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Minimum Car Insurance Guide

Quick Guide to State Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Minimum Car Insurance
2022 Minimum Car Insurance Guide

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In summary, most States require different liability limits and coverages than others. Some States that require a lower liability limits, and do not require Uninsured Motorist, Medical payments, PIP, etc. overall average a cheaper cost of insurance in that State. That is not to say that having those liability limits will be sufficient in the event of an accident. Some of the State required limits are low, for example, 15/30/10. This only pays out $15,000 each person and $30,000 each accident for bodily injury, and $10,000 for property damage. We all know, the majority of vehicles cost well over $10,000 so this limit is not enough to fully cover a vehicle if totaled. This may result in you being sued by the other party if your liability limits cannot properly cover the damages in an accident. What can you do to protect yourself? Look at increasing your liability limits a step or two above the minimum required. In most cases it is a matter of dollars and will make a huge difference. Still unsure? Call our Insurance agents for free insurance quotes and advice. They are knowledgeable and want to make sure our customers are understanding their coverages, and looking at every possible scenario.

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