Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes

Best Car Insurance in Louisiana

The Best Auto Insurance: All about Full Coverage in Louisiana

The Minimum Amount for Liability in Louisiana is 15/30/25

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Best Car Insurance in Louisiana

The Best Auto Insurance: All about Full Coverage in Louisiana

The Minimum Amount for Liability in Louisiana is 15/30/25

Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes: 5 Things You Need To Know

Louisiana, a sportsman’s paradise, is known for it’s famous Cajun and delicious Creole Cuisine. Not to mention it’s the birthplace of riveting Jazz music. But no matter where you’re from or what you have, you NEED auto insurance. Louisiana is no different. Before purchasing, there are 5 things you need to understand about auto insurance:


Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes: Liability

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What is Liability?

Well, simply put, it pays for property damage and any personal injury that you may be legally liable for – up to your policy’s limit amount of course.

Did you know?

Having Liability Insurance not only protects you, but also protects family members and others who may drive your vehicle with your permission.


Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes: Full Coverage

What is Full Coverage?

Liability + Comprehensive/Collision = Full Coverage

Full Coverage is going above and beyond the legal minimum requirements to protect your vehicle. What does Comprehensive and Collision cover?

Coverage Explanation
ComprehensiveProtects against damage to your vehicle by any type of non-collision events such as theft, vandalism, fire, weather, glass & windshield damage, and accidents caused by an animal.
CollisionProtects against damage to your vehicle resulting from a collision with an object such as a tree, mailbox, telephone pole, guard rail, or another vehicle.
Hitting A Deer With Your Vehicle Would Be Covered Under Comprehensive

What does Full Coverage NOT include?

Medical Payments
These are optional other coverages that can be added onto Full Coverage Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes

Full Coverage is not always necessary depending on certain factors. Take the quiz below to see whether you should consider Full Coverage!

Should I Get Full Coverage Calculator

Full Coverage is not always necessary depending on certain factors. For instance, if you have an older paid off car, or perhaps you don’t own a vehicle and you simply need a non owners policy, you might not need full coverage at all.

Take the quiz below to see whether you should consider Full Coverage!

Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes: Requirements

Under Louisiana law, liability coverage is required.

The liability requirement limits are:

Bodily Injury for One IndividualBodily Injury for Multiple IndividualsProperty Damage
$15,000 per person$30,000 per occurrence$25,000 property damage
Liability Requirement Limits

This is the only coverage that is required in the state of Louisiana. Any other coverages are considered extra and are optional.

Law 1
Louisiana Law

For more information on requirements for Louisiana Auto Insurance, click here.

Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes: Premium Factors

Many people often ask, does credit affect car insurance? Yes it does.

Certain factors such as age, gender, and others can affect your premium rates. Check out of the box below to see what some of those factors are:

Premium Factors List

  • Age – Generally, teenagers & young adults have much higher insurance than others.
  • Gender – Single males under the age of 25 more than likely will have high insurance costs.
  • Where You Live – Urban and citylike areas have a higher accident ratio compared to rural areas.
  • Type of Car – Luxury, sports cars, and any high-performance cars have higher Comp/Coll rates.
  • Violations – DUI’s, tickets, claims within the past 5 years may cause your premium to be higher.
  • Your Deductibles – A higher deductible means your premium will be lower. A lower deductible means your premium will be higher.
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Never Drink & Drive

Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes: Discounts

Did you know that insurance companies offer discounts? You can save money by doing something as simple as enrolling in the company’s paperless program. That’s why it is so essential that you call an insurance agent to find out what you might qualify for.

Below is a list of potential discounts for frequent Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes:

-Higher Education
-Paid in Full
-Continuous Insurance

Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes
Don’t You Just Love Saving Money?!

Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes: A Plus Insurance

How do you find the best company that offers Full Coverage in Louisiana? Easy! With A Plus Insurance.

We Make It Easy!

What makes us different from other companies? We save you time AND money! We compare 9 different companies across the United States to find the BEST coverage that fits your circumstances.

Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes: FAQ

Q1: How can I obtain auto insurance quotes in Louisiana?

To get auto insurance quotes in Louisiana, simply contact A Plus Insurance. We work with multiple carriers to find you the best rates. You can call us at 1.888.445.2793 to speak with one of our experienced agents and receive a personalized quote.

Q2: What factors affect the cost of auto insurance in Louisiana?

Several factors influence the cost of auto insurance in Louisiana, including your driving record, the type of coverage you choose, your vehicle’s make and model, and your location. Our team can help you understand these factors and find affordable coverage.

Q3: Do you offer discounts on Louisiana auto insurance policies?

Yes, we offer various discounts on auto insurance policies in Louisiana. To learn more about available discounts and to get a personalized quote, please call us at 1.888.445.2793 and speak with our knowledgeable staff.



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