Travelers Renters Insurance Denver Colorado- 3 levels?

renters insurance levels

Travelers Renters Insurance Denver Colorado-Travelers Renters Insurance Just Got Better

When you purchase a renters policy with Travelers there are different levels of additional coverage made available to you.  There is a business property coverage automatically included in each coverage level offered.

The Base Level

The base level is automatically included with each renters policy and is called the Travelers Protect coverage. The amounts that are covered are as follows: $3,000 for property kept on premises and $1,500 away from the premises. For example: if the client is a HVAC tech at a job and his tools were stolen the amount for away from the premises would come into play.

Protect Plus

The next level of renters coverage is called the Protect plus option. This coverage goes up to $10,000 for property kept on the premises, and 5,000 away from premises.

Protect Premier

The last level of renters coverage is called the Protect Premier option. This level offers $15,000 kept on the premises and $5,000 away from premises. 

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