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Michigan Liability Insurance
Michigan Liability Insurance
How to get the BEST Auto Rates!

Michigan Liability Insurance

Minimum Liability Requirements: 50/100/10

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Why Have Liability only Car Insurance?

Liability only car insurance means you are paying for only the bare minimum necessary to cover another person’s property damage and personal property if YOU are at fault. Many people will consider only the minimum coverage if paying for full coverage is too expensive.

Understanding Michigan Liability Insurance Laws and Regulations

Before purchasing any type of insurance, you must make sure you are in compliance with the state laws. Even if this makes your insurance more costly than you would like, the costs for penalties and fines are even worse.

Michigan Insurance Laws and Regulations mandate that all drivers must purchase Personal Injury Protection of at least $250,000 ($50,000 for medicaid recipients), as it is considered a “no fault” state for car insurance.

This means that each person’s insurance will pay for their own medical expenses and other items like lost wages with their own insurance, regardless of who was at fault. They must also have the minimum liability limits of:

$50,000 coverage for bodily injury per person

$100,000 coverage for bodily injury per accident

$10,000 coverage for property damage

Insurance Rating Factors

If you heard that your neighbor John Doe just purchased insurance and only pays monthly payments of $35…chances are that will not be the same with you. Insurance premiums are based on various rating factors which cause rates to be much different from person to person. Take a look at some potential rating factors that might affect your Michigan liability insurance:

Auto Insurance Rating FactorRate Impact
Major Violations (DUI,DWI,etc)High
vehicle performance (symbol)Medium
vehicle safety featuresMedium
Marital StatusMedium
Vehicle Make and ModelMedium
Color of carnone
Costs for Liability Insurance in Michigan will vary depending on the status of the above rating factors

Cheapest Michigan Liability Insurance with Good Credit

Credit is an extremely important rating factor when an insurance company determines your rates.

When an agent writes you an insurance policy, they must first do a soft credit pull to determine your credit history. If your credit score is above 670, it’s considered a good score, and anything above 740 is even better.

When your credit score is good, your rates will be MUCH lower than someone who has a poor credit history.

Take a look at some sample rates when your credit is good vs. when you have bad credit:

Auto Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Rate with Good CreditAverage Monthly Rate with Bad Credit
National General$128$193
The General$141$178
Mendota Ins. Company$145$189
Acceptance RTR$149$156
21st Century$150$153
Bristol West$159$183
American Family$166$190
Progressive Insurance$169$199

Cheapest Liability Insurance in Michigan with Bundling Discounts

Whether you rent or own your home, you most likely need renters insurance or home owners insurance.

If you have either of these two products, consider making sure they are bundled with your Michigan liability insurance, as bundle discounts are another great way to save you on your monthly costs.

Auto Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Cost of Home and Auto
Progressive Insurance$136
The General$137
Acceptance RTR$138
Mendota Ins. Company$142
National General$152
Liberty Mutual$160
21st Century$164
Bristol West$166
American Family$169

Best Michigan Liability Insurance Rates for Male Drivers

Male drivers, especially young male drivers can usually expect to pay more on auto insurance than female drivers.

While this can be distressing to those male drivers out there, when you purchase Michigan liability insurance only, as opposed to full coverage, this could be a great way to pay less on your monthly installments.

Auto Insurance CompanyAvg Liability Only for Male Drivers
Acceptance RTR$155
Progressive Insurance$161
The General$164
Bristol West$171
Mendota Ins. Company$179
National General$181
21st Century$184
State Farm$196

Best Michigan Liability Insurance Rates with SR22

Does SR22 insurance cost a lot?

People often panic when they find out they must carry an SR22. However the monthly rates might not be as bad as you fear. Take a look at some liability only rates we have found drivers in need of an SR22.

Just make sure you are following all Michigan insurance laws and regulations.

Michigan Liability Insurance Sr22
SR22 Insurance in Michigan
Auto Insurance CompanyAvg Liability Only with SR22 Cost
Mendota Ins. Company$90
The General$107
National General$109
Progressive Insurance$113
Acceptance RTR$117
American Family$121
State Farm$122

Least Expensive Michigan Liability Insurance with DUIs, Accidents, and Violations

As mentioned above, an SR22 policy with liability insurance in Michigan might not be as costly as one thinks.

However, if you have multiple violations, points, at-fault accidents, etc…your insurance premiums will skyrocket. There is nothing the insurance agent can do to change your record. But over time, the violations will fall off, and your policy rates will decrease.

The following figures are some of the rates you can HOPE to get best case scenario, if you have a bad driving history. The best way to get these rates, is by asking your agent about liability only insurance. Otherwise, your monthly rates could even be in the thousands.

Insurance CompanyLow End of Avg. Monthly Rates
Bristol West$156
National General$170
Acceptance RTR$172
Mendota Ins. Company$188
Progressive Insurance$189
21st Century$190
The General$190
State Farm$198

What You Might Pay for Michigan Liability Insurance

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Michigan Liability Insurance
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