal insurance obligations.
  • Ensures compliance with Maine’s liability coverage mandates in SR22 scenarios.

SR22 Insurance Process



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Receive your SR22 insurance quote, customized to your unique needs and credit profile



We work closely with the insurance carrier to ensure that the sr22 is filed with the state


Policy Management

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Circumstances Under Which Insurance Carriers May Decline Non Owners Policies

  1. Unsatisfactory Driving Record: Insurance carriers might refuse coverage for applicants with a history of serious traffic violations, DUIs, or multiple accidents, as these indicate high risk.
  2. Insurance Claims History: A pattern of frequent insurance claims, especially for at-fault accidents, might lead carriers to decline coverage, as it indicates a higher probability of future claims.
  3. No Valid Driver’s License: Insurance companies typically require a valid driver’s license. If an applicant lacks this or has a suspended or expired license, they might be declined.

Maine’s State Minimum Liability Requirements

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In Maine, the state mandates minimum liability coverage for Non-Owners Insurance. These typically include:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: Minimum coverage of $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident is required for bodily injury liability. It covers injuries caused to others in an accident you’re found responsible for.
  • Property Damage Liability: The state requires a minimum of $25,000 in property damage liability. This covers the damage you cause to someone else’s property in an accident.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Maine also mandates uninsured motorist coverage. It must match the bodily injury liability limits of $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident.
  • Medical Payments (MedPay): MedPay is an essential addition to consider. It covers medical expenses for you and your passengers, and Maine requires a minimum of $2,000 in MedPay coverage.

Maine’s Cities and How They Affect Non Owners Insurance Premiums

In Maine, the cost of Non Owners Insurance can vary significantly based on the city you’re in. Factors such as traffic density, the rate of accidents, and even the local cost of living play a role. For instance, in bustling urban areas like Portland, you might see higher premiums due to increased traffic and a higher likelihood of accidents. Conversely, in smaller towns or more rural areas, the risk decreases, often leading to lower insurance costs. It’s important for Maine residents to understand these regional differences when considering Non Owners Insurance, as they can impact the overall affordability of your policy.

Non Owners Insurance Rates in Portland, Maine

For residents or frequent visitors of Portland, Maine, understanding Non Owners Insurance rates is crucial. Portland, being a significant urban center in Maine, often has different insurance rate dynamics compared to quieter parts of the state. The city’s vibrant streets and busy traffic can contribute to higher Non Owners Insurance rates. However, our brokerage is committed to helping you navigate these rates, ensuring you receive a policy that provides adequate coverage without overstretching your budget.

Non Owners Insurance Rate Estimates in Portland, Maine

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Type
Progressive$60Liability Only
Dairyland$65Liability Only
Travelers$63Liability Only
Gainsco$62Liability Only
National General$64Liability Only
Bristol West$61Liability Only
Mendota$66Liability Only
The General$65Liability Only
Suncoast$60Liability Only

Exploring Non Owners Insurance in Lewiston, Maine

For those in Lewiston, selecting the right Non Owners Insurance policy involves considering these local elements. Whether you’re borrowing a friend’s car for a weekend trip or renting a vehicle for occasional use, these factors will influence your insurance rate. Our brokerage specializes in helping you navigate these options in Lewiston, ensuring you get a policy that provides the necessary coverage without overburdening your finances.

Non Owners Insurance Rate Comparison in Lewiston

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Type
Progressive$58Liability Only
Dairyland$60Liability Only
Travelers$59Liability Only
Gainsco$57Liability Only
National General$61Liability Only
Bristol West$56Liability Only
Mendota$62Liability Only
The General$60Liability Only
Suncoast$58Liability Only

Non Owners Insurance Options in Bangor, Maine

Choosing an appropriate Non Owners Insurance policy in Bangor means considering the city’s specific driving and lifestyle factors. Whether you’re borrowing a car for errands or renting a vehicle for a scenic drive around Maine, these factors will directly impact your insurance rates. Our brokerage is dedicated to helping you navigate these options, ensuring that your policy not only meets Bangor’s insurance requirements but also aligns with your individual needs, all at a cost-effective rate.

Non Owners Insurance Rate Comparison in Bangor

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Type
Progressive$57Liability Only
Dairyland$59Liability Only
Travelers$58Liability Only
Gainsco$56Liability Only
National General$60Liability Only
Bristol West$55Liability Only
Mendota$61Liability Only
The General$59Liability Only
Suncoast$57Liability Only

Non Owners Insurance Insights for Augusta, Maine

Selecting the right Non Owners Insurance in Augusta involves a careful consideration of how the city’s governmental and administrative activities influence driving risks. Whether you’re navigating around the state government buildings or the quieter residential areas, these unique conditions will reflect in your insurance premium. Our brokerage is committed to guiding Augusta residents through these nuances, ensuring you find a policy that provides the right coverage at an affordable price.

Non Owners Insurance Rate Comparison in Augusta

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Type
Progressive$59Liability Only
Dairyland$61Liability Only
Travelers$60Liability Only
Gainsco$58Liability Only
National General$62Liability Only
Bristol West$57Liability Only
Mendota$63Liability Only
The General$61Liability Only
Suncoast$59Liability Only

Non Owners Insurance in South Portland: Rates and Info

Choosing the right Non Owners Insurance in South Portland means considering the unique aspects of this coastal city. Factors like the proximity to Portland’s urban center and the local maritime activities can impact driving risks and, consequently, insurance rates. Our brokerage can assist you in navigating these factors, ensuring that your Non Owners Insurance policy not only meets legal requirements but also fits your specific situation, providing peace of mind at a reasonable cost.

Non Owners Insurance Rate Comparison in South Portland

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Type
Progressive$60Liability Only
Dairyland$62Liability Only
Travelers$61Liability Only
Gainsco$59Liability Only
National General$63Liability Only
Bristol West$58Liability Only
Mendota$64Liability Only
The General$62Liability Only
Suncoast$60Liability Only

What is a non owned vehicle insurance?

Non-owned vehicle insurance, often referred to as non-owners insurance, is a type of policy designed for individuals who do not own a vehicle but may occasionally drive vehicles that they do not own. This can include vehicles rented or borrowed from friends, family, or car rental companies.

This insurance typically provides liability coverage, which includes bodily injury and property damage liability. It’s important to note that non-owners insurance usually does not include comprehensive or collision coverage, which means it doesn’t cover damages to the vehicle you’re driving.

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What Happens If I’m Caught Driving Without Insurance?

Driving without auto insurance can lead to severe consequences, such as hefty fines, license suspension, and even legal penalties. It may result in increased insurance premiums, vehicle impoundment, or difficulty obtaining coverage in the future.

License Suspension
Legal Penalties
Increased Premiums
Vehicle Impoundment
Coverage Difficulty

How to Get a Free Quote for Non Owners Insurance in Maine


Contact Us​

Start by reaching out to us, either online, by phone, or in person. Provide basic personal and vehicle information to initiate the quote process.



Provide more detailed information about your driving history, the vehicle you wish to insure, and any specific coverage needs or preferences you have



We will process your information and present you with a customized insurance quote, outlining coverage options and prices tailored to your needs.



Review the provided quote at your leisure. If you decide to proceed, you can finalize the policy, setting up payment and coverage start dates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Non Owners Insurance Maine Policies

What is Non-Owners Insurance in Maine?

Non-Owners Insurance in Maine is liability coverage for individuals who don’t own a vehicle but need insurance. It provides protection when driving vehicles you don’t own.

What Does Non-Owners Insurance Typically Cover?

Non-Owners Insurance generally covers liability for injuries or damages caused while driving a borrowed or rented vehicle. It usually doesn’t cover the vehicle itself.

Why Choose Non-Owners Insurance?

Non-Owners Insurance is a cost-effective solution for those who frequently borrow or rent vehicles. It provides liability protection, filling the insurance gap when driving a non-owned vehicle.

How Can I Get Non-Owners Insurance in Maine?

To get Non-Owners Insurance in Maine and explore coverage options, call us at 1.888.445.2793.

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