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Everything you need to know about getting coverage for both your auto and home with Progressive!

Progressive Auto & ASI Home Insurance

Progressive does offer homeowners insurance however those policies are underwritten by ASI

The Complete Package

When choosing an insurance company, more is involved in simply finding “cheap rates.”

Although the amount you pay for an auto insurance premium is important, you have to look at the whole picture when searching for an insurance company. This company realizes that people need a dependable company, great customer service and online services that make it simple and fast for busy customers to report claims.

For Example, if you look at the various company ratings, Progressive scores exceptional where it counts the most.


History of Progressive

Initially, Progressive was started in the thirties by two lawyers seeking a way to provide protection and security for automobile owners through insurance.

They were one of the first companies that created an installment payment concept to make insurance more affordable and easier for customers.

By the nineties, this insurer was one of the first insurers to begin supplying customers with an option for comparison shopping.

Today, they average sales in the billions and is one of the largest US auto insurance companies.

Progressive Insurance Services

Progressive offers a large number of products to suit the needs of just about everybody.

They sell recreational and vehicle coverage, property and home coverage and a wide assortment of insurance products to match the needs of your lifestyle.

For instance, Progressive in Denver, Colorado is ready to cater to the needs of active, outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you need auto, RV, boat, snowmobile, ATV (all terrain vehicle) or PWC (personal water craft), they have you covered. 

Do you need commercial auto insurance? You might! If you use your vehicle for your business or work(excluding simply using it for commuting) on a regular basis, you could need more coverage than what a simple personal policy will provide. Progressive can help you get coverage for that as well. Find out if you should think about obtaining a commercial policy.

Many people out there are using their vehicles for ridesharing and food delivery services like Uber, Uber-Eats, Lyft, etc…and even more people don’t realize they need to have extra coverage

Progressive Insurance Quotes

Shopping online for free insurance quotes is a breeze. If you’re in the market for a new insurance company, or you want to change your existing coverage, you can get a fast, free quote in no time. Simply input your personal information, vehicle info and current coverage online, and you’ll receive your complimentary quote.

Bundling With Progressive

Whether you sign up for Progressive in South Carolina or Progressive Insurance in Colorado Springs, you’ll be delighted with the services and savings. Combining your current auto policy with another policy for your home is a great way to start receiving discounts. In addition to bundling home and auto, they also accept townhouses, condos, and renters. Bundling is a winning combination for everyone. By keeping all your insurance coverage with one carrier you can receive discounts, only deal with one company and may receive lower premiums as a result. Progressive benefits by selling more services and having loyal, long-term customers.

Filing a Claim with Progressive

To improve customer service, Progressive has streamlined the whole process of reporting a claim. You can call or log in online to report claims. You’ll receive confirmation, your claim number and can check the status of a claim by phone or online anytime that’s convenient to you.

Progressive Service Centers

Being involved in any kind of an auto accident can be frightening and unnerving, not to mention the damages to your vehicle. The folks at Progressive understand just what it’s like, and they are ready to offer their services to get you back on the road again with the least amount of hassles. Progressive maintains their own service centers, a network of repair shops, or you may choose a repair shop of your own that you may prefer. Depending on policy limits and the coverages you’ve chosen, you may be authorized to drop your car off for services.

Progressive will see to the repairs, and you’ll be on your way. With more than 60 services centers located throughout the US, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one close and convenient to you. For example, Progressive in South Carolina has a service center right there in Myrtle Beach and Progressive insurance in Denver Colorado has one in Denver. Whether you need Progressive Insurance in Colorado Springs or another location, you can count on them for quick quotes, competitive rates, quality discounts and fast service.

What is the Progressive Snapshot Program?

The Progressive Snapshot program is a personalized rate program that offers personalized rates through telematics technology, monitoring driving habits using a device or mobile app.

Personalized Rates
Safe Driving Rewards
Feedback for Improvement
Ease of Use

Why Might This Program NOT be Beneficial?

While the Progressive Snapshot program has its benefits, there are also reasons why some drivers might choose not to utilize it.

Privacy Concerns:
Potential for Higher Rates
Limited Appeal for Infrequent Drivers
Technology Dependency
Restricted Driving Habits

FAQs about Progressive Insurance

What types of vehicle insurance does Progressive offer?

Progressive offers a variety of vehicle insurance options, including auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, and RV insurance, tailored to meet the specific needs of vehicle owners.

Can I manage my Progressive policy online?

Yes, Progressive allows you to manage your policy online. You can pay your premium, print ID cards, make changes to your policy, and file claims through their online platform or mobile app.

Does Progressive offer insurance discounts?

Progressive offers several discounts to help you save on your insurance, such as multi-policy discounts, good driver discounts, and discounts for setting up automatic payments.

How does Progressive determine my insurance rates?

Progressive determines your insurance rates based on factors such as your driving history, the type of coverage you choose, your vehicle make and model, and your geographic location. Rates are personalized to reflect your specific risk profile and coverage needs.

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