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Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas: How to Get the Best Rates

The Arkansas State instrument is the fiddle, how delightful! But don’t fiddle with your Arkansas motorcycle insurance. Let’s work together to make some incredible music in the form of an affordable premium.

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas: How to Get the Best Rates

The Arkansas State instrument is the fiddle, how delightful! But don’t fiddle with your Arkansas motorcycle insurance. Let’s work together to make some incredible music in the form of an affordable premium.

Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas: The Cost for Liability Only

Did you know that Arkansas is the 25th State in the US, and the flag even has 25 stars on it? Remember those numbers. Now you’re on the road cruising on your bike and need Arkansas motorcycle insurance. The basic super cheap car insurance. We can help you find that! The answer is Liability only insurance.

What does that involve?

The basic liability limit for Arkansas motorcycle insurance requirements is 25/50/25. Easy to remember with the above factoid huh? But what does it mean? $25,000 for death or bodily injury to one person; $50,000 for death or bodily injury to two or more persons; and $25,000 for damage or destruction of property.

Arkansas CityAverage Monthly Payment
Mountain Home$133.00
Bella Vista$99.00
Fort Smith$122.00
North Little Rock$117.00

Laws You Need to Know For Motorcycle Insurance in Arkansas

To keep riders safe, Arkansas has laws pertaining to the operation of a motorcycle.

  • Though head protection is not required unless you are under 21…it is recommended that you wear a helmet for the duration of your ride and eye protection. You might be thinking this won’t offer much in the way of protection in the case of an accident, but statistics show a helmet will keep your skull intact during most accidents. What is a MUST is eye protection!
  • Like a roller coaster, there are age requirements if not a height requirement. Passenger laws in Arkansas dictate that a passenger who is younger than 8 years of age cannot ride along. Sorry kids! This is typically due to height. Why? If an individual has a passenger, footholds must be installed so that they can be secured in place. For child, they would not be able to reach a foothold for safety. Even if somehow you have a giant for a child, chances are their weight will disqualify them all the same. Some things just need to be left to the grown-ups.
  • Teenagers can’t ‘Fonzie’ down the road either, if they are 16 years of age or younger operating a motorcycle… you are not allowed to have a passenger.
  • Lane Splitting? Yes Please! A beautiful advantage to being on the open road on a motorcycle is splittin’ them lanes like a boss! If you find yourself stuck in slow-moving traffic you can whip around lanes to get ahead. In Arkansas, there are no laws against it! But be warned, you can be pulled over if your riding is endangering or antagonizing other drivers. Naughty Biker!
  • Lastly keep, keep your headlights on. Day or Night. Rain or Shine.

For more check out this helpful Arkansas motorcycle guide here.

Motorcycle insurance Arkansas Safety
Motorcycle insurance Arkansas

Which companies Offer Motorcycle Insurance?

Progressive, Dairyland, Geico, and Farmers are the companies that offer motorcycle insurance Arkansas. While we don’t work with GEICO (they use “captive agents” learn more here!), we work with over 13 providers that could possibly be the perfect fit for you.

Give us a call and we will generate a free quote for you. Our incredibly talented staff will get you on the road.

Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas: State Requirements

StateState MinPIP?
Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas State Minimum Limits

Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas: Discounts You Might Be Missing Out On

Defensive driving courses, bundling with auto and home, and other discounts can get your insurance premiums even better! Bundling has been used as a marketing ploy, but it really does save you big time!

Discount Types
Vehicle Usage & Mileage
Garaged or locked storage
Years of riding experience
Advanced quote
Education discount
Prior insurance
MC Endorsement on License
Association membership
HOG Discount
EFT Discount
Operators Safety Course
prompt payment
Married discount
Approved safety course
Anti lock brakes
Homeownership Discount
Motorcycle Rider Group Discount
Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas

How Do You Get a Motorcycle License?

Looking for adventure? Head out on the Highway! But wait, you don’t have your motorcycle permit? Then sit down, you’re not going anywhere!

To earn your Arkansas motorcycle permit you are going to need to pass three tests. A written test, a skills test, and a vision screening test. $40.00 later you’ve got your Class M motorcycle license in Arkansas. No. A regular driver’s license does not grant you the legal right to drive a motorcycle on the roads in Arkansas.

Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas: Cheapest Rates (by city)

Many things impact what your insurance rate will be, some of them are quite surprising.

What is your age? This affects the rate. Are you married, single, or divorced? This affects the rate. Do you have a souped up bat-mobile? This affects the rate. Even the city you live in affects the rate. Locals with higher populations carry a greater risk for accidents and thus higher insurance premium. What about cities in Arkansas?

Little RockThe General
GreenbrierThe General
North Little RockGeico
Bella VistaDairyland
Heber Springs and FarmingtonThe General
MenaThe General
Mountain HomeGeico
Prairie GroveGeico
Pea RidgeGeico
Cherokee VillageProgressive
Hot Springs VillageProgressive
Pine BluffDairyland
Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas

Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas: Safety Tips

As mentioned above there are certain freedoms granted to an individual who operates a motorcycle and is over the age of 21. But, there are definitely things to keep in mind that will protect your passenger, your fellow drivers, and yourself.

One key element to that end is simply: space. Keep a reasonable buffer between yourself and other vehicles on the road. If you pass in front of another give plenty of room so there is no risk of a collision.

“Look twice, save a life,” is a popular motorcycle safety adage.

You can help in this process by making sure you are visible to other drivers around you. Ensure that you are visible before moving into a motorist’s blind-spot.

Rating Factors for Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas

There are many factors that contribute to the rating of your motorcycle insurance in Arkansas.

Location is one of these factors, cities higher in population density for example would be more expensive. Why is that? The more populated an area, the higher the risk for accidents.

Another factor is age, young drivers have a higher percentage of accidents than older drivers. Even gender plays a roll with woman consistently paying less for insurance than males.

Are you seeing a pattern?

Driving history
Year make model)
Education level
Riding frequency
Rider experience
Rider age
Occupation. Credit
Marital status
Type of bike (engine size
Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas

It is all about numbers and statistics. Are there rating factors you can control? Sure! For example your driving history. Clean drivers have significantly less premiums than individuals with moving violations. Good credit as well has an impact, someone with good credit is dependable in the eyes of an insurance carrier.

Cost for Motorcycle Insurance (Full Coverage) in Arkansas

Full Coverage is simply electing to add Comprehensive and Collision to your policy. This protects your auto from multiple damages that you might not be able to cover yourself. To that end, think about the deductible you will aim for.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money you are willing to pay for damages to your covered auto. It is after that amount has been paid that your full coverage insurance kicks in to pay the remaining amount.

So, for example your bike is damaged and the repairs are $2,500 with a Full coverage deductible of $500. You’d pay the $500 and then your insurer pays the $2,000.

North Little Rock$218
Hot Springs Village$187
Walnut Ridge$208
West Memphis$204
Little Rock$187
Pine Bluff$191
Mountain Home$210
White Hall$204
Siloam Springs$205
Heber Springs and Farmington$198
East End$224
El Dorado$194
Prairie Grove$228
Fort Smith$188
NOTE: The higher your deductible the lower your monthly rate will be for Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas.

Motorcycle Insurance Arkansas motorcycle insurance arkansas Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need motorcycle insurance in Arkansas?

Yes. It is required in the State of Arkansas that all operators of a motorcycle have a Class M License. You can take a free practice test here: FREE PRACTICE TEST

2. How much should you pay for motorcycle insurance in Arkansas?

This all depends on the coverages you opt in for. Do you need full coverage because you are still paying on the bike? Would you like Roadside options? Perhaps rental assistance? All of these factors and more combine to make your rate. The choice is yours.

3. What is the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Arkansas?

Liability Only Motorcycle Insurance could be the cheapest option for you, it simply covers damages you may inflict on others. Yet, this option may cause you to pay way more if your auto sustains damages while you are still paying for it.

4. What insurance do motorcycles need in Arkansas?

Atleast the basic liability limits required by the state. 25/50/25 which means:

$25,000 for death or bodily injury to one person; $50,000 for death or bodily injury to two or more persons; and $25,000 for damage or destruction of property.


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