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Non Owners Insurance in Tennessee: Your Ultimate Guide to Flexible Coverage Options

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Tennessee State Liability Requirements

Required Liability Coverage:
$25,000 bodily injury liability per person
$50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
$25,000 property damage liability per accident
Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Rejection Form

What is Non Owners Insurance in Tennessee?

Non owners insurance in Tennessee is a unique type of vehicle insurance designed for drivers who don’t own a car but occasionally drive. This policy typically offers liability coverage, which is essential if you’re involved in an accident while driving a borrowed or rented vehicle. It’s a cost-effective solution for maintaining continuous insurance coverage, thereby avoiding gaps that could lead to higher rates in the future. Non owners insurance in Tennessee is particularly useful for those who need to file an SR22 insurance form due to a DUI or other serious violation.

Underlining the importance of this coverage, here’s a quick list to note:

  • Provides liability insurance for non-car owners
  • Essential for SR22 compliance
  • Helps maintain a continuous insurance record
  • Ideal for drivers using rental or borrowed vehicles

Comparative Rates for Non Owners Insurance in Tennessee

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Type
Progressive$50Liability Only
Dairyland$55Full Coverage
National General$45SR22 Insurance

These rates are just estimates and can vary based on individual circumstances. As an insurance brokerage, we offer policies from multiple carriers, allowing you to compare and choose the best option for your needs.

Eligibility and Benefits of Non Owners Insurance Tennessee

Non-owners insurance in Tennessee offers a safety net for individuals who frequently borrow or rent vehicles but don’t own one themselves. To be eligible, you typically must have a valid driver’s license and not have regular access to a vehicle.

This coverage steps in when driving a borrowed or rented car, ensuring financial protection in case of accidents. The benefits extend beyond just meeting legal requirements; it shields you from potentially staggering costs in accidents where you’re at fault. Understanding the eligibility criteria helps you navigate the specifics of this insurance.


  1. Flexibility: It provides coverage when you occasionally drive a car you don’t own, offering flexibility without the commitment of owning a vehicle.
  2. Legal Compliance: Ensures you meet state requirements for liability coverage even if you don’t have a car registered in your name.
  3. Cost-Effective: Generally cheaper than standard car insurance since it typically offers liability coverage without the comprehensive and collision options.
  4. Protects Personal Assets: Covers damages if you’re at fault in an accident, safeguarding your personal assets from potential lawsuits.
  5. Continuous Coverage: Offers continuous insurance history, which can lead to lower premiums when you eventually purchase a car.


  1. Limited Coverage: Typically covers liability only, excluding protection for damage to the rented or borrowed vehicle itself.
  2. No Personal Vehicle Coverage: Does not extend coverage to a vehicle owned by the insured; it’s strictly for vehicles not owned by the policyholder.
  3. Potential Coverage Gaps: Coverage might not apply if you regularly use a specific vehicle or if the vehicle is used for business purposes.
  4. Dependency on Rental Policies: Coverage may be secondary to the rental car company’s insurance policy, which could lead to out-of-pocket expenses initially.
  5. No Asset Protection: While it covers liability, it may not offer extensive protection against bodily injury or comprehensive protection for the driver.

When considering non-owners insurance, weigh these pros and cons against your specific situation to make an informed decision.

Coverage Specifics: What Does a Non Owners Insurance Tennessee Policy Include?

A Non Owners Insurance Tennessee policy primarily includes liability coverage, which is crucial for protecting you if you’re at fault in an accident while driving a borrowed or rented car. This coverage pays for injuries or damages to other people or property, not to the driver or the vehicle they are operating. It’s important to note that non owners insurance in Tennessee doesn’t include comprehensive or collision coverage, making it more affordable but less comprehensive than a standard auto policy.

Key components of this coverage:

  • Liability Insurance: Covers damages to others
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection (optional): Covers your injuries caused by an uninsured driver
  • Personal Injury Protection (optional in Tennessee): Helps with medical expenses

Sample Rate Comparison for Non Owners Insurance in Tennessee

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Highlights
Dairyland$58Liability + Uninsured Motorist
The General$62Liability + SR22 Filing
Bristol West$60Liability + PIP Option

These rates are estimates and can vary. As a brokerage, we help you compare and find the right coverage from our network of carriers, including Progressive, Dairyland, The General, and more.

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2024 non owners insurance Tennessee

Non Owners Insurance Tennessee Rates: Key Rating Factors

When assessing non owners insurance Tennessee rates, several factors play a pivotal role in determining the cost-effectiveness of this coverage. The primary considerations include your driving history, the coverage limits you select, and even the insurance carrier you opt for. Insurance providers analyze your driving record to evaluate risk, affecting the premium.

Your chosen coverage limits, such as the liability amounts and any additional coverage, directly impact the rates. Furthermore, different insurers might offer varying quotes for the same coverage, underscoring the significance of comparing multiple quotes from trusted carriers.

Rating FactorsImpact Level on RatesDescription
Driving RecordHighA clean driving record with no accidents or violations often results in lower premiums. Conversely, accidents and violations can significantly increase insurance costs.
Coverage LimitsHighHigher coverage limits, especially for liability and comprehensive coverage, tend to raise premiums. Opting for lower limits can reduce costs but may leave you less protected in case of an accident.
Vehicle TypeMediumThe make, model, and age of your vehicle affect insurance rates. Expensive or high-performance cars generally have higher premiums due to repair and replacement costs.
Credit ScoreMediumIn many states, credit scores impact insurance rates. Better credit scores often correlate with lower premiums as they’re perceived as less risky to insure.
AgeMediumYounger and older drivers usually face higher rates due to statistical risk. Middle-aged drivers tend to get more favorable rates.
LocationMediumUrban areas or places with higher traffic density often have higher premiums due to increased risk of accidents and theft. Rural areas generally have lower premiums.
Annual MileageLowDriving fewer miles annually can lead to lower premiums as it reduces the likelihood of accidents. Conversely, higher mileage often correlates with slightly higher rates.
Marital StatusLowMarried individuals tend to receive slightly lower rates than single counterparts, as they are statistically seen as lower risk.
DeductiblesLowOpting for higher deductibles can lower premiums, but it means paying more out-of-pocket in case of an accident. Choosing lower deductibles often results in higher premiums.
Previous InsuranceLowHaving continuous insurance coverage demonstrates responsibility and might lead to slightly lower rates.

This table provides an overview of various factors influencing auto insurance rates, categorizing their impact levels to help individuals understand how these elements can affect their insurance costs.

Comparing Non Owners Insurance Tennessee and Standard Auto Insurance Policies

When comparing non owners insurance to standard auto insurance policies in Tennessee, it’s important to understand their distinct features. Non-owners insurance is designed for those who don’t own a vehicle but occasionally drive. This policy primarily offers liability coverage, which protects you against damages to others if you’re at fault in an accident. It does not cover damages to the vehicle you’re driving. In contrast, standard auto insurance provides comprehensive coverage, including liability, collision, and often comprehensive coverage, which protects the vehicle itself, regardless of fault.

Key differences to consider:

  • Coverage Scope: Non-owners insurance offers liability only, while standard policies include collision and comprehensive.
  • Vehicle Ownership: Non-owners is for drivers who don’t own a car; standard insurance is for vehicle owners.

Estimated Rate Comparison

Insurance TypeEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Details
Non-Owners Insurance$55Liability Only
Standard Auto Insurance$100Full Coverage

Rates are estimates from carriers like Progressive, Dairyland, and National General.

Finding Discounts and Offers on Non-Owners Insurance Rates in Tennessee

Looking for ways to save on non-owners insurance in Tennessee? You’re in luck! Many insurance carriers offer discounts, even for non-owners policies. One key is to shop around and compare rates from various insurers. As an insurance brokerage, we connect you with carriers like Progressive, Dairyland, and National General, who often provide discounts for things like having a good driving record or bundling your non-owners policy with other types of insurance, like renters or motorcycle insurance.

Ways to Save:

  • Good Driver Discounts: Maintain a clean driving record for lower rates.
  • Bundle Policies: Combine non-owners insurance with other insurance types for discounts.
  • Pay in Full: Some carriers offer discounts for paying your policy upfront.

Discount Estimates by Carrier

Insurance CarrierEstimated DiscountQualification Criteria
DairylandUp to 10%Bundling with Motorcycle Insurance
The General5% – 8%Safe Driver Discount
National GeneralUp to 15%Pay-in-Full Discount

Discounts are estimates and vary by individual circumstances.

Distinguishing Non-Owners Insurance from Broad Form Coverage in Tennessee

Understanding the difference between non-owners insurance and broad form coverage is key, especially in Tennessee where broad form insurance is not available. Non-owners insurance is a perfect solution for those in Tennessee who don’t own a vehicle but occasionally need to drive. This insurance type primarily provides liability coverage, which is essential for covering damages or injuries you may cause to others in an accident. It does not cover damages to the vehicle you’re driving. Broad form insurance, on the other hand, is designed to cover the driver rather than a specific vehicle. However, it’s important to note that broad form insurance isn’t offered in Tennessee, along with several other states.

Key distinctions to remember:

  • Coverage Scope: Non-owners insurance is liability-only, while broad form covers any vehicle driven by the policyholder.
  • Availability: Non-owners insurance is available in Tennessee; broad form is not.

Policy Comparison in Tennessee

Insurance TypeCoverage FocusAvailability in Tennessee
Non-Owners InsuranceLiability OnlyYes
Broad Form CoverageDriver-BasedNot Offered

Dispelling Myths Around Non-Owners Insurance in Tennessee

Misconceptions about non owners insurance Tennessee often deter individuals from exploring this valuable coverage. One common myth is that this insurance is unnecessary if you don’t own a vehicle.

Contrary to this belief, non-owners insurance is crucial, especially if you frequently rent or borrow cars. It provides liability coverage, safeguarding you from potentially devastating financial liabilities if you’re at fault in an accident while driving a vehicle not owned by you.

Another misconception revolves around its costliness. In reality, non-owners insurance tends to be more affordable compared to standard auto insurance since it usually offers liability coverage without the comprehensive or collision options, catering to occasional drivers’ needs.

Myth: Non-Owners Insurance is Unnecessary Without Vehicle Ownership.

Fact: Non-owners insurance in Tennessee is vital, even without owning a car. It offers liability coverage when driving a borrowed or rented vehicle, shielding you from financial risks if you’re at fault in an accident.

Myth: Non-Owners Insurance is Expensive.

Fact: Contrary to belief, non-owners insurance is often more affordable than standard auto insurance. It typically provides liability coverage without comprehensive or collision options, catering to occasional drivers’ needs.

Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Rate
National General$49
Bristol West$47
The General$53

Debunking these myths and understanding the comparative rates among reputable carriers like Progressive, Dairyland, Travelers, Gainsco, Assurance, National General, Bristol West, Mendota, The General, and Suncoast helps you grasp the affordability and necessity of a non owners insurance Tennessee policy.

Non Owners Insurance with SR22 in Tennessee

If you’re in Tennessee and need an SR22 certification but don’t own a vehicle, non-owners insurance with SR22 is your go-to solution. This type of policy not only provides the necessary liability coverage but also includes the SR22 filing, which is often required after certain traffic violations like DUIs or driving without insurance. It’s a cost-effective way to meet Tennessee’s legal requirements while ensuring you’re covered when driving a borrowed or rented vehicle.

Key benefits of this policy:

  • SR22 Compliance: Meets legal requirements in Tennessee for certain driving offenses.
  • Affordable Coverage: Typically more budget-friendly than standard auto insurance with SR22.

Estimated Rates for Non Owners Insurance with SR22 in Tennessee

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateSR22 Included
National General$60Yes
Bristol West$70Yes

Non owners Insurance Tennessee: Rates are estimates and can vary based on individual circumstances.

SR22 Insurance Process



We gather detailed information, ensuring you have all the facts before making a decision.



Receive your SR22 insurance quote, customized to your unique needs and credit profile



We work closely with the insurance carrier to ensure that the sr22 is filed with the state


Policy Management

Our policy service doesn’t end once the documents are signed. We’re here for you, month to month.

Scenarios Where a Non Owners Insurance Tennessee Policy May Not Be Issued

Here are five common reasons why an insurance company might deny coverage for non-owners insurance:

  1. Regular Access to a Vehicle: If you have regular access to a vehicle, whether owned by you or available in your household, insurers may deny non-owners insurance. The assumption is that you’d need standard auto coverage for a vehicle you frequently use rather than a non-owners policy.
  2. SR-22 Requirement: Some individuals with a requirement for an SR-22 filing might face denial for non-owners insurance. Insurers might be hesitant to provide this coverage with an SR-22 filing due to the higher risk associated with such obligations.
  3. Unacceptable Driving Record: Insurance companies assess risk based on driving history. If you have a particularly problematic driving record with numerous accidents, traffic violations, or DUI convictions, insurers might deny coverage due to the perceived high-risk nature of insuring such individuals.
  4. Coverage Lapses or Cancellations: If you’ve had lapses in your insurance coverage or a history of policy cancellations due to non-payment or other issues, insurers might view you as a higher risk and could potentially deny coverage for a non-owners policy.
  5. Policy Misrepresentation: Providing false information or misrepresenting details on your application could lead to coverage denial. If the insurer discovers discrepancies or false information, they might deny coverage based on the breach of trust or misrepresentation.

It’s essential to disclose accurate information and understand eligibility criteria when applying for non-owners insurance to avoid potential denial of coverage.

Tennessee’s State Minimum Liability Requirements for Non-Owners Insurance

In Tennessee, even if you don’t own a vehicle, having non-owners insurance is crucial, especially when you need to meet the state’s minimum liability requirements. These requirements ensure that you have enough coverage to pay for damages or injuries you might cause to others while driving. For non-owners insurance in Tennessee, the state mandates that your policy meets specific liability limits: $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 for total bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 for property damage.

Essential points about Tennessee’s liability requirements:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage: Minimum of $25,000 per person.
  • Total Bodily Injury: At least $50,000 per accident.
  • Property Damage: Minimum of $25,000.

Remember, these are just the minimum requirements. Opting for higher coverage limits can provide better financial protection and peace of mind.

Tennessee’s Cities and How they affect Non Owners Insurance Rates

In Tennessee, the cities you reside in significantly impact non owners insurance Tennessee rates. Urban areas like Nashville or Memphis tend to have higher rates due to increased traffic density, higher rates of accidents, and more incidents of theft or vandalism.

Conversely, smaller towns or rural areas might offer comparatively lower rates due to decreased traffic and lower crime rates. Factors like the frequency of accidents and vehicle-related crimes in specific areas directly influence the risk assessment by insurance carriers, affecting the premiums they offer.

Non-Owners Insurance Rates in Nashville

In Nashville, the cost of non-owners insurance can be influenced by unique local factors. For instance, areas with higher traffic density or increased accident rates might see slightly higher premiums. Additionally, factors such as Nashville’s weather patterns, especially considering its occasional severe storms, can play a role in determining insurance rates.

Moreover, Nashville’s status as a bustling city with a mix of urban and suburban areas also impacts these rates. Despite these variables, non-owners insurance in Nashville remains an affordable option for those who don’t own a vehicle but occasionally drive, providing essential liability coverage.

Aspects that could affect your rate:

  • Traffic and Accident Rates: Busier areas may have higher rates.
  • Weather Patterns: Severe weather can influence insurance costs.
  • Urban vs. Suburban Areas: Rates can vary depending on the part of the city you frequent.

Estimated Non-Owners Insurance Rates in Nashville

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Influencing Factors
Progressive$70 – $80High-Traffic Urban Areas
Dairyland$75 – $85Areas Prone to Severe Weather
National General$65 – $75Suburban and Safer Areas

These rates are general estimates and may fluctuate based on specific local conditions and individual circumstances.

Memphis and Non-Owners Insurance: A Price Overview

In Memphis, non-owners insurance rates can be significantly influenced by local factors unique to the city. Memphis, known for its bustling streets and vibrant culture, also has areas with varying traffic densities, which can affect insurance premiums. Higher rates might be observed in areas with more traffic congestion or higher incidents of vehicle thefts and accidents.

Additionally, the city’s weather patterns, including the risk of severe storms and flooding, can also play a role in determining insurance costs. Despite these factors, obtaining non-owners insurance in Memphis is a practical choice for those requiring liability coverage while driving a borrowed or rented vehicle.

Key Memphis-specific factors affecting rates:

  • Traffic Congestion and Vehicle Thefts: Higher rates in congested or high-theft areas.
  • Weather-Related Risks: Potential for severe weather impacts.
  • Urban Density: Rates vary between denser urban zones and quieter neighborhoods.

Estimated Non-Owners Insurance Rates in Memphis

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Influencing Factors
Progressive$75 – $85Areas with High Traffic and Thefts
Dairyland$80 – $90Neighborhoods Prone to Weather Risks
National General$70 – $80Less Congested, Safer Areas

Note: These rates are estimates and can vary based on Memphis’s dynamic local factors and individual profiles.

Knoxville: Analyzing Non-Owners Insurance Costs

In Knoxville, the rates for non-owners insurance can vary, influenced by the city’s unique characteristics. As a city with a blend of historic charm and modern development, Knoxville presents a variety of factors that can impact insurance costs. The presence of the University of Tennessee adds youthful vibrancy but also contributes to varied driving patterns, especially during academic seasons, potentially affecting accident rates.

Additionally, Knoxville’s location along major highways and its seasonal weather conditions, including occasional heavy rainfalls, can also influence insurance premiums. Despite these variables, non-owners insurance remains a smart and affordable option for Knoxville residents needing liability coverage for occasional driving.

Factors influencing Knoxville’s insurance rates:

  • University Influence: Fluctuating traffic patterns near the university.
  • Seasonal Weather: Insurance rates can reflect the risk of weather-related incidents.
  • Highway Proximity: Areas near major highways might see different rate trends.

Estimated Non-Owners Insurance Rates in Knoxville

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateCoverage Influencing Factors
Progressive$65 – $75Near University and Highways
Dairyland$70 – $80Areas with Seasonal Weather Risks
National General$60 – $70Suburban or Lower-Risk Zones

These rates are approximate and may vary depending on Knoxville’s specific driving conditions and individual circumstances.

Chattanooga’s Non-Owners Insurance Market

In Chattanooga, factors specific to the city play a significant role in determining non-owners insurance rates. Known for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities, Chattanooga’s geographical features, like its proximity to the Tennessee River and surrounding mountains, can influence insurance premiums.

Areas prone to environmental risks such as flooding may see different rates. Additionally, Chattanooga’s growing urban development and the resultant traffic patterns also affect insurance costs. Despite these variables, non-owners insurance in Chattanooga offers a practical solution for residents who need liability coverage while occasionally driving a borrowed or rented car.

Key Chattanooga-specific factors:

  • Environmental Risks: Proximity to natural features impacting insurance rates.
  • Urban Growth and Traffic: Evolving traffic conditions in a growing city.
  • Recreational Areas: Higher rates possible in heavily touristed or outdoor activity regions.

Estimated Non-Owners Insurance Rates in Chattanooga

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateInfluencing Local Factors
Progressive$68 – $78Near Water Bodies or Mountains
Dairyland$73 – $83Urban and Developing Areas
National General$65 – $75Quieter Residential Areas

These rates are general estimates and can fluctuate based on Chattanooga’s unique local conditions and individual profiles.

In Clarksville, the non-owners insurance rates are influenced by a blend of the city’s unique aspects. As a city with a significant military presence due to the nearby Fort Campbell base, Clarksville sees a diverse mix of residents and transient traffic patterns, which can affect insurance premiums.

Additionally, the city’s position as a growing economic hub in Tennessee brings its own set of variables, including fluctuating traffic densities and urban development. Despite these dynamics, non-owners insurance remains a valuable and economical option for Clarksville residents needing liability coverage while occasionally driving a vehicle they do not own.

Factors impacting rates in Clarksville:

  • Military Presence: Diverse and changing population affecting road usage.
  • Economic Growth: Development and traffic patterns influencing insurance costs.
  • Community Dynamics: Varied rates across different neighborhoods.

Estimated Non-Owners Insurance Rates in Clarksville

Insurance CarrierEstimated Monthly RateLocal Influencing Factors
Progressive$60 – $70Near Military Bases
Dairyland$65 – $75Developing Urban Areas
National General$58 – $68Suburban Neighborhoods

These rates are estimates and can vary based on the unique aspects of Clarksville and individual circumstances.

I don’t own a vehicle. Why Would I need Insurance?

Even without vehicle ownership, insurance is crucial for liability protection while driving borrowed or rented cars. Coverage ensures financial security in accidents, fulfills legal requirements, and safeguards against unforeseen situations.

Liability Coverage
Legal Compliance
Financial Security
Borrowed Vehicles
Accident Protection
Unforeseen Situations

Frequently Asked Questions about Non Owners Insurance Tennessee Policies

What is non-owners insurance?

Non-owners insurance provides liability coverage for individuals who don’t own a car but may occasionally drive rented or borrowed vehicles.

Is non-owners insurance mandatory in Tennessee?

Non-owners insurance isn’t mandatory in Tennessee, but it can be beneficial for liability coverage when driving vehicles you don’t own.

How can I get non-owners insurance in Tennessee?

You can get non-owners insurance by contacting us at 1.888.445.2793. Our team will guide you through the process and help you secure the coverage you need.

How to Get a Free Quote for Non Owners Insurance in Tennesee


Contact Us​

Start by reaching out to us, either online, by phone, or in person. Provide basic personal and vehicle information to initiate the quote process.



Provide more detailed information about your driving history, the vehicle you wish to insure, and any specific coverage needs or preferences you have



We will process your information and present you with a customized insurance quote, outlining coverage options and prices tailored to your needs.



Review the provided quote at your leisure. If you decide to proceed, you can finalize the policy, setting up payment and coverage start dates.

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