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Whether you are wondering what west virgnia liability insurance covers , how to get insurance when you are considered a high-risk driver, wondering the state required coverage limits, the difference between liability insurance and non-owners broadform. A Plus Insurance is here to make finding the cheapest Oregon liability insurance easy for you.  

Minimum Liability Requirements for West Virginia

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What is west virginia liability insurance?

What is west virginia liability insurance?

cheap west virginia car insurance
2022 Cheap West Virginia car insurance

When shopping around looking for liability insurance it’s great to keep in mind the liability limits to drive legally and is West Virginia a no fault state.

Liability insurance is the coverage in any case you are in an accident and are needing to pay for two components such as bodily injury and property damage.

Bodily injury covers medical bills, lost wages from being out of work, and pain and suffering for the aftermath of the collision while bodily injury per accident pays for injury coverage by each accident.

While property damage coverage is responsible for vehicle and property damage, cleanup costs, and court costs if you are being sued.

Also, when looking into car insurance it’s great to remember what situations will not be covered by liability insurance that include damages to your own vehicle regardless if you are at fault of the accident or not, medical payments or property damage that exceed your maximum limit, and any injuries you or your passenger sustain after the accident.

Furthermore if you are interested in having said coverage you would need to obtain collision and medical expenses, and it will not cover medical payments or property damage if you are not the one at fault as well.

There are also coverages that are optional that you could obtain to have more limits and more protection such as personal injury protection which cover medical payments for you and your passenger if you sustain injuries in the incident and could potentially help pay for any lost money with you being out of work because of your injuries.

Collision coverage which pays for the damages that your car sustains in the accident especially if you are at fault in the incident. It also covers you if you crash into objects such as trees, a wall, or a house.

While comprehensive coverage pays for repairs or replacements that your car undergoes that isn’t related to a collision which include hail damage, an object hits your vehicle, flood damage, and vandalism. This coverage is also good for broken glass on vehicles or stolen vehicles.    

Cheap west virginia car insurance rates

The General$82
Mendota Ins. Company$85
Progressive Insurance$92
National General$106
Acceptance RTR$107
Bristol West$112

State required coverage limits for cheap West Virginia car insurance

When looking into liability insurance it is important to remember what your state liability limits are in your state and what each limit exactly covers.

In West Virginia the limits are twenty five thousand in bodily injury coverage per person, fifty thousand in bodily injury per accident, and twenty five thousand property damage per accident.

SR22 Insurance and Liability Insurance

sr22 insurance texas
2022 Cheap West Virginia car insurance

When it comes to getting insurance with frequent violations, a record with DUI, involved in an at fault accident, or seen driving with a revoked or suspended license it can be quite difficult trying to find an insurance company that would want to insure a client with a high-risk record.

However don’t lose all hope there are ways to get insurance even with such a record by obtaining a SR22.

A sr22 is not an actual separate policy that you get with your insurance company but rather a form that you attach to your insurance to show that you have enough insurance.

This sr22 is attached to liability insurance policy to cover the minimum requirements such as bodily injury and property damage however this will not cover any injuries that you sustain on your body or on your vehicle.

When you are in such situations the DMV will typically suspend your license until you get an SR22 on your insurance policy so it’s very important to do so if you’re wanting to keep your license.

  One of the most popular forms is the non-owners insurance which is responsible for keeping drivers insured who do not own a vehicle and typically drives another person’s car or using a rented car.

The only downside of the non-owners form is that not all insurance companies offer this coverage so it can be very hard to find a carrier to insure you since you are considered high-risk. 

Cheap SR22 rates for West Virginia

National General$96
Mendota Ins. Company$102
Progressive Insurance$103
The General$110

Cheap West Virginia car insurance and Non-Owners Broadform Rates

Progressive Insurance$81
The General$115
Mendota Ins. Company$137
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Cheap West Virginia car insurance for good credit?

credit score and auto insurance
2022 Cheap West Virginia car insurance

One of the most important key components to insurance is whether or not you have good credit. A credit score can definitely determine your premium for your insurance policy and can also benefit you by obtaining some discounts from that.

A credit score is a certain number representing a person’s reliability on paying back loans, the amount of open accounts they have, repayment history, and the amount of debt one has.

When deciding on whether or not an insurance company wants to have you as a client or not it’s very important for the carrier to check your credit score because it can display how consistent the client is on paying back what is due.

When a client has bad credit it can raise their insurance premium tremendously and can potentially make their downpayment a lot higher since they are considered a high risk driver. 

West Virginia liability insurance rates for good credit

National General$131
Acceptance RTR$147
The General$153
Progressive Insurance$154
west virginia liability insurance

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