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Homeowners Insurance in Texas: How to Find the Most Affordable Rates

On average, Texas homeowners can expect to pay around $1238.00 each year for insurance (For Dwelling $250,000). Speak with one of our agents to see if you can do even better!

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Is Homeowners Insurance in Texas Required by law?

No, technically the state does not legally required you to purchase homeowners insurance in Texas if you own your home. However, if you are trying to mortgage your home, the mortgage company will require you to purchase some type of home insurance.

What Does My Homeowners Insurance in Texas cover?

When you purchase a standard homeowners policy, you might end up thoroughly confused as to what the actual coverages are.

On your declarations page you will see a breakdown of the items listed as:

  • Coverage A
  • Coverage B
  • Coverage C
  • Coverage D
  • Coverage E
  • Coverage F

Understanding these coverages is important, because it helps you decide how much coverage you have purchased or how much you should purchase.

The basic coverages are as follows:

  • Coverage A is the dwelling coverage of the policy. This pays out for damage or destruction done to your house or any attached structure and building.
  • Coverage B refers to the amount paid out for unattached structures.
  • Coverage C is the amount of coverage for your personal property such as furniture, clothing, appliances, etc.
  • Coverage D is known as loss of use coverage. This will pay for additional living expenses in the case of your home being uninhabitable due to a covered loss.
  • Coverage E is the liability coverage on your homeowners policy.
  • Coverage F is the coverage of medical payments for someone who was injured while on your property.

To see more about these coverages in greater detail, please check out our guide here. It’s crucial to know that there are limits on a standard homeowners policy.


Will My homeowners be covered if I have a trampoline?

Unfortunately there are many insurance companies who will not cover you if you have a trampoline.  Known as an “attractive nuisance,” some policies will decline to even write a policy whereas other insurance carriers may issue a policy but with a trampoline exclusion.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Company (by city) in Texas

The cost of homeowners insurance in Texas varies greatly from city to city.

Why is geographic location such a factor in your Texas homeowners insurance?

This is because certain areas in Texas might be more prone to more natural disasters, or maybe the cost of goods and supplies to rebuild are higher in another area.

For example, El Paso, TX might not be prone to tornadoes, but further east in Galveston, they are known for lots of tornado activity.

While it is still important to talk to an agent to get the best quote possible, we have narrowed down the homeowners insurance companies that tend to be the cheapest for a particular city.

City in TexasCheapest Home Insurance Company
EdinburgProgressive (ASI)
Wichita FallsTravelers
AmarilloAmerican Family
ArlingtonProgressive (ASI)
New BraunfelsAmerican Family
Grand PrairieTravelers
PflugervilleLiberty Mutual
Round RockState Farm
Cedar HillAmica
Corpus ChristiProgressive
TylerProgressive (ASI)
DeSotoLiberty Mutual
CarrolltonState Farm
Fort WorthUSAA
The WoodlandsLiberty Mutual
League CityTravelers
KilleenLiberty Mutual
McAllenLiberty Mutual
San AngeloUSAA
LubbockAmerican Family
Port ArthurAllstate
Little ElmTravelers
El PasoLiberty Mutual
BeaumontLiberty Mutual
Texas CityAllstate
VictoriaProgressive (ASI)
AbileneProgressive (ASI)
Cedar ParkProgressive (ASI)
Homeowners insurance in Texas can vary depending on the city you live in.
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Is it worth it to switch homeowners insurance companies?

Yes! Or at the very least, it can be. It is highly advisable to re-shop for your homeowners insurance in Texas every few years. You might have cheaper options out there just waiting for you. That is the perk of using an insurance broker. We will do the shopping for you.

Most Common Causes for Homeowners Loss and Claims

If you look at the list below, there are a number of things that can cause damage to your precious home and property.

Make sure you are covered!

Also check with your agent to see how much coverage you have for potential losses, since on a standard policy, there is usually a per item maximum payout. If you want more coverage than what is provided for, you will need to look into purchasing additional coverage in a personal article floater or an additional policy.

Common Causes of Homeowners Claims (nationwide)
Loss of Use
Water Damage
Other Weather related
Power surge
While these are common causes of losses nationwide, these are also very common causes of claims for homeowners insurance in Texas.
Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Will my Texas home insurance policy cover all water damage?

No. Not all water damage is covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. If the damage was caused by internal pipes within the house, it will be covered. But if caused by outside waters (like flooding from a storm) then it will NOT b e covered. Look into purchasing a separate flood insurance policy if you live somewhere prone to hurricanes or flooding.

Homeowners Insurance in Texas: Discounts You Need to Know About

Don’t sleep on these discount opportunities!

Are you still doing everything by mail? Stop overpaying now and ask your agent about a paperless discount. It’s one of the easiest discounts to obtain!

Do you have an auto insurance policy? See if you can bundle your homeowners insurance in Texas with your car insurance policy and save big.

There are a number of ways to get cheaper rates for your Texas homeowners insurance, so just give us a call and see what you could potentially save.

Discounts to lower your Texas Home Insurance Rates!
Home monitoring / Bruglar
Hail resistant roofing
Upgraded Wiring
Auto water shut off or leak detection
Smoke detector (monitored)
Upgraded plumbing
Upgraded roof
Bundling Multiple Polices
Married discount

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