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Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Taylors Insurance

All About Auto Insurance In Taylors, South Carolina

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Taylors Insurance

All About Auto Insurance In Taylors, South Carolina

Liability Coverage in Taylors

In the state of South Carolina, the minimum requirement of car insurance ,even for Taylors insurance, would be liability insurance and property damage coverages. Bodily injury is in charge of covering for the injuries and the lost wages and property damage.

When you get liability insurance it is typically split up into two sections: bodily injury and cause to another driver on the road while property damage covers any damage that you cause to another individual’s property.

However, liability insurance will not cover you and your own property and if you are wanting such coverage that would need to be added. The minimum limits for liability coverage are twenty-five thousand bodily injury per person, fifty thousand bodily injury per accident, and twenty-five thousand property damage per accident. 

Best Taylors Insurance For Male Drivers

Ordinally, males pay more than females for their auto insurance. The reason why is due to males driving a bit more than women, and causing more of the accidents.

Statistics show men account for 68 to 70% of car accidents

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$152
Mendota Ins. Company$171
National General$180
Bristol West$185
The General$185
21st Century$186
Acceptance RTR$187
State Auto$198

High-Risk Drivers

When applying to get Taylors insurance the insurance company is responsible for making sure they complete a risk assessment on the client to see down the line if they could potentially be a high-risk driver depending on many factors such as their driving record, their credit score, their age, and their gender.

Due to this any that is deemed to be considered high risk can definitely see an increase in premium and possibly lose their current insurance due to the fact that not many insurance companies like to carry such risk, however, that does not mean to give up all hope.

Insurance carriers such as Dairyland will take on a high risk driver by getting an SR22 on your insurance to show that you are covered. Some of the many discounts that Dairyland has to offer are multi-car, advanced quote, transfer discount, quarterly or yearly payment plan, defensive driving, and anti-theft so it’s best if you shop around to find the best carrier that works for you and your budget.

Best Taylors Insurance For Young Drivers

In many states it is actually common especially for Taylors insurance agency to consider the client gender when estimating their insurance premium.

This is due to the fact of statistics and history that shows that young men and boys are typically charged more due to the fact that they can potentially be more inclined to make a claim or be involved in a car accident.

Regardless of gender, it is best to shop around different insurance companies and find the most discounts an insurance company is willing to offer to get the cheapest premium. 

If you are a young driver searching for auto insurance, you will see that your rates are going to be high starting off. Keep that good and clean driving record and by age 25 you will see a decrease.

Statistics show that the younger you are, the more you will pay for auto insurance

Car Insurance Company Average Cost
Progressive Insurance$137
Acceptance RTR$150
Bristol West$150
National General$154
Mendota Ins. Company$162
American Family$164
Liberty Mutual$165
21st Century$174

Best Broadform/Nonowners Taylors Insurance

If you have multiple cars just for yourself and just want the state liability, you may want to look into a broadform policy.  A broadform policy will cover a driver regardless if they own vehicle or not own a vehicle. A non-owners policy will only cover driver for vehicles not owned.

A broadform or a non-owners policy can be a cheaper option when needing liability only

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$94
The General$112
Bristol West$139
Mendota Ins. Company$154
Acceptance RTR$233
State Farm$233

Best Taylors Insurance For Female drivers in Taylors, SC

Age and gender can play a big role in what your car insurance rates can look like. Below we listed some average rates for female drivers in Taylors, SC.

Statistics show at age 35, women start seeing higher rates than men

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Acceptance RTR$133
National General$135
Bristol West$141
Mendota Ins. Company$151
The General$156
Progressive Insurance$158
21st Century$165
American Family$173
State Auto$178

Best Taylors Insurance With Bundle / Homeowners Discount in Taylors, SC

Most insurance companies will offer a substantial discount for combining 2 policies with their company. We offer bundling options with Progressive, Travelers, and Bristol West.

Bundling: Purchasing multiple insurance polices from one company

Car Insurance Company Average Cost
Progressive Insurance$133
Acceptance RTR$134
The General$140
Mendota Ins. Company$145
National General$150
Bristol West$151
21st Century$168
State Farm$185

Best Taylors Insurance With Clean Driving History in Taylors, SC

When keeping your driving record spotless, you will be rewarded! Your Taylors insurance agency can give out discounts for safe driving and more!

Keep your driving squeaky clean. Avoid accidents, violations, & points

Car Insurance Company Average Cost
The General$135
21st Century$138
National General$143
Progressive Insurance$152
Mendota Ins. Company$157
Acceptance RTR$160
Bristol West$170

When shopping around trying to find the best premiums for Taylors insurance, it’s good to keep in mind what the minimum requirement is to drive legally in your state. It is also a good idea to see what type of carriers have bundles to go with your car quote, the best insurance ranging from clean driving records to drivers who are deemed as “high risk”, and the rates for both man and woman.

At A Plus Insurance we are motivated to help you find the perfect carrier meant for you!

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