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Alabama Liability Insurance

Alabama Auto Insurance: All about Liability Insurance in Alabama

Minimum Liability Requirements to Register and Operate a Vehicle for Alabama

$25,000 Per Person / $50,000 Per Accident / $25,000 Property Damage

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Alabama Auto Insurance- What are the State Minimum Requirements?

Auto Liability Insurance is required in most states. Each state will have their manditory liability limits. Alabama auto insurance requires limits of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage. You have to meet this minimum to be legal and able to register and operate a motorvehicle in Alabama.

For Alabama, the state also offers additional liability coverages that gives you more protection against yourself and to others.

The Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury liability coverage gives you coverage when someone hits you and they do not carry liability insurance and you were to be hurt or a passenger in your vehicle at that time. If they do have insurance, but not enough to meet the damages done, again a supplementary coverage is available to you and per person in your vehicle.

Alabama Liability Insurance also offers Medical Payments to be added to the policy, which is optional. This goes out for you and per person in you vehicle for Medical Expenses typically up to $5000 per person. You can always opt in for more coverage if you wish.

Alabama State Minimum Liability Insurance 25/50/25Required
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist BI & PD ProtectionNot Required
Medical Payments to you and others in your vehicleNot Required
Comprehensive & CollisonNot Required

How Do I Get Cheap Alabama Liability Car Insurance?

The best way to get quotes for cheap Liability car insurance Alabama is to go through a broker to save you some time as well as money.

If you have a speeding ticket or an at fault accident, rates will fluctuate depending on the carriers we have.

With our table below, here are some Alabama insurance companies with monthly averages for liability only.

Average CostCarrier
$83The General
$89National General
$93Bristol West
$96Progressive Insurance
$109Mendota Ins. Company
$121American Family
$12821st Century
$140Acceptance RTR
$155State Farm
$180Liberty Mutual
$190State Auto

Alabama Insurance Companies Available

With every state there are insurance companies available to you to provide you the best liability car insurance Alabama.

There are some Alabama insurance companies that offer lower rates than others but do not provide the most efficient coverages. It is always good to double check rates with each insurance company out there to ensure you are being provided the best rate as well as the best coverage available to you.

Alabama car insurance rates can typically increase more than $700 a year if you have had any tickets or violations that have resulted in another person being hurt.

Make sure to check out Dairyland, National General, Mendota, Assurance America and Progressive rates to compare which ones might be more affordable for you.

Below there are several companies listed that provide insurance rates for Alabama.

The General
National General
Bristol West
Progressive Insurance
Assurance America
Mendota Ins. Company
American Family
21st Century
Acceptance RTR
State Farm
Liberty Mutual
State Auto

Is Alabama a No Fault State?

Every state has their own liability limits as well as rules within their auto insurance system that is either considered a fault or a no fault state.

Is Alabama a no fault state? Most of the 50 states are considered a “fault” state, including Alabama.

What does this mean you might ask?

If you are involved in a car accident, motorists who are found at fault for a collision, or an accident may be held financially responsible for the medical bills or any other losses they have caused.

Since Alabama is a Fault state, accident victims must file a claim with the insurance company of the person that was negligent.

Bodily Injury liability will provide insurance to the victim for personal injury , while property damage liability that is done to the victim’s vehicle that was damaged by the insured.

Alabama Liability Insurance
Liability is Required by the State
Alabama Liability Insurance

What is Alabama SR22 Insurance?

Have you recently received a letter from the DMV of Alabama requesting that you need an SR22 to comply with the state to prevent your license being suspended? Let us help you obtain Alabama SR-22 Insurance and get back on the road legally.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost in Alabama?

Depending on the insurance carrier, each will have their own filing fee with the state. Typically it is $25 for the fee. Associated with the liability car insurance Alabama of the policy, will be an additional charge to have the liability match the SR22 filing. If you have any violations on your driving history, that will also impact the rates of an SR22 Insurance quote.

How do I get my SR-22 in Alabama?

In order to file an SR22 through the state of Alabama, you will have to purchase a liability policy that fulfills the SR22 liability agreement. The insurance company will send over to the state that you have SR22 insurance and that you comply with the agreement. If the insurance does lapse, the insurance company will also let the state of Alabama know that you no longer have insurance which can also potentially suspend your license again at that point.

How long do you have to have SR-22 Insurance in Alabama?

The minimum requirements for the state of Alabama to have SR22 insurance once you have a conviction that requires one will be 3 years. That means that the insured must maintain an active SR22 insurance auto policy or a non owners policy depending on the situation.

Alabama Non-Owner Liability Insurance

An Alabama Non-Owner Liability Insurance carries an SR22, and allows drivers to maintain Alabama auto liability requirements if they do not have regular access to a car. Most insurance companies will not sell you a non-owner policy if another member of your household has a vehicle even if you do not drive it or if your name is not listed on the title of that vehicle.

Alabama Liability Insurance
Alabama Insurance Companies

Average Liability Insurance Cost for Alabama Female Drivers

Typically the average liability insurance cost for Female drivers in the state of Alabama can be $136 a month or as low as $1,218 for the year.

Depending on the insurance company and what rates are available at the time will determine what rate a female will receive. They say that females will have lower rates than a male driver, This is due to the risk factor that men typically tend to be more risk takers while driving on the road.

So to maintain cheaper rates, it is wise to ensure that you do not get any tickets or violations that would increase your rates.

Average CostCarrier
$136Bristol West
$137The General
$139Acceptance RTR
$139Mendota Ins. Company
$152National General
$154Progressive Insurance
$16521st Century
$171State Auto
$186Liberty Mutual
$205American Family
$210State Farm

Typical Alabama Liability Auto Insurance Rates for Male Drivers

Liability insurance for males tend to be typically higher for liability and full coverage.

Statistically, male drivers under the age of 25 years old are involved in more auto accidents than females. This will increase liability insurance rates in the state of Alabama.

Whether female or male, always shop your rates to ensure you are finding the cheapest coverage out there for your auto insurance.

Below are some averages for the insurance companies out there for male drivers in the state of Alabama.

Average CostCarrier
$15221st Century
$162The General
$163Assurance America
$184Acceptance RTR
$190Mendota Ins. Company
$191National General
$192Progressive Insurance
$192State Farm
$194Bristol West
$196Liberty Mutual
$228State Auto
$240American Family

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