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Insurance Fredrick

At the center of the Carbon Valley area, including Firestone, Dacono, Mead and Erie, Frederick stands out as a community hub for a larger population of 46,000. Community members enjoy unparalleled views of the Rocky Mountains and recreational opportunities abound throughout the community’s trails, parks and open space.

Insurance Fredrick- nearby cities and neighborhoods

Did you know your particular zip code plays a big factor in your insurance rates? The higher populated your particular city is, the higher your insurance rates will be. For example, Fredrick has a higher population compared to Firestone. Below are some nearby cities and neighborhoods in your area. Be sure to ask your agent for more information on this topic.

Neighborhoods in Fredrick, ColoradoCities Near FredrickZip Codes in Fredrick
UrbanaFirestone, CO80504
Spring RidgeDacone, CO80514
MiddletownErie, CO80516
Ballenger CreekFort Lupton, CO80530

Other insurance companies we represent in Fredrick

Insurance Companies in Fredrick, Colorado that we represent
Bristol West
The General
Foremost Star
Assurance America
Orion 181
Best Choice
Here at A Plus Insurance, we represent many different insurance carriers. Among these carriers we also also offer a wide variety of products and we offer bundling discounts for carrying multiple policies. Some of these companies include the popular Progressive, Travelers, The General, Gainsco, and much more which are listed above! If you are looking for a particular company just ask one of our agents for assistance.

Top 10 vehicles we insure in Fredrick

Does the type of vehicle you drive affect your insurance rates? It does in fact, this is one of the biggest factors that make up your particular insurance rate. The year, make, and model of the vehicle determine how much the cost of the vehicle is which then makes up the insurance cost. Below are some of the most popular makes in Fredrick.

Insurance Fredrick

Insurance- Fredrick Rates

Liability Insurance rates in FredrickLiability State Average
Full Coverage Insurance in FredrickFull Coverage CO average
Are you looking for the state minimum liability for your vehicle or full coverage? What is the difference? Liability only covers the other driver and their vehicle if you cause an accident. Full coverage would cover damages to your vehicle, fire, theft, vandalism, glass, and impact with an animal or an object. See the table above for the rates in Fredrick.

Fredrick weather and driving conditions

Insurance Fredrick
2023 Insurance Fredrick

Driving on the Colorado roads can prove to be tumultuous! Fortunately, the weather in Fredrick each year is tame in comparison to nearby cities. The summer high is about 89 degrees. You can cool off in the winter with a low of 13 degrees. Usually there is about 15 inches of rain per year and 36 inches of snow per year.

Fredrick, Colorado
Summer High: the July high is around 89 degrees
Winter Low: the January low is 13
Rain: averages 15 inches of rain a year
Snow: averages 36 inches of snow a year

SR22 Insurance Fredrick

SR22 Insurance in Fredrick, Colorado
Below is amount the amounts company adds to the premium to file the SR22 with the state.
CompanyAverage (SR22 Fee)
Assurance America$25
Bristol West$35
Gains Co$25
Progressive5% (average)
State FarmSR22 Not available
The General$25
TravelersSR22 Not available
What is an SR22 filing you may ask? This filing may be required in the state you live for a set amount of time to account for a serious violation you may have received. This filing is not an insurance policy itself, it is considered a rider or an endorsement to a new or existing auto policy. Above we have listed insurance rates in Fredrick that companies may charge for this filing.

How age and gender affect your insurance rates in Fredrick

Your age, and even your gender play a part in determining your individual insurance rates in Fredrick. To begin with, your age matters simply because the younger you are, the least amount of experience driving you have. Gender plays a role due to statistics showing that females drivers drive safer than men. Some rates in your area showing the differences are shown below.

16-18$ 231.84$ 184.09
19-24$ 193.20$ 161.00
25-30$ 139.84$ 124.84
31-40$ 110.40$ 106.08
41-50$ 109.48$ 98.44
50-65$ 99.36$ 101.48
65+$ 106.08$ 114.08
Insurance Fredrick

We save our client in Fredrick an average of $591.55

Number of Candy bars you could buy435
Months of Netflix you could afford with your savings43
Number of Peanuts you could buy107568
Your age, and even your gender play a part in determining your individual insurance rates. To begin with, your age matters simply because the younger you are, the least amount of experience driving you have. Gender plays a role due to statistics showing that females drivers drive safer than men. Some rates in your area showing the differences are shown above.

Fredrick Company ratings AM Best, and JD Power

It’s always a good idea to compare auto insurance companies in order to get the cheapest quotes and coverage to meet your needs. In addition, it’s very important to check out the insurance company ratings. How have other consumers experience been with this company? Is the company difficult to deal with? Below are some ratings for popular companies in Fredrick, Colorado.

GEICO Auto Insurance879A++
The Hartford (AARP insurance)873A+
Progressive Auto Insurance856A+
MAPFRE Insurance842A
Allstate Auto Insurance853A+
Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group866A+
Liberty Mutual Insurance857A
State Farm878A++
Safeco (A division of Liberty Mutual)855A
CSAA Insurance Group847A
Farmers Insurance865A
COUNTRY Financial896A+
Insurance Fredrick

Your credit and how it impacts your insurance rates in Fredrick

Credit Impact on Insurance rates in Fredrick
Average Premium by Score
Like most aspects in life your credit will determine how low of an interest rate, payments, and how much you can borrow. With auto insurance, companies look at your insurance score. Do you make payments on time? What relationship do you have with lenders? Above are insurance rates in Fredrick based on excellent to poor credit.

Discounts per company in Fredrick

Many consumers miss out on fantastic discounts that can save them a good chunk of money! Some of the biggest discounts that can really lower your rate include: continuous insurance, multi policy, multi vehicle, and a paid in full discount. Of course there are more discounts available, these are listed below for your review! Always ask your agent for more information.

TravelersThe General
Multi VehicleContinuous Insurance
Multi PolicyNo Accidents or Violations
Continuous InsuranceHomeowners
HomeownersAuto Pay
Paid in FullMarried
No Accidents or ViolationsMulti Vehicle
MarriedPaid in Full
Auto Pay
Insurance Fredrick
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