Why Choose A Company That Costs More?

When it comes to insurance, its something we all need. Before choosing the right one, we will look at many factors. We most likely are going to look at solid ratings, quality of customer service, good reviews, affordable premiums, multi-policy discounts, and convenience. The question is would you pay more for better customer service? A recent survey indicated that 68% would pay more to the company that provides great service, 33% would pay 1-9% more, 27% would pay 10-20% more and 8% would be willing to pay over over 20% more if the service was great! Customers now love personalized service, fast problem solving and love to hear from an actual person on the phone lines instead of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Its very simple, when a company shows that their customers are valued, they will have a stronger emotional connection to your company and they wont mind paying more for your services.

Alternatives to Standard Auto Insurance for Texas Drivers

Insurance In Texas Most Texas drivers understand that to drive legally in Texas they must provide proof they carry the state required minimum auto liability limits.  These limits are $30,000 /$60,000/ $25,000, to read more about policy limits and what they mean click here. While these are relatively low limits, some drivers may not want… Continue reading Alternatives to Standard Auto Insurance for Texas Drivers

Young & Youthful Drivers Guide to Insurance

Are You A Young Driver? You couldn’t wait for the day when Mom and Dad handed over the keys to your first car.  A vehicle symbolizes freedom, of being one step closer to becoming an adult and it also means being financially responsible for your actions while driving a car. Wait, what? Pump the breaks,… Continue reading Young & Youthful Drivers Guide to Insurance