Weirdest Insurance Policies That Actually Exist!

Weirdest Insurance Policies

These Are Actual (and Factual) Things that People have Insured

1. Weirdest Insurance Policies-Alien Abduction

$10 Million Plus in abduction insurance has been written.

I received a “No Comment” when I enquired about any payouts. No kidding. “No Comment” 

As an agent It got me thinking.

Given that Homeowners insurance is more expensive in certain areas because of hurricanes, forest fires, etc.  Does Alien Abduction Insurance cost more near Roswell? Hmmmm

2. The Middle Finger

Keith Richards, of The Rolling Stones reportedly had his middle finger insured for 1.5 Million Dollars.

I don’t think that is an image of Keith Richards as a Baby, but it was the nicest picture I could find of someone giving us “the finger.”

3. “Death By….. Coconut”

Not kidding… falling coconuts kill 150 people world wide each year.

So you are almost four times more likely to die from a coconut as from shark bites (38 average annually).

Armed with these statistics I tried to market “Coconut Insurance”. It did not work out very well for me; Our main office is in Colorado. 🙂

4. MMMM “Taste Buds”

A worker at Cadbury’s Chocolate has her taste buds insured for 1 million dollars.  

Note: The policy has stipulations that she must avoid Hot Curries, Hot chilies, and her mother-in-law’s cooking.

5. Cold Feet Insurance

Not these cold feet

It is these Cold Feet

The average cost of a Wedding in the United States is $26,800

The way I see it a man either gets cold feet before the wedding or after  (Am I, right Guys?)

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