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You should always buy car insurance with A Plus Insurance. Moving to Columbia, South Carolina? Are you buying a house in Richland county? Are you Purchasing a new car off Interstate 26? Or are YOU SIMPLY PAYING TOO MUCH FOR INSURANCE? Weather you are needing car, home, boat, and motorcycle insurance we are happy to help you get an cheap insurance quote as fast as possible. You can avoid the hassle of long wait time to speak with a LIVE agent. Or if you are even tired of talk with agents all day log looking for a quote, click here to chat with one of our agent completely online.

Cheap Car Insurance In South Carolina

What is cheap car insurance? That’s easy! Paying less than what you current car insurance rates are right now. The question is HOW? You know the answer it is simply shopping around. Did you hear that? That voice in your head that gave that spoke the most boring voice – “shopping around”. Yes, we know shopping for insurance is not the thing you go on vacation for. But we know Columbia Drivers have to have insurance in South Carolina. That exactly where we at A Plus Insurance come in. We Are your one-stop-shop for all of your auto insurance needs. We work with multiple carriers such as Progressive, Dairyland, Assurance America, Bristol West, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and more! You can get a quote with anyone of these carriers. Call one of our live agents today!

One of the many mistakes we see when folks call us for an insurance quote is they simply do not know what coverage they have. Yes car insurance does keep South Carolina Drivers Legal, but the whole goal of insurance is to protect you. Insurance protects you from what you could be potential liable for.

For example, lets say you are driving you vehicle down interstate 20. The rain is abnormally hard. You find yourself loosing control of your vehicle hitting one car with 3 passengers and damaging the guard rail. The local police state that it is your fault. South Carolina state minimum insurance requirements is $25,000 per a person for Bodily injury, $50,000 Maximum per an Accident, and $25,000 for property damage. Due to the accident you caused $65,000 of bodily injuries and $35,000 of property damage. If you have state minimum requirements 25/50/25, what will happen? Since you are liable for the damages and to injuries to the people in the other car, you could be responsible for the remaining amount that your insurance did not pay out. Meaning you would have to pay the $15,000 of Bodily injuries and the $10,000 of property damages out of your own pocket.

What if you had increased liability limits on you policy, like 50/100/50? You, my friend, would be covered. What amazing is that to increase the liability limits to your car insurance policy could only cost you $20-$50 extra over the course of 6 months. What a life save that can be! Remember you can always get quote with one of our agents.

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