Age And Gender – Auto Insurance Rates?

Age And Gender - Auto Insurance

Age And Gender – Auto Insurance Does Age and Gender Matter?

Yes!, age AND gender does matter when it comes to your auto insurance rates! Let’s break the two up and see how.

Age And Gender - Auto Insurance
Does age really matter?

Age And Gender – Auto Insurance Does it impact your premium?

Age And Gender - Auto Insurance
Young drivers pay more

Age And Gender-Auto Insurance – For age, if you are a first-time young driver you are considered an inexperienced driver and that can lead to more accidents and more auto claims. Studies show that the traffic incidents, accidents, and violations come from the young drivers 24 and under.  The discounts are going to come the older you get. When you turn 25 and you have a good driving record, you will more than likely see a decrease in your rates. It will also go down when you hit the age of 40-50. So, just keep that great driving record and you will see the positive results with age and experience.

Age And Gender – Auto Insurance How it affects your premium

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Now for gender, males tend to pay more in their rates than women.

Now, that may sound unfair but let me explain! Studies show men will pay about 10% more for car insurance than women by the age of 25. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that….

  • “men are simply more likely to cause car accidents than women.”
  • Male motorists cause around 6.1 million accidents yearly and women cause 4.4 million at fault accidents annually.
  • Men are more commonly in fatal accidents that have to do with speeding.
  • An FBI report says that men are TWICE as likely to be arrested for major violations such as DUI’s.
  • Men are also found to be driving more cars that cost more to insure, like luxury and sports cars.
Age And Gender - Auto Insurance

Age And Gender – Auto Insurance – So, to wrap it up, men will end up paying a little bit more because to auto insurance companies they are more of a “high risk” because they drive more, drive more luxury cars, and have more violations and claims on their records.

Age And Gender – Auto Insurance -This is not the case for everybody, these studies just show numbers and what it can look like in these cases. Just drive safe and keep a good driving record and your rates are sure to go down by age. Contact your auto agent and find out more information about this topic or reach out to us today to get a free quote!

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Age And Gender – Auto Insurance

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