cheapest full coverage insurance in texas

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Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance in Texas

All About Texas Full Coverage Insurance

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Texas Full Coverage

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Texas State Minimum Insurance Requirements

Texas will require all insured drivers to hold their State minimum requirements for auto insurance. Liability insurance and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will be required on the policy.

Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance In Texas
Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance in Texas

Texas Requires Insured’s to Meet the Liability Limit of: 30 / 60 /25

Liability insurance will show proof that you are financially covered for any expenses in damages that occurred during a car accident that you were found guilty in causing. However, liability insurance will not cover any expenses in damages in which occurred to you or your vehicle regardless of who is at fault.

Texas Also Requires Personal Injury Protection (PIP) of: $2,500

Personal Injury Protection can also be known as “No-Fault Insurance,” meaning that regardless of who is at fault within the accident, PIP will cover any healthcare expenses up to the limit in which is set on the policy.

Personal Injury Protection will not only cover yourself, but also any passengers you have in your vehicle at the time of an accident, whether they have health insurance or not.

Full Coverage Car Insurance in Texas

If you are looking at a coverage that will cover the expenses for any damage in which occurred to your vehicle, regardless of who caused the initial damage, then full coverage car insurance in Texas may be the right fit for you.

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Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance in Texas

Texas full coverage insurance will consist of Comprehensive and Collision coverage.

ComprehensiveCovers the costs in damage repairs for any destruction that occurred to the vehicle from an external factor. External factors can include but are not limited to: fire, flooding, tree branch falling, a deer hitting the car, theft, vandalism, etc.
CollisionCovers the costs in repairs for any damage in which occurred to the vehicle when moving or parked when colliding with another vehicle or object.

In order to use either of these coverages, you will first need to pay your deductible. Deductibles will typically be $500 or $1,000. Depending on what you set your deductible limit to will factor into the cost of the premium.

When choosing a higher deductible limit, such as $1,000, the insurance carrier will lower the overall premium cost since they view you as taking on more financial responsibility. Therefore, when selecting an increased deductible limit, you can expect to get the cheapest full coverage insurance in Texas for your auto policy.

Should I Get Full Coverage Calculator

This calculator should help give you an estimated answer on if opting for full coverage car insurance in Texas may be a good fit for you.

If you have any further questions on if you should add full coverage insurance to your vehicles policy, feel free to connect with one of our A Plus Insurance Agents.

Our agents are readily available to help assist you with your quote through call, text or email.

Average Price for Full Coverage

The chart below will show on average what clients may expect to pay monthly for full coverage car insurance in Texas.

CarrierAverage Cost
Bristol West$137
Mendota Ins. Company$145
National General$146
Progressive Insurance$146
State Farm$148
21st Century$150
Liberty Mutual$156
Acceptance RTR$173
Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance in Texas

Although the chart above demonstrates an average cost for a client who has full coverage insurance on their vehicle, many factors can go into the total cost for your specific auto policy.

Factors that can change the policy premium cost can include but are not limited to:

Factors that May Impact Your Rate
Driving Record / Driving Violations
Vehicle Make / Model

Thoughts on Full Coverage Insurance

Having full coverage is a great option to have in the event of an accident. With full coverage you can be rest assured that the expenses in damages done to your vehicle will be covered once you pay your deductible first.

With A Plus Insurance, we are able to shop multiple insurance carriers for you. A Plus works with 9 different carriers to help find you the cheapest full coverage insurance in Texas.


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