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Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

All About Homeowners Insurance In Simpsonville, South Carolina

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

All About Homeowners Insurance In Simpsonville, South Carolina

Which companies offer Homeowners in South Carolina

This is the place to start! Which Company will you choose for your homeowners insurance in Simpsonville?

The answer may come down to cost! Which company is going to offer the cheapest for homeowners insurance? But there is an even more pressing question first. Which companies offer homeowners insurance in Simpsonville?

Check out the chart below:

CompanyHome Owners Offered?
Farmers Insuranceyes
American Internationalyes
Liberty Mutualyes
Allstate Corp.yes
MetLife Inc.yes
American Familyyes
State Farmyes
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes
Insurance Simpsonville Sc Homes
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes Company Ratings

Now that we know who offers homeowners insurance, which is going to be the one you choose?

One way to narrow down the playing field is to determine the quality of the Carriers. How? There are resources that have done the research for you like AM Best.

For example Progressive Home Insurance has an AM Best score of A+. Meaning it is financially stable, well reviewed, and has plenty of coverage options and packages.

Another option is Travelers Home Insurance who has an A++ rating!

See below the AM Best scores for home insurance in Simpsonville SC.

CompanyA.M. Best Scores
American InternationalA-
Liberty MutualA
Farmers InsuranceA
Hartford FinancialA+
Auto-Owners InsuranceA
American FamilyA
State FarmA++
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes Rates by Company

Now we get down to the nitty gritty! The Money!

How much can you expect to pay for Insurance Simpsonville SC homes?

For a $250,000 home with Progressive Home Insurance or American Strategic you can expect to pay the lowest rate of $1,265 on average annually.

Check out some other options:

CompanyHome Owners
Liberty Mutual$1,518
American International$1,321
State Farm$1,477
Travelers Companies Inc.$1,435
Farmers Insurance Group$1,288
Erie Insurance$1,423
Nationwide Mutual$1,502
Hartford Financial Services$1,286
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,435
American Family Insurance$1,355
MetLife Inc.$1,354
Rates Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes Bundling Opportunities

The savings from a good bundle is undeniable, it is worth at least exploring. Do you have auto insurance? Well, during your hunt for homeowners insurance in Simpsonville SC why not ask if there is bundling opportunities. Keeping all of your coverages under one roof.

A full coverage auto policy below could cost $152, when bundled with insurance for your Simpsonville SC home you keep shave %14 percent off of your policy!

Liability Only And Full Coverage 1
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes Discounts

Now, just because the averages above are typically the norm… there are discounts that can bring the price down.

Below is a list of some of the Biggest Discounts:


As you can see below certain discounts are upgrades to your home, like an upgraded roof! This gives carriers peace of mind and you save because of it. Progressive Home Insurance gives huge discounts for New homes too!

1Upgraded Wiring
3Claims Free
4Home monitoring / Bruglar
5Married discount
6New home discount
7Gated community
8Hail resistant roofing
9Bundling Multiple Polices
10Upgraded roof
11Non-smoking discount
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

Renters Insurance in Simpsonville SC

We also sell Renters Insurance, which is an excellent bundling opportunity. When you bundle the savings can really stack up.

We also offer motorcycle, RV, and commercial policies!

Let’s say that you’re home is being built and so you are renting temporarily. We can get your renters policy started, then when it is time to transition to your home we’ll help you cancel the renters and transition to your homeowners policy.

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes Common Claims

This list is the reason why we all need homeowners insurance, the peace of that you can recover in the case of a loss.

4Water Damage
6Power surge
7Other Weather related
8Loss of Use
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes – Loss Causes

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes Rating Factors

Rating factors are essentially the data used to determine how much YOUR home insurance is going to cost you.

Some impact you rating score negatively, while others are a positive rating.

For example, a home with a pool has inherent dangers that can be a RED FLAG to insurance companies. Certain carriers will decide that this is an uninsurable risk and disqualify you completely.


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2024 insurance simpsonville sc homes
1Value of home Replacement cost
2Credit history
3Protection Class Proximity to fire station
4Roof condition
5Upgrades to Wiring plumbing
6Wood-burning stoves
7Age of Home
9Home liability limits
10Insurance score
11Home-based business
13Swimming pool or hot tub
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

Cheapest Homeowners insurance (by city) in South Carolina

From city to city the price for Simpsonville SC Home Insurance can vary. That’s why it is vital to shop around!

You’ll find reasonable rates with carriers like Travelers and Progressive in Simpsonville as well.

Simpsonville Liberty Mutual
Tega Cay and Forest AcresUSAA
Port RoyalUSAA
NewberryState Farm
Seven OaksAmerican Family
Myrtle BeachTravelers
Sans SouciLiberty Mutual
North CharlestonTravelers
YorkProgressive (ASI)
WoodfieldState Farm
IrmoProgressive (ASI)
Hilton Head IslandProgressive
Rock HillUSAA
Conway Allstate
Goose CreekAllstate
West ColumbiaLiberty Mutual
GreerProgressive (ASI)
Mount PleasantUSAA
Five ForksFarmers
LaurensProgressive (ASI)
Lake WylieFarmers
BereaAmerican Family
Red HillAmica
North Myrtle BeachTravelers
WelcomeState Farm
Little RiverAllstate
Garden CityProgressive (ASI)
SumterProgressive (ASI)
Murrells InletTravelers
Moncks CornerUSAA
St. AndrewsAllstate
ParkerLiberty Mutual
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes
What does it cover?

Homeowners coverage types in South Carolina

It boils down to 4 Main Coverages

Your Dwelling

Covers the structure of the home that you reside in. The roof, the walls, the foundation. Some coverages even extend to structures attached to the home like a deck.

Personal Property

This type of coverage is for the personal belongings you own within the home. You can extend this to special property as well like furs or high end computers.

Other Structures

These are coverages that protect structures on your property but not attached to your home. Like a fence or shed.

Liability or Damages

This liability coverage aids you in the case that someone is injured on your property.

Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes Who has the lowest payment?

1Liberty Mutual
6American International
8MetLife Inc.
9Allstate Corp.
Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes

Q1: What types of insurance coverage are available for homes in Simpsonville, SC?

Insurance coverage for homes in Simpsonville, SC includes homeowners insurance, which typically covers dwelling protection, personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. A Plus Insurance can help you explore specific coverage options tailored to your needs.

Q2: How can I find the best rates for homeowners insurance in Simpsonville?

To find the best rates for homeowners insurance in Simpsonville, contact A Plus Insurance. Our team shops multiple carriers to ensure you get competitive rates. For personalized assistance and a free quote, call us at 1.888.445.2793.

Q3: Are there specific considerations for homeowners insurance in Simpsonville, SC?

Yes, there are specific considerations for homeowners insurance in Simpsonville, SC. Factors such as the local climate, property value, and potential risks can impact coverage needs. Our experienced agents can guide you through these considerations to ensure you have the right coverage.

Q4: Is house insurance even worth it?

Yes, house insurance is worth it. It provides essential protection for your home, personal belongings, and liability. In the event of unexpected events like natural disasters, accidents, or theft, homeowners insurance can help you recover financially and rebuild your life. It offers peace of mind and is a responsible choice for homeowners.

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Insurance Simpsonville SC Homes


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