Auto insurance Discounts

Auto insurance Discounts For Your Auto Policy

Auto insurance Discounts-There are lots of discounts you can get on your auto insurance! Below, lets go over each possible discounts..

  • Defensive Driving- This is going to give drivers a 10-15% discount on their coverages. They can get this discount by taking the defensive driving classes. This class teaches basics on driving and how to become a safer driver.
  • Accident Free- This is as said, if you have been without an accident for 3-5 years you will qualify for a discount! It is usually automatically applied when you sign up.
  • Safe Driver- This discount is for drivers that have great driving habits. It is monitored by plug ins or snapshots that the insurance carrier provides to the driver. They look for things like, having everyone in their vehicle wearing seatbelts, has good driving speeds and non-aggressive braking. This can be 10% or even higher of a discount.
  • Low Mileage- This discount can be if you do not use your car a lot. When you get a quote, you will sometimes be asked your mileage, and if its less than 7,500, you can get some great discounts!
  • Good Student- Some insurance carriers will give you a 5-25% discount for rewarding you as a student! You do have to be a fulltime student and maintain a B average.
  • Military – If you are a past or present Federal or military government employee, you can get a 8-15% discount. Every carrier is different in what they offer and how they offer it.
  • Senior- This will apply to the drivers that are above the age of 55. This discount can be a 5-10% discount.
  • Homeowner- This is usually applied to the coverage premium. Some carriers will even give the discount even if you did not purchase the home insurance with them.
  • Bundling or Multi-policy- This can be up to a 25% discount! This will be when you bundle your home and car, or have multiple cars on the same policy.
  • Paid In Full- This can be a 5-10% discount if you decide to pay for your 6 month or annual premium up front.
  • E-Bill- This discount isn’t the most common, but it can save you about $30. This is just when you set up your auto payments on EFT. Anything that will keep from sending paper bills.
  • Loyalty- A lot of insurance carriers will offer loyalty discounts, because they want to keep their faithful customers. This doesn’t usually come in a percentage form, but some do have loyalty programs that help save in the long run.
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Auto insurance Discounts

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