Insurance Woodland Park


Insurance Woodland Park

Woodland Park is a wonderful place to live if you do not like being in big cities. You will have access to some amazing little restaurants and a few chain ones. The community is close, but not too close. There are parks and amazing views.

Liability and Full Coverage Insurance Woodland Park

Liability Insurance rates in Woodland ParkLiability State Average
Full Coverage Insurance in Woodland ParkFull Coverage CO average

On average, liability and full coverage is cheaper in Woodland Park Colorado than the overall state average. This is likely to be a result of smaller populated roads, and less accidents. Insurance rates may increase based on other peoples driving, not only yours. If you live in an area with a large number of accidents hoccuring, insurance companies are paying out millions of dollars in damages. This forces the companies to increase the premium on everyone’s policy in the surrounding areas.

Top 10 Vehicles We Insure in Woodland Park

7General Motors
8Ford F-Models

We save our customer an average of $603.55 on Insurance Woodland Park

For Auto Insurance Woodland Park Colorado, we save our customers an average of $603.55. A Plus Insurance is a brokerage, giving us the advantage to be able to shop for competitive rates. Most all of our companies offer several discounts that can lead to huge savings! What could you do with these additional savings? You could save up for that family trip you’ve been wanting to take, or complete some home renovations that keep getting put off. Whatever it may be, everyone loves to save money.

New Customers in Woodland Park, Colorado Save on Average$603.55
Number of Eggs you could buy5418
Pound of bananas you could buy1157
Pound of Potatoes you could purchase853

What are the top ten vehicles we insure in Woodland Park Colorado? Number one is the Audi, high performance, luxury car. Second, we have GMC which is well made and lasts for years. Do you own one of the vehicles on this list?  Have you ever purchased a vehicle and seen the same one as you 10 times in a day? That is because the cost of the vehicle may be priced right, or it does great in the elements.

Requirements For Liability Insurance Woodland Park

What are the state minimum liability limits required in Woodland Park? These are 25,000 for bodily injury per person, 50,000 for bodily injury for all persons per one accident, and 25,000 for property damage per accident. If you own an older vehicle and do not require full coverage. The state minimum could be the cheapest option for you.

StateMinimum Coverage RequirementsAverage Cost for Minimum Liability Coverage

Includes the following zip codes: 80863, 80814, 80816, 80813, 80819, 80921, 80809, 80829, 80919, 80907, 80904, 80903, 80905, 80906

26 Year old in Woodland Park, Colorado

26 year old, married female was looking for full coverage on two vehicles and an SR-22 filing for her spouse. The policy holder has a 2014 Ford Escape and a 2007 Ford Focus. We ran the rates and Progressive was coming in the cheapest for her and the coverage’s she wanted.

We added full coverage to both vehicles with a $500 deductible with Rental and Roadside assistance as well. Her monthly payments for both vehicles, 2 drivers, and an SR-22 filing is $235.00. She has a 3 Year Safe Driving discount, EFT discount and Continuous insurance discount on her policy. Her previous carrier was American Family, for over a year and had raised the rates for her upcoming renewal term.

By switching, she is saving over $60 a month and has more coverage on her vehicles than she had before.

Dairyland Broad Form

Single Male, age 31 of Woodland Park, Colorado. Clean driving history other than 1 speeding ticket in 2017. He needed an SR-22 for the state of Colorado and chose a Broad Form so he would be covered to drive other Personal Passenger Vehicles regardless if he owned them or not. He carries the state minimum liability limits, of 25/50/15 and has the Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Protection and rejected Medical Payments. The customer has completed some College and has a homeowners discount applied to his policy. He pays $101 monthly by selecting the EFT payment option, and has no proof of prior insurance prior to starting his policy with Dairyland.

Single mother with 2 Young Adults

Single mother, age 51 with a 26 year old son and 16 year old daughter of Woodland Park, Colorado. Previous insurance carrier was Geico for over 1 year. Looking for full coverage on 2015 Subaru and 2016 Chevy Malibu. Her daughter has a permit and will be learning to drive on the Malibu. Total of 3 rated drivers on the policy, full coverage with $1000 deductibles and roadside assistance on the Malibu. The customer has 2 speeding tickets – one in 2018 and one back in 2016, about to come off her driving report and clean driving history for her kids. Her monthly payments are $350 through Progressive. saving her a total of $180 over the 6 month premium compared to her prior insurance provider.

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