How Do Auto Insurance Claims Work?

Are you an insured driver,  young driver and just got into an accident? I’m sure you have lots of questions and need to know what happens next. Let us help you. After an accident, you will need to file a claim with your auto insurance. Here is some information that will help you walk through filing a claim.

  • First things first, figure out if a claim is worth filing with your insurance. Rule of thumb, is if the cost of damage is less than the rate increase that you will encounter, just don’t use your insurance coverage.
  • A claim is filed by a policyholder to your insurance company, you are essentially asking for compensation for the loss or damage done to your vehicle.
  • If you decide to file that claim, an adjuster from your insurance will reach out to you. Be prepared to fill out paperwork and answers questions during the claims process. The adjuster will be trying to get all the details. They will then tell you what all is covered and how much.
  • Once the claim has been approved your insurance will issues payments to you or the other party on behalf of you. Usually states require insurers to pay the claims within 30 to 45 days. It does take a couple of weeks to get the claim processed and approved.
  • A lot of people wonder if you can just keep the money that you get from the claim. IF your policy and your states laws allow you to, then you can keep it. If the damage done to your car is just cosmetic, then you may want to just use it on other repairs.
  • Just know that when you file a claim, your insurance premiums will go up for 3-5 years. How much it goes up all depends on which kind of claim and the amount paid out, your auto company, claims history and if you have accident forgiveness or not.
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