Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Motorcycle Insurance In Florida
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Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Experiencing the sunshine State on the back of a motorcycle? Call us for your motorcycle insurance and we will get you on the road to adventure CHEAP and EASY!

We also Insure your Toys! Ask about Campers, ATV’s, and Accessories!

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Motorcycle Insurance in Florida: State Requirements

Funny enough Florida is the only State in the Country that does not require you to have motorcycle insurance. So why purchase insurance for your motorcycle?

Reason One

Motorcycle Insurance can help you cover the financial cost of an accident. Your auto coverage does not cover your bike! Spring for Liability Only Insurance!

Reason Two

You are making payments on a new bike, which may require a Full Coverage policy from the lienholder. Comprehensive and Collision Coverage is cheap for a bike!

Reason Three

13% of Americans drive without insurance. Florida is the leader in this statistic. Thus, even if the accident isn’t your fault you still may be stuck with the bill. Add Uninsured motorist coverage to you policy!

Cost for Motorcycle Insurance in Florida: Full Coverage

What is full coverage? 

Simply put, it is opting for comprehensive and collision coverage on YOUR bike. 

Normal liability insurance is required to legally drive on the road, but it covers the damages you may inflict on others.

Full Coverage however is not required. These must be opted into, along with a deductible chosen.

When would you need this type of insurance? The key is to consider the financial loss that damage to your motorcycle could cause. So for your motorcycle insurance in Florida, you may opt for full coverage if your bike is classic or custom or even worth more than $5,000.

City In FloridaAverage Monthly Cost
Pembroke Pines$219
The Hammocks$199
St. Cloud$237
Palm Harbor$237
Port Orange$196
Port Charlotte$216
Cape Coral$231
Palm Bay$206
Delray Beach$229
Fort Myers$227
West Palm Beach$229
Fort Lauderdale$193
Boynton Beach$189
Lehigh Acres$189
St. Petersburg$221
Kendale Lakes$216
Pine Hills$192
Boca Raton$240
Miami Beach$212
North Port$221
Coral Springs$197
Miami Gardens$217
Deerfield Beach$194

Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance in Florida by City

Let’s say that all you need is the basic liability insurance. Great! This can potentially mean that you will get the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Florida!  Liability only insurance is not as basic as it may sound. If you were at-fault in a motorcycle accident the entire financial burden would not fall on you.

City in FloridaAverage Liability Only Monthly Rates
Palm Coast$108.00
St. Cloud$116.00
Palm Beach Gardens$131.00
Deerfield Beach$116.00
Delray Beach$123.00
Lehigh Acres$133.00
Port Orange$114.00
Pompano Beach$115.00
Miami Beach$98.00
Fort Lauderdale$130.00
Bonita Springs$130.00
Port St. Lucie$108.00
Fort Myers$119.00
North Miami$108.00
Town ‘n’ Country$132.00
Port Charlotte$123.00
Boynton Beach$114.00
Wesley Chapel$134.00
Kendale Lakes$96.00
St. Petersburg$96.00
North Port$106.00
Pembroke Pines$126.00
The Villages$105.00
Miami Gardens$114.00
West Palm Beach$121.00
Pine Hills$130.00
Coral Springs$123.00
Spring Hill$98.00
The Hammocks$101.00
Palm Harbor$108.00

Motorcycle Insurance in Florida: Laws You Need to Know

Each State varies in their approach to protecting drivers on their roads. For Florida the laws pertaining to a motorcycle operator are slightly stricter due to the dense population of Florida.

Due to this fact there are certain laws that are directly impacted by whether you have insurance or not, what your age is and other factors.

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2022 Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Lane Splitting

Lane Splitting is prohibited in Florida, motorists can not pass another motorists in the same lane. This protects both the rider and the driver from an accidental collision.

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2022 Motorcycle Insurance in Florida


A rider may choose not to wear a helmet if they are over 21 and have an insurance policy that includes Medical Payments of atleast $10,000. If you are under 21, you must wear a helmet.

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2022 Motorcycle Insurance in Florida


It is illegal to operate a vehicle while wearing an listening device except for hearing aids.

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2022 Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Exhaust System

No after factory modifications are prohibited in connection with Exhaust systems and the noise they produce.

Motorcycle Insurance in Florida: Potential Discounts

Discounts for your motorcycle insurance in Florida do exist! A key element in this is bundling!

Do you already have insurance for your car or home?

Simply add motorcycle coverage to your existing policy, you’ll receive a new rate with the motorcycle added on. And at a bundled rate. Now that is a bundle of joy.

Discount Opportunities
EFT Discount
HOG Discount
PIF Discount
Multi Lines Discount
Operators Safety Course
Homeownership Discount
Married discount
MC Endorsement on License
Operator’s Education Course
Anti lock brakes
prompt payment
vehicle usage & Mileage
Years of riding experience
LoJack device
Garaged or locked storage
education discount
Motorcycle Rider Group Discount
approved safety course
advanced quote
Responsible driver
Continuous Insurance Discount
association membership
multi policy

Motorcycle Insurance in Florida: Safety Tips

Operating a Motorcycle can be dangerous if the rider and other motorists do not obey safety laws…many of which can help the driver of a motorcycle to make themselves known while on the road, yet not distract other drivers. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Wallflowers sang about driving home with ‘one headlight’, well when driving a motorcycle one must keep headlights on at all times.
  • Turn signals are also a required feature to make your intentions on the road clear. In fact every motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer are required to utilize electric turn signal lamps.
  • There is a range of personal protective gear that a rider can equip to create a barrier between them and serious or fatal injury. For example if you are under 21 (sorry 20 year-olds, chin up) and are a rider you must wear a helmet. If you are over 21 and have a medical benefits insurance policy providing at least $10,000 for injuries incurred as a result of a crash while operating a motorcycle, then you are free to cruise without getting helmet hair. You’ll just have wind swept hair… unless you gel.
  • Riding laws is a whole other category… listing things like Lane Splitting, riding between lanes, drag racing, and stunts. All of which are illegal in Florida.

Coverage options for motorcycle insurance in in Florida

Much like building a Hamburger of your choice at Chee Burger Chee Burger, when it comes to insurance the choices are yours with what comes with it.

Every Policy coverage begins with liability which covers damages you may inflict on others and their property in the case of an accident.

From there you can choose to add Full Coverage, which is opting for Comprehensive and Collision on your motorcycle. This covers damages to your bike in the case of an accident.

Finally there are the add-ons like Medical Payments which covers injuries for you and passengers. 

Another optional is rental or roadside. Perhaps your vehicle is damaged, this covers towing that will transport the undrivable bike to your home or repair shop.

Rental coverage will pay for your temporary wheels up to a certain amount while the bike is being repaired.

There are many options, you must choose the best options for your situation.

Which companies offers Motorcycle insurance

I’ll keep this one simple: Progressive, Allstate, Geico, and Dairyland

Because this one was so easy to answer, I thought I’d create a poem for your entertainment.

Sitting with an ice cream colored green like a Geico gecho,

I enjoyed each minty Progressive lick that I couldn’t let go,

As the Dairyland in my cone became a memories echo,

something something Allstate.

Thank You.

Motorcycle Insurance in Florida: How do you get a motorcycle license?

To operate a motorcycle in Florida one must be licensed to drive one. The process begins with something you already have and that is a drivers license.

In the State of Florida to gain legal right to operate a bike you must add it by endorsement on your license.

Step 1: Get to the DMV (Bring a tissue because you are going to be bored to tears)

Step 2: Take the written examination on operating a motorcycle. (Handbooks are free prior to taking test)

Step 3: Celebrate, KIDDING! You’re not done yet, graduate! You’ll get a permit good for 60 days!

Step 4: Within those 60 days you must take a driving test to demonstrate your mad skills playa!

Step 5: Highway to the Danger Zone!

Or…. you can get the endorsement by taking a Florida sanctioned motorcycle rider’s safety class.

NOTE: Not all DMVs offer this course. Call around your area for the nearest one.

Motorcycle Insurance in Florida: How to get a Free Quote

Not all quotes are created equal my great grand uncle would say over a campfire. I miss you uncle…

Quotes can range for a myriad of different reasons. For example, they differ based on the city you live in-the denser a location the higher the cost. Also, an antique motorcycle would cost more to replace than another make and model. A driver’s record has an impact on the quote. Give us a call and we’ll work together to get you a quote that’ll work!

Rating factors for Motorcycle insurance in Florida

As discussed throughout, there are many rating factors that influence the final quote you’ll receive. It’s all about risk. Are you a risk to the insurance carriers, is the question that is asked through all the data you give during a quote.

Is your credit good? Better rate. Do you have a clean driving history? Better rate. Are you married? Better rate. Are you a child? Not as good of a rate. Do you have multiple moving violations within the last 3 to 5 years? Not the greatest rate. Have you been convicted of a dui/dwi? High. Very high rates.

The great thing is a lot of these rating factors can be improved. Take a defensive driving course, maintain in-force credit without lapses, improve your credit, get married, umm.. Age.

Insurance Rating Factors
riding frequency
occupation. Credit
rider age
year make model)
rider experience
education level
marital status

Motorcycle Insurance in Florida: FAQs

1.  Does a motorcycle require insurance in Florida?

NOPE. Roll Tide! 

You may still choose to get insured to protect yourself from hefty liability costs.

2.  How much does it cost to insure a motorcycle in Florida?

Truly the answer depends on the coverages you choose. Considering the possible damage a motorcycle could do to another motor vehicle the price is competitive.

3.  How much motorcycle insurance do I need in Florida?

Technically none. But start with Liability only to cover damages you may cause to others. If you can cover the cost of your motorcycle if totaled in an accident, skip Full Coverage.

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