Auto Insurance in Limon, CO


What You Should Know About Buying

If you live in the Limon, CO area, and you are seeking out car insurance, there are certainly some things that you should be aware. One of your responsibilities, as a car owner, is to make sure that your car is insured. It is important to have a policy that fits both your budget and your needs. Auto accidents happen when you least expect it.  A policy will help reduce the cost of damage that you may cause to others or even damage caused to you depending upon which coverage options you elect to have.

Multiple Types of Car Insurance Policies are Available In Limon, CO

Researching auto Insurance in Limon, CO can be confusing and stressful, If you aren’t familiar with the industry. Fortunately, the stress and confusion can be reduced by talking to an agent.  You will find that most companies will offer a variety of different plans.  Comparing and contrasting these options will help you figure out the right policy for you. There are many various types of insurance in Limon available. Those range from just liability to full coverage including comprehensive and collision. Other typical options you can purchase for an autopolicy in Limon, CO includes uninsured motorist bodily injury protection, medical payments, roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. By understanding what these cover, you will be better prepared to shop for car insurance in Limon.

Liability Insurance In Eastern Colorado

Colorado state law requires all drivers to obtain liability insurance if they are operating a vehicle on the road.  Liability simply covers other drivers from any damage that you may cause to them if you are found to be at fault in an accident. There are different levels of liability insurance that a person can purchase, but all policies must meet at least the state minimum limits set by Colorado.


Another car coverage that Limon drivers may need is collision insurance. This is insurance that will cover costs that come from any collision with other vehicles, collisions with stationary objects, or any vehicle rollover. Collision is usually associated as part of full coverage and will have a deductible assigned.  If you do have a claim with Mendota Click here

Comprehensive Insurance

A comprehensive insurance policy can be used for anything not covered by collision. This will come into play when your vehicle is damaged due to storms, theft, fire, glass, etc.  Comprehensive is also generally associated with full coverage and will have a deductible assigned.

Uninsured Driver

Finally, uninsured driver coverage will come into play when you are involved in an accident with another driver who is uninsured. This is insurance that will cover your costs, but not theirs.  Uninsured motorist insurance comes in two parts.  The first is uninsured motorist bodily injury protection, and the second is uninsured motorist property damage protection.

As you can see, car insurance doesn’t need to be complicated. Looking at it more simply can help you decide what policy might be right for you, and which coverage you might not need. To find out more about the type of coverage you need by law, reach out to a reputable insurance agent. A Plus is an independent broker with fast, friendly, knowledgeable agents who can assist you with your insurance needs.  Please contact us today via phone or online. We serve Limon, CO, and surrounding areas.