National General Insurance

National General Insurance

National General Insurance

National General Insurance was founded in 1925 by General Motors offering Property and Casualty Insurance products. GM dealers offered this Insurance coverage to customer’s financing vehicles from GM. National General Insurance is known as a high-risk Insurance company, offering affordable pricing to customers who may have accidents and/or violations on their driving record.

National General Insurance – Now owned by Allstate

In 2020, Allstate purchased National General Insurance for $4 Billion. It keeps the name of National General, but is a sister company of Allstate. Some products offered by this Insurance company include:

Auto Insurance, RV Insurance, Home Insurance, Small Business Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Mexico Insurance, Health Insurance, and Classic Car/Collector Insurance

Discounts Available

Discounts will help you save on your car Insurance premium. National General Insurance offers several discounts, including; paperless discount, auto pay discount, pay in full discount, married discount and safe driver discount.

Another discount available is Dynamic Driver Discount, which is a way to personalize your Insurance premium to give driver’s a cheaper rate. Insurance companies rate premiums based on many factors, but other drivers/accidents in the are being one of the factors. These driving programs help personalize your car insurance rates so you are paying a premium based on your driving abilities, not others.

What is Dynamic Drive?

DynamicDrive immediately gives customers a participation discount of up to 10% o their personal auto premium.

By downloading the DynamicDrive app (available to Apple and Android devices), the app with automatically capture information regarding phone handling, speeding, and sudden braking.

Customers who do well driving with the DynamicDrive app, and practice safe driving, can earn up to 20% off of their premium at the renewal.

Last Updated on June 21, 2022 by Veronica Moss