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Auto & Car Insurance Alaska – At A Plus Auto Insurance We Offer auto insurance quotes not only to Wasilla & Anchorage residence but to the entire state of Alaska.

Just call us at (907) 268-4614.  We will shop your insurance through several different auto carriers in Alaska to help find the best rates for you.

We offer coverage in 15 states including Alaska and we have a Local insurance agent in the mat-su valley.

Living in the great state of Alaska gives you many wonderful experiences;  from seeing the abundant wildlife and enjoying the scenic views. There is nothing greater than catching your first BIG fish. With all the uniqueness that Alaska has to offer, drivers will also need to be prepared to experience different driving conditions. In the winter, and even during spring time, a driver can experience freezing rain, snow, wind and snow blindness.  During the summer and fall, the sun causes blindness whether directing driving into it or having it reflected in your mirrors.  Wildlife is a tremendous factor for today’s motorists as well.   And this wildlife is not limited to your typical cats, dogs, and squirrels that may jump out in front of your car, but we have the big boys too;  moose, caribou, and possibly a bear or two you may see on your drive home!  Driving in Alaska can be gorgeous, yet treacherous at the same time.  We recommend that you take the time to review your car insurance to make sure you and your family are adequately covered. We can help you choose the right coverage for you. Please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable friendly staff at A plus auto.  We look forward to helping you with all of your questions and insurance needs.

In about 10 Min. you will have a free, no cost, no pressure quote at great rates for Auto & Car Insurance in Wasilla, Alaska.

Sign your Documents online and we provide insurance I.d. cards via email, fax, and US Mail.

Got insurance Questions? Chat with a live agent online.  This is our google plus page.

Car insurance in Anchorage AK & Wasilla AK,

and the entire state of Alaska has never been so easy. Call us for a quote at (907) 268-4614.

Sample Auto Quote Anchorage Quote.
22 Female, Anchorage 99577, driving a 2004 Nissan, no violations, and with Full coverage, and a  monthly rate at $109.

Sample auto Insurance Quote.

46 Male, Wasilla Alaska 99654, driving a 2007 Ford, with full coverage, and a monthly insurance premium $93.

Don’t let this be you….

Ron had just left the office and was walking to his car when his phone rang. He could never get enough of that Play That Funky Music ringtone. He was so caught up in listening to it that he almost forgot to answer the call.

“Hey Ron, it’s Jim Caldwell” came the voice on the other end.

“Jim who?” Ron replied.

“Caldwell, with Caldwell Insurance,” Jim said. “We talked yesterday about coverage for your Corvette.”

“Oh, yeah… that,” Ron muttered back. He didn’t care for the whole insurance thing. It was only for people who weren’t careful. “I’m a little busy now. Can I get back with you later?”

“Sure, whenever is convenient for you,” Jim said. “But don’t wait too long. This is important.”

“OK, thanks. I’ll be calling you,” Ron replied and ended the call.

He was late for his scheduled workout, so he hopped into the car and was getting ready to pop it into drive when he got a text. It was his wife.

“Big news! Tell u when u get home…” it said.

“What in the world could it be?” Ron thought, with a million things running through his mind. New couch? New hair style? Pregnant…?

He put the car into gear, hit the gas and –


Ron had put the car into reverse by accident and had backed right into his boss’s new Lexus.

If his mind wasn’t already racing with the news from his wife, it was now totally out of control. He pulled forward, put his car into park, jumped out and ran around to the back.

“Oh, no…” Ron said, staring at the smashed-in front of the Lexus. “I am so dead. Maybe I can still just take off and he’ll never — ”

Ron’s words caught in his mouth as his gaze slowly went from the bumper to the windshield to see that his boss actually sitting in the driver’s seat.

Time stood still as the door to the Lexus slowly opened and George Bickford climbed out.

“Um, hey there, Mister Bickford,” Ron managed to squeak out. “Funny to see you here… right now… getting out of your…um…car.”

“Ron!” Bickford yelled. “What in the world are you doing?!!”

Ron thought for a second. There had to be a way out of this, but his mind was blank.

“Ron,” Bickford said. “You know that you’re already on thin ice after that Williams account snafu….”

“I really didn’t know that was their CEO’s donut I was eating!” Ron snapped back.

“…and your quarterly numbers are just atrocious,” Mr. Bickford continued, his face turning red. “How are we going to handle this?”

Just then Ron’s phone rang. The caller ID said it was Jim Caldwell.

He answered the call as Bickford glared at him.

“Hey Ron, it’s Jim,” Jim said. “I hated to bug you again, but I wanted to ask you when you wanted your coverage to begin?”

“Umm…,” Ron replied. “Is five minutes ago too late?”

Discounts available:

  • Prior Proof of Coverage
  • Violation Free Discount
  • Married
  • AK Homeowner
  • Multiple Policy
  • Paperless Discount

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