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Alaska Auto Insurance: All about Liability Insurance in Alaska


Alaska Auto Insurance
Alaska Auto Insurance

Minimum Liability Requirements for Alaska

50 /100 /25

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Alaska Auto Insurance – State Minimum Requirements


In Alaska, the State requires you to carry at least 50/100/25 for your liability limit. While every State varies with their requirements, these are Alaska‘s requirements in order for drivers to be considered legal on the road.

Alaska drivers can choose to increase their liability limits for greater coverage, and even add additional State coverages, which are optional for all drivers in Alaska. If drivers add on additional coverages such as Uninsured Motorist or Medical Payments, that is still considered liability only.

Liability insurance is mandatory, and important to carry to make sure that you are covered and able to pay for any medical expenses, and property damage expenses if you were found At Fault in an accident. Without having liability insurance, you could find yourself being sued by the other person/party, and pay extensive fines to the State for driving without Insurance.

State Minimum Liability Insurance 50/100/25Required
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist BI & PD ProtectionNot Required
Medical PaymentsNot Required
Personal Injury ProtectionNot Required
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist and Medical payments are optional coverages the State of Alaska offers. If you choose to opt out of these additional coverages, you will need to sign a rejection form, otherwise the coverages will be added onto your liability insurance policy in Alaska, per law.

Alaska Auto Insurance – Will the State Minimum Limits Properly Cover Drivers?

Alaska Auto Insurance

All States require different liability limits, and Alaska’s are amongst the highest requirements in the United States. The liability limits in Alaska 50/100/25 will pay out $50,000 each person for bodily injury expenses, a total of $100,000 each accident, and up to $25,000 for property damage, in Alaska. In comparison, some States only require 10/30/10 limits, which is significantly lower! Is lower better? While having lower liability limits may be cheaper, it is NOT necessarily better.

Drivers will need to match their assets to their liability limit to ensure their insurance will properly cover the other persons in the event they are found At Fault in an automobile accident. Without having proper limits, drivers risk the chance of being sued. Since Alaska’s liability limits are amongst the highest in the entire U.S, most drivers are adequately covered. If you are a homeowner in Alaska, you may want to consider increasing your liability limit higher, to either 100/300/100 limits, or 250/500/250 limits depending on your assets.

Is Alaska a No Fault State? – Understanding Alaska Auto Insurance


While some States are a ‘No Fault State’, Alaska is NOT one of those States. This means that people who have been injured in a car accident have the right to sue and collect damages, that may have not been properly covered by the At Fault parties insurance. This is why it is so important for drivers to carry proper liability limits, in order to avoid being sued.

Alaska is considered a ‘tort’ State, which means when an accident occurs, one of the drivers will be deemed At Fault, while the other will be deemed Not At Fault. If you are the party found At Fault, your insurance is responsible for paying the other persons medical and property damage to their vehicle (only up to your liability limit). If the other party or persons are found At Fault, they are responsible for paying your bodily injury expenses, and property damage to your vehicle ( up to their liability limit).

What does all this mean? For instance, if the other driver were found At Fault, or responsible in the accident, their liability limit will cover your expenses. If they are only carrying the State Minimum limits of 50/100/25, and your vehicle is worth more than $25,000 to repair or replace, their insurance is not properly covering the damages.

Alaska Auto Insurance – Optional Coverages

While Alaska law only requires drivers to carry liability 50/100/25, some drivers may need or want to carry additional coverages for their benefit, or it may be required if they are financing a vehicle.

Full Coverage Average CostCompany
$179.00State Farm
$158.00Liberty Mutual
$171.00American Family
Average cost for Full Coverage Car Insurance in AK
Alaska Auto Insurance
Drivers may choose additional coverages such as Uninsured Motorist and Medical Payments, which is still considered liability insurance.

Drivers may need to carry full coverage on a vehicle that is being financed, which consists of Comprehensive, and Collision.

Other additional coverages that are beneficial to have on an auto insurance policy are Roadside Assistance, Rental Reimbursement, and Gap Insurance

Average Cost for Liability Insurance in Alaska

We have broken up the average cost for Liability Insurance in Alaska for a low end, meaning preferred drivers with clean driving history, and high end for drivers with violation(s), that may impact the insurance prices.

Low End Cost for LiabilityHigh End Cost for Liability

All Insurance companies are able to offer various prices for their drivers because of discounts, driving history, and their preferred business. For example, some Insurance companies specialize in ‘high risk’ drivers, and are able to offer cheaper prices for those drivers than other companies may be able to.

Some Insurance companies prefer drivers without any violations, and may give discounts for pay in full, and bundling products with their auto to get them cheaper prices.

Alaska Auto Insurance Cost for Female Drivers


Insurance prices are determined by several ‘rating factors’, one being Gender. Female drivers are proven to be safer, and result in fewer accidents. Insurance companies do not pay out as much in claims for female drivers, which in return gives females cheaper insurance prices.

Insurance prices are determined by several ‘rating factors’, one being Gender. Female drivers are proven to be safer, and result in fewer accidents. Insurance companies do not pay out as much in claims for female drivers, which in return gives females cheaper insurance prices.

Carrier Average Cost
21st Century$131
Mendota Ins. Company$133
Acceptance RTR$135
Progressive Insurance$142
National General$151
The General$156
This is the average Liability only cost for female drivers in Alaska. Do your due diligence by checking with several insurance companies to find the best Alaska Auto Insurance for the best price. At A Plus Insurance, we are able to shop several insurance providers to find you the cheapest price.

Liability Insurance in Alaska – How to maximize your discounts and lower your insurance premium

Insurance companies are able to offer a wide array of insurance discounts, even on liability only policies. There are several discounts such as paperless, auto pay discount, accident free discount, safe driver discount, bundling discount, and so many more!

It is important to check several insurance companies while looking for cheap liability insurance in Alaska, to ensure you are getting the best price and the best discounts! The more discounts you are eligible for, the more money you will save on your liability insurance policy.

Alaska Auto Insurance – Discount Calculator

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