Understanding SR22 Insurance

sr22 insurance

Understanding SR22 Insurance

sr22 insurance

Nobody’s driving record is actually perfect. Point out someone who claims they’ve never sped, run a red light, or violated any traffic laws. We’ll point out someone who hasn’t been caught doing those things, especially in one of these 15 states.

Some driving records are more imperfect than others, which can lead to sky-high insurance costs, or companies outright refusing to insure the driver in question.

Without insurance, you can’t drive. If you can’t drive, you likely won’t be able to work. However, not all hope is lost. You may still be able to insure your car with SR22 insurance.

What is SR22 insurance and how can it help keep you on the road? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

SR22 insurance, sometimes also known as high-risk car insurance, provides coverage to those who have had their driver’s license revoked for one reason or another. The SR22 alone is not an auto insurance policy in itself, but rather, a rider or endorsement of an existing or newly-established car insurance policy.

The SR22 rider is a certificate that insurance companies attach to your auto policy to show the state that you’ve purchased insurance acknowledging your high-risk driving habits. This usually indicates that you are financially responsible for your vehicle and driving.

Who Has to Carry SR22 Insurance?

As mentioned above, anyone who’s had their driver’s license revoked has to carry an SR22 rider. How does your driver’s license get revoked? Here are a few common offenses that lead to this punishment:

  • Driving without proof of insurance, and getting involved in a car accident as the at-fault party
  • Any DUI or DWI charges you’ve faced
  • Racking up loads of moving violation points in a short period
  • Driving without insurance and getting caught

Once you’ve been flagged by the law to carry SR22 insurance, you need to carry it for a minimum of 3 years. If your coverage lapses or you commit another offense, it might stretch for longer.

What Does SR22 Insurance Cover?

Let’s face it: we all want to know what our car insurance covers in the event something were to happen to us. So, since the SR22 isn’t an insurance policy itself, what does it cover?

The simple answer is that it offers as much coverage as your auto policy itself. More accurate, but slightly more complex, is that an SR22 certificate shows the state that you’re carrying insurance with at least the state’s minimum liability requirements.

Some states, rather than using an SR22, use a form called an FR44. The two forms follow a similar function, however, the requirements for an FR44 typically exceed the state’s minimum liability limits.

SR22 and FR44 forms both concern themselves with potential damage to others. As such, they don’t require comprehensive or collision coverage. However, you as a motorist may want to invest in this coverage for your own protection.

How Do You Get SR22 Coverage?

You can get SR22 coverage the same way you get any other auto insurance: by getting a quote from an agent. You’ll need to research and find a company that offers the rider, as not all of them do.

Once you’ve found a company that offers the SR22 form, complete and finalize a quote with them. Once the policy gets drafted in full, a copy of the SR22 gets filed electronically with the state DMV for their records.

What if I Don’t Own a Car?

Let’s say that your car got impounded as a result of the situation that revoked your license. Do you still need to carry SR22 insurance?

If you intend to drive, then yes. You’ll still need to file for a non-owner SR22 policy and carry that SR22 endorsement for the required period. If you don’t do this and get caught driving someone else’s vehicle, the consequences could be dire. 

Why Is SR22 Insurance So Expensive?

Many people have the misconception that SR22 insurance is ridiculously expensive because of the SR22 itself. This is not entirely accurate.

The SR22 rider, in and of itself, does nothing for your premium. However, you’re still rated like any other policy applicant. This means that the incidents leading to your need for an SR22 form will still contribute to your premium.

The higher the driver’s risk, the higher the premium is a pretty solid rule of thumb when it comes to auto insurance rates. 

How Long Do I Need This Coverage?

As mentioned above, three years is standard for most SR22 endorsements. However, the required carrying period varies from state to state.

Some have periods that vary by reason for license revocation. Others stick to a certain time period, regardless of the inciting incident. You’ll need to research your state’s laws for further insight on this matter.

Let’s Review

Sifting through auto insurance terminology can be tricky, so let’s take a moment and review what we’ve learned. The SR22 is not auto insurance itself, but rather, a rider offered to those considered high-risk drivers who have had their license revoked. 

Therefore, SR22 insurance coverage varies depending on what you purchase as part of your auto policy. This also means the cost of your SR22 insurance can vary. However, you must carry the SR22 endorsement for the full period, because if you don’t, your license will be revoked, and you might end up serving time in prison.

We here at A Plus Insurance want to help keep you and your family safe on the road. If you or a loved one needs auto insurance, SR22 or non, contact us today for a quote. We’d be happy to assist you!

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