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Colorado natives know driving on icy roads in Denver’s traffic can be interesting at best.  You will need an insurance professional that can guide you without gauging you.  We will help guide you to the proper company that will provide you the coverage you are looking at a reasonable price.  As independent insurance agents, we can shop several companies to find that fit.  Both owner’s of A + Insurance are Colorado natives that understand Denver’s unique situation in the insurance industry.


List of Denver’s most dangerous intersections.

  1. University Blvd. and, 1st Avenue
  2. University Blvd. and, Hampden

3.Colorado Blvd. and, Alameda

  1. Monaco Parkway and, Hampden Avenue
  2. Colorado Blvd. and, 6th Avenue
  3. Colorado Blvd. and, Hampden Avenue
  4. Colorado Blvd. and, Mexico Avenue
  5. Colorado Blvd. and, 17th Avenue

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Auto Insurance for Denver Colorado.

Many people wonder exactly what Denver auto insurance covers in the state of Colorado.  Denver residents are required to carry an active auto insurance policy that meets the state minimum guidelines set forth via Colorado.   Many people, however, do not really understand what the different terms of an insurance policy actually mean or what they actually do and do not cover. At A + Insurance, our friendly, knowledgeable staff are here to help and answer questions. We would like to take a few minutes and go over the basics on what auto insurance for Denver Colorado are.  Link for Denver transportation.Denver Car Insurance

First and foremost, Colorado is considered an at-fault state.  This means that the person who is deemed to be at fault in an accident is the person who is held liable for the damage.  Liability insurance helps protect other people from you as the driver.  The basic coverage in Colorado is typically a split limit liability policy broken down into two sections:  Liability for bodily injury, and liability for property damage.  The liability for bodily injury is also split further into two separate sections:  Bodily injury per person, and bodily injury per accident.  The state minimum liability limits for Colorado are shown in an insurance policy as 25/50/15.  Numerically speaking those number represent up to $25,000 per person in bodily injury protection, up to $50,000 per accident in bodily injury protection, and up to $15,000 in property damage protection.  For example, if you were to cause an accident and you were carrying the state minimum liability insurance limits for Denver Colorado, the insurance policy would pay up to $25,000 per person that you injure that is not in your vehicle as the driver or passenger, and would pay a maximum of $50,000 per accident if you damage multiple people for the bodily injury.  Your car insurance would also pay up to $15,000 per accident in property damage you caused to other items that do not include your vehicle.  If you cause more damage in an accident exceeding the liability limits you have set, then you would still be held liable for the damage that was not covered by the insurance policy that you have set in force.  For this reason, you may elect to spend a little bit more and choose a policy that has increased limits of liability that are above the state minimum to help distance yourself from any liability you may cause in an accident.  Once you have the liability limits established on your insurance policy, then you can add additional coverage to help extend your protection while driving on the roads in Colorado.  Check out our new google plus page.

Some of these additional coverage’s include, but are not limited to, uninsured motorist bodily injury protection, uninsured motorist property damage protection, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, rental  reimbursement, roadside assistance, and lease loan payoff.

The uninsured motorist protection options will help protect you from other drivers who may hit you in an accident, they are at fault, but are not carrying an active insurance policy for Denver Colorado.  Comprehensive and collision coverage are the elements that help form what people commonly refer to as full coverage insurance.  Comprehensive will help protect the vehicle from resulting damage not caused by an accident such as theft, fire, vandalism, glass, etc.  Collision coverage is what helps protect your vehicle damage in the event of an accident – even if you are the one, who is at fault.  Comprehensive and collision coverage are usually associated with a deductible.

At A+ Insurance, we help offer advice and guidance when choosing what type of insurance best suits your needs.  Please contact one of our agents today via phone or online.  303-355-2337 or  Just as our website indicates, we are here to help and serve our clients.

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