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Top 4 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

Knowledge is power. Everyone should want to know what exactly they are purchasing, what coverage they are getting for their money, and how much they will be paying for this coverage. We will dive right into what questions you should be asking your Insurance agent, and the responses you should be getting if you are speaking with a professional agent.

Question 1: What are the State Minimum Liability Limits that I am required to carry and what do they cover?

For example, in Colorado the minimum liability requirements are 25/50/15. The liability will cover an event in which you are responsible for. That is why this is one of the top 4 questions to ask your insurance agent.

By selecting the minimum limits, your Insurance will pay out $25,000 per person for bodily injury, up to $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage.

You should always be told the minimum requirements and offered higher coverage if desired. It is important to properly cover yourself in the event you are At Fault in an accident, that way you do not face the potential of being sued if your liability limits do not cover the damages in the accident.

Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Agent
2023 questions to ask your insurance agent

Question 2: Why would I need additional coverages, or higher liability limits?

ANSWER – If you opt for the State Minimum Liability requirements, they may not cover in the event of an At Fault Accident and you could be sued.

You want to match your liability limits to your assets. For example, if you are a homeowner you should consider carrying at least 100/300/100 limits instead of the State Minimum.

If your State Minimum limit was 25/50/15, that is a very low coverage to carry. This limit only pays out $15,000 for property damage, and we all know most vehicles on the road are worth well over $15,000.

This must be on your list of questions to ask your insurance agent to explain the reason as to why you may need higher coverage, and go over the different prices for higher limits. Sometimes it is a matter of dollars for selecting a higher limit, and it could save you thousands in the long run.

Question 3: How much is my insurance going to cost?

ANSWER – the agent should be able to cover over several quoting scenarios to explore all coverage options desired.

Our Agents at A Plus believe that spending a quality amount of time with our customers is required in order to provide quality service and to make sure our customers understand their coverages and other options.

That is why we wrote this post on the top 4 questions to ask your insurance agent. We are confident in our team.

We take our time to go through each quote, let the customer ask all questions they may have, and offer to run different coverage scenarios. Sometimes, it can come down to a matter of dollars to add additional coverage onto a quote, that the customer may not know is an option.

Question 4: What discounts are available to me? How can I make the Insurance quote cheaper?

ANSWER– Some people may be afraid to ask for discounts, and may turn to another Insurance company over a matter of dollars because they offered a discount. You should not be afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to saving money.

A good Insurance agent should ask the customer all questions to make sure they are applying all discounts they can without the customer ever needing to ask.

If you have a good agent that does this, great! If your agent failed to ask you important questions for discount purposes, don’t be afraid to ask.

Every discount adds up and can lead to additional savings, and our goal is to get you the best rate we can offer from our trusted agents. So, give us a try! Call and ask us one of the top 4 questions to ask your insurance agent. I’m sure we’ll get an A Plus!

Insurance Firestone-Top Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent
2023 questions to ask your insurance agent

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