What documents do you need keep in your car?

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documents to keep in your car
2022 What documents do you need to keep in your car?

If you own a car and are driving it, there are a few things that you should always keep in your car. You may not always have physical copies of some, since so much can be digital these days.

We have listed the 3 most important and required documents. You may feel that you personally would like to have more than these 4 listed and that is totally fine! As the saying goes – “the more, the better!”

Documents to Keep in Your Car

1. Vehicle Registration

This is going to be paperwork proving that you own the vehicle. Your car should ALWAYS be registered before hitting the roads. You would receive this paperwork when you took your car and got it registered at the DMV or sometimes even where you bought the vehicle will do that for you. This is a great document and idea to always keep inside of your glovebox or somewhere safe in your car.

Documents to Keep in Your Car

2. Proof of Insurance

This is going to be your car insurance id cards which is with the paperwork you get when you purchase insurance. This is one of the things you may keep with you electronically.

If you get pulled over without proof of insurance you will receive either a warning or ticket. Car insurance is required in 49 states! The only state it isn’t required by law is New Hampshire.

Documents to Keep in Your Car

3. Your Driver’s License

This document should ALWAYS be with you when driving any vehicle. We all know it is required by law to have a license to operate a motor vehicle. It is also required to carry your drivers license with you. Unfortunately this isn’t one of the things you can keep electronically.

Things to Keep in Your Car

Other Documents to Consider Keeping in Your Car

There are several other documents that can be beneficial for you to keep in your car incase of an accident or emergency. We have listed those below.

Emergency Contact Information: This can be very helpful if you are ever in an accident that results in you being incapacitated so those helping you can contact someone to close to you.

Medical Information: This is can also be helpful if you are ever in an accident. Things to consider listing are current medications, allergies, medical conditions, primary doctor or any specialist you may see.

Owners Manual: This could be helpful if you ever breakdown or have an issue with the vehicle. Granted we all have smartphones these days so you could easily google the problem as well, but just incase you are in an area without service it is a good thing to keep in the glove box.

Things to Keep in Your Car

Useful Items to Keep in Your Car

There are other useful items that you can keep in your for convenience. Some of these most people already have in their glove box. They can come in handy depending on the situation you may find yourself in. It is better to be prepared, than not!

Some of these could potentially save your life, the others could just make your life easier.

Napkins/Wipes/TissuesBottled Water
Snacks (Protein Bar, Granola)Lint Roller
Things to Keep in Your Car

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