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Laws & Requirements: South Carolina Liability Insurance

South Carolina Requires liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage at the following limits: 25/50/25

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South Carolina Insurance Requirements

The state of South Carolina requires all drivers to have minimum liability and uninsured motorist coverage. The limits are the same for both coverages.

South Carolina car insurance laws requires liability and uninsured motorist protections at the limits below

$25,000 per person in bodily injury
$50,000 bodily injury maximum per accident
$25,000 in property damage

Coverages Explained: South Carolina Car Insurance

We are here to help everyone understand what their car insurance in South Carolina actually covers. Below you will find a breakdown of not only what is required by law but additional optional coverages.

If you need help understanding or need help determining what coverages you need – please feel free to reach out to one of fantastic agents.
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Required South Carolina Liability Coverage

Liability is the portion of your auto policy that covers bodily injury and property damages to others. This coverage applied when you are found at fault in an accident.

While South Carolina has a minimum requirement this coverage can be increased.

South Carolina also requires uninsured motorist. This coverage pays for you and your passengers bodily injury as well as property damage when another drive is found at fault and DOES NOT have auto insurance.

Similar to liability coverage this coverage may also be increased but cannot exceed your liability limits.

Full Coverage

"Full Coverage" includes comprehensive and and collision coverage. Bother of these coverages carry a deductible. A deductible is the amount that you as the insured are responsible before. These coverages cover damaged to your vehicle.

Comprehenssive covers damage to your vehicle for covered losses relate to theft, fire, hail damage, and other damage not caused in an accident.

Collision covers damage to your vehicle caused by an accident. If you are found at fault in an accident this is the coverage that would pay for damages to your vehicle.

Additional Coverages

Medical payments pays out up to a limit for medical expenses for you and passeeengers after an accident, regardless of who was found at fault. If you have passengers in your vehicle frequently or do not have health insurance this could be a great additional coverage for you to consider adding.

Underinsured motorist is coverage that will raise the liability limits of the other drive who was found at fault in an accident if they have coverage that does not meet the South Carolina limit or will raise them to your liability limits if you carry higher then the South Carolina required liability.

Roadside Assistance coverage does depend on your carrier however it typically covers towing due to a breakdown, lockout service, gas delivery when you run out, and potentially more. It is recommended that you spek with an agent to verify what the carrier does cover under this additional coverage.

This is a coverage that caries by carrier but typically it only covers up to a certain limit per day with a max of 30 days coverage for the cost of a rental vehicle while your's is being repaired after a covered loss. For example if you are in an accident and you car needs to be in the shop insurance will reimburse you for a rental vehicle.

Average Cost for Liability Insurance in South Carolina

The table below gives the average cost per month by insurance company. While these are not guaranteed rates they are here to give you a general idea.

Please note that depending on many factors your rate may be higher. Things such as driving history, claims history, age, vehicle type, and current insurance status.

CompanyAverage Monthly Cost
The General$93
National General$95
21st Century$115
Bristol West$135
Cheapest South Carolina Liability Auto Insurance

Liability Insurance South Carolina: Tips for getting the BEST quote!

There are several things you can do to receive the best and most accurate quote for liability insurance in South Carolina.

First thing is to give your agent the most accurate information you can. Make sure you let them know about any accidents, violations, and insurance claims you've had in the last 5 years.

Second have your drivers license number and VIN for any vehicle you plan on having on the policy handy. Without these an agent won't be able to fully verify your rate.

Third, household member information. Even if your family or roommates don't drive your car and have their own insurance, carriers want to exclude them from the policy. It is best to do this so that you get an accurate if you purchase a policy and extra household members are discovered and can impact the cost of your policy. Any household member over the age of 15 needs to be excluded.

Lastly, while there are tons of places on the internet you can do a self quote, the way to receive the best rate is by contacting an agent. We have some incredible agents who are very knowledgeable with South Carolina car insurance requirements and would be glad to help you!

Discounts: How to save money on South Carolina Liability Insurance!

South Carolina Liability Insurance
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Everyone ALWAYS wants to save money when it comes to their car insurance. We are here to help you save since here at A Plus Insurance we aren't focused on money but rather helping others find what they need!

Discounts vary by carrier but one of our agents will do their best to mae you are placed with a carrier that offers maximum savings.

Bundle with another policyContinuous Insurance
Good student discountPay in full discount
Multi Vehicle DiscountEducation Discount
Safe driver/accident freeSmart Vehicle Technology Discount

Need an SR22 but don't own a vehicle in South Carolina?

If you require an SR22 in South Carolina you are required to have liability and uninsured motorist coverage that meet the South Carolina minimum requirements.

But what do you do if you don't own a vehicle?

That is when you ask for a Non Owner's auto policy. Which our agents would be glad to help you with and answer any questions you may have about a South Carolina Non Owners policy.

What is an SR22?

An SR22 is an added filing to your auto policy that better allows the state to track your insurance status. An SR22 can required for many reasons including but not limited to DUI/DWI, driving without insurance, driving under suspension, or after having a major accident. If you are required to have an SR22 the DMV will notify you.

What is a non owners policy?

A non owners auto policy is a policy that meets the liability requirements for the state of South Carolina when you do not own a vehicle. This type of policy is very restrictive. It does not all for additional coverages such comprehensive and collision to be added. It also does not cover you while driving any vehicle that is registered to you, a household member, or a vehicle that you have regular access. Always double check with your insurance provider to verify restrictions and coverages.

Full Coverage VS Liability Only Insurance South Carolina

While liability insurance is required in South Carolina, full coverage is not. However this does not mean that it may be required by another party. Typically if full coverage is required for your vehicle it is due to the company you financed your vehicle through.

When financing a vehicle it is important to consider this as an additional cost. Always double check what deductible is also required by the financer.

If you are considering a new vehicle it is a good idea to see how that vehicle would impact your current auto policy. If you don't currently have auto insurance it would be beneficial to get quoted for that new purchase.

Our agent would be glad to help you find the coverage that you need for that new vehicle.

If you are uncertain on what coverage you may need feel free to use our handy calculate below!

"Should I Get Full Coverage" Calculator

FAQ: South Carolina Liability Insurance

What are car insurance requirements in South Carolina?

South Carolina car insurance requirements are $25,000 per person in bodily injury, $50,000 maximum for bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 in property damage to others. These same limits also apply to uninsured motorist which is require by South Carolina car insurance laws.

Is South Carolina a No Fault state?

South Carolina is NOT a no fault state. South Carolina is at fault or tort state. This means that a driver found to be more than 50% negligent for causing the accident will be found at fault and their insurance will cover you and your passengers bodily injury and property damage up to their policy limits. If the driver is uninsured your policies uninsured motorist will off coverage.

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