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Sr-22 Insurance Colorado Springs

An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility.

Sr-22 Insurance Colorado Springs

You may not understand what this means for you exactly.

Sr-22 Insurance Colorado Springs

There is a common misconception that SR-22 Insurance is expensive!


Understanding SR-22 Insurance Colorado Springs. An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that some individuals are required to obtain to reinstate their driving privileges after certain driving-related offenses or violations. It’s not an insurance policy itself, but rather a form that demonstrates to the relevant authorities that the individual has the necessary auto insurance coverage as mandated by law.

Individuals might be required to obtain an SR-22 if they have been convicted of serious traffic offenses, such as driving under the influence (DUI) or reckless driving. The SR-22 is typically issued by an insurance company and filed with the appropriate state agency. It serves as a way for the state to ensure that the individual carries the required insurance coverage and is financially responsible in case of future accidents or violations.


People may need an SR-22 for various reasons, primarily involving serious driving-related offenses or violations that indicate a higher level of risk to insurers and authorities. Some common reasons why someone might need an SR-22 include:

  • DUI or DWI Convictions: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) convictions often lead to SR-22 requirements. These offenses involve operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Reckless Driving: Reckless driving, which typically involves willful and dangerous disregard for traffic laws or the safety of others on the road, can trigger an SR-22 requirement.
  • Driving Without Insurance: If someone is caught driving without the required auto insurance coverage, they might be mandated to get an SR-22 as a way to demonstrate financial responsibility.
  • Multiple Traffic Offenses: Accumulating a series of serious traffic violations within a short period could result in an SR-22 requirement. This might include offenses like speeding, running red lights, or causing accidents.
  • Accidents Without Insurance: If a person is involved in an accident and does not have the necessary insurance coverage, they might be required to obtain an SR-22 to prove their financial responsibility for future incidents.
  • Driving with a Suspended License: Operating a vehicle while your driver’s license is suspended or revoked can lead to an SR-22 requirement, often as part of the process to reinstate your driving privileges.
  • Driving as an Uninsured Motorist: In some cases, individuals who are caught driving without valid insurance coverage might need to obtain an SR-22 to demonstrate their ability to meet insurance requirements moving forward.


There are several different types of Insurance policies offered, depending on the State you are required to obtain SR-22 Insurance Colorado Springs and the driver’s circumstances. Drivers who may not be operating a vehicle (whether their license is suspended, or they do not own a vehicle), will still need to carry SR-22 Insurance Colorado Springs to comply with the State. The following policies are available, consult with an Agent to find the best fit for you, especially when it comes to SR-22 Insurance Colorado Springs.

Non-Owner’s Policy (Operator-Only Policy): A non-owners policy is for individuals who do not own a vehicle but still need to meet SR-22 requirements. It provides liability coverage when the individual drives a vehicle they do not own. This type of policy is common for those who frequently borrow or rent vehicles.

Broadform Policy: This type of policy is typically designed for individuals who need insurance, but may or may not own a vehicle. The Insurance follows the driver in any personal passenger vehicle, regardless of ownership. It covers the driver for Liability Only if driving an owned vehicle, or borrowing a vehicle.

Standard Auto Policy: This policy insures a vehicle, along with a driver(s) listed on the policy as an operator. An SR-22 filing may be attached to this policy if the company allows it. Some Insurance companies do not offer SR-22 filings, but it is still possible to add an SR-22 to an auto policy if you contact the right company.


There is a common misconception that SR-22 Insurance is expensive! However, it is not the SR-22 that makes the insurance cost expensive, it is the violation that was received, NOT the SR-22. Most companies charge a small fee of $0-$25 for the SR-22 filing, over the course of the entire insurance term. That means you’re paying an average of only $25 for the SR-22, not hundreds. So why did your insurance premium skyrocket? The severity of the violation determines the increase in premium on your Insurance policy.

Driving RecordAnnual Premium IncreaseMonthly Increase
Reckless Driving$587$49
At-Fault Accident$690$57


In our YouTube video titled “What Is SR-22 Insurance,” I dive deep into the intricacies of SR-22 Insurance Colorado Springs. SR-22 Insurance is a critical topic for drivers in Colorado Springs and beyond, as it’s often required by the state for those who have committed certain traffic violations. This video provides valuable insights into the significance of SR-22 Insurance, how it functions, and why it’s essential for individuals facing specific legal requirements. By watching this video, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of SR-22 Insurance and how it impacts drivers in this area.


Aside from the potential increase in premium on your Auto policy, or having to obtain a Broadform/Non-Owners policy to comply with the SR-22 filing, there are several other negative impacts that this will have on you.

  • Filing Fees: Most companies charge a filing fee of $0-$25 for the SR-22 for the policy term, whether that is a 6-month or 12-month term.
  • Policy Cancellation: If you have Insurance with an Insurance company and are suddenly required to obtain an SR-22, you could face the possibility of a canceled policy. Since some companies will not insure ‘high-risk’ drivers, you may be forced to search for insurance elsewhere if your company does not offer SR-22 Insurance Colorado Springs.
  • Length of SR-22 Filing Required: Obtaining SR-22 Insurance for a month, and cancelling will not fix your problems. The DMV will decide, based on the type of violation and other factors, the length of time you must carry the SR-22 filing. In most cases, it can range from 1 to 3 years. In more serious cases, you may be looking at up to 5 years. This means that your SR-22 must stay active for that entire time, if the SR-22 ever cancels, or lapses, you may have to RESTART your time all over.


You’ve just been notified by the DMV that you must obtain SR-22 Insurance. You may not understand what this means for you exactly. Our advice, speak to a professional to allow them to help navigate through this difficult time. We are here to make it easy on you.

Step 1: Find an Insurance company that provides coverage for SR-22 Insurance Colorado Springs. If you have a current auto policy, check with your provider first to see if they can offer you an SR-22.

Step 2: If you do not have Insurance currently, or your Insurance provider does not offer SR-22, or the prices are too high – Secure a policy that meets the State Minimum Liability Requirements or higher if needed.

Step 3: Once you have purchased your policy, Non-Owners, Broad form, or Standard Auto policy, ask your insurance agent to file the SR-22 certificate with the DMV and provide you with a copy for your records.

Step 4: The filing usually takes a few business days for the State to obtain it, check with the DMV to make sure they have received the SR-22 (Financial Responsibility Filing), and pay any necessary fines to the DMV

Step 5: Make sure to keep the SR-22 filing active for the required amount of time. Avoid ANY lapses or late payments on your insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About SR-22 Insurance in Colorado Springs

Q1: What is SR-22 insurance, and when is it required in Colorado Springs?

A1: SR-22 insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility required in Colorado Springs for individuals who have been involved in certain traffic violations or offenses. It’s often required after DUI convictions, driving without insurance, or multiple traffic violations.

Q2: How can I obtain SR-22 insurance in Colorado Springs?

A2: To obtain SR-22 insurance in Colorado Springs, you’ll need to contact an insurance provider that offers this type of coverage. They will file the SR-22 form with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on your behalf. Make sure to have the necessary documentation and payment ready when applying for SR-22 insurance.

Q3: How long do I need to maintain SR-22 insurance in Colorado Springs?

A3: The duration of SR-22 insurance requirements in Colorado Springs varies based on your specific circumstances and the court’s orders. It’s essential to comply with the mandated period and maintain continuous coverage. Failure to do so could result in the suspension of your driving privileges.

Finding “SR-22 Insurance Colorado Springs” is Easy with A Plus Insurance

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