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See if you qualify for a non owners or broad form if you are someone who rarely drives or doesn’t own a vehicle. Very cheap!

SR22 Insurance in Denver is Easy with A Plus Insurance

SR22 Insurance in Denver: Understanding the Laws and Regulations So You don’t Lose Your License

Colorado Liability Requirements

SR22 Insurance Denver Liability Coverage:
$25,000 bodily injury liability per person
$50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
$15,000 property damage liability per accident

In Denver, Colorado, SR-22 insurance is a crucial obligation for individuals with certain driving offenses like DUI or driving uninsured. Essentially a proof of financial responsibility, SR-22 isn’t an insurance policy itself; rather, it’s a guarantee from an insurance company affirming the individual’s possession of the state-required minimum liability coverage.

For those in need of SR-22 insurance in Denver, the process usually involves contacting a recognized insurance provider within the state. Once connected, request the essential SR-22 filing. This form will then be submitted to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on your behalf by the insurance company.

It’s important to remember that the SR22 Insurance Denver requirement might extend for around three years. This duration necessitates consistent maintenance of the mandated insurance coverage. Failing to uphold this coverage can lead to penalties including license suspension.

Upon successful completion of the SR-22 period, individuals can witness an enhancement in their driving record. For precise and up-to-date information, consulting the Colorado DMV or an authorized insurance agent is highly recommended.

SR22 Insurance Denver: Reasons you may be required to carry Sr22 bonds

Sr22 Insurance Denver Guide
2023 SR22 Insurance Denver: Cheapest Rates

There are many reasons why someone might be required to have an SR22 in Denver, Colorado.

An SR22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that proves you have the minimum required auto insurance coverage. Here are some common reasons for needing an SR22:

DUI or DWI Conviction: If you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), you’ll likely need an SR22 as proof of insurance before your driving privileges can be reinstated.
Reckless Driving: Being charged with reckless driving, especially if it involves excessive speeding, can lead to the need for an SR22.
Multiple Traffic Offenses: Accumulating a series of serious traffic offenses, such as multiple speeding tickets or at-fault accidents, may result in the requirement for an SR22.
Driving Without Insurance: If you were caught driving without insurance coverage, you might need an SR22 Insurance Denver policy to prove your financial responsibility before you can drive legally again.
Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License: If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked due to various reasons, including those mentioned above, you may need an SR22 to regain your driving privileges.
Being at Fault in an Accident Without Insurance: If you’re involved in an at-fault accident and don’t have insurance coverage, you might need an SR22 to demonstrate that you’re financially responsible for potential damages.
Unpaid Judgments: If you have unpaid court-ordered judgments related to a car accident, an SR22 might be required as part of the process to satisfy those judgments.
Driving Uninsured Rental Cars: Some situations involving uninsured rental car incidents can lead to the necessity of obtaining an SR22.

It’s important to note that requirements for an SR22 Insurance Denver policy can vary based on state laws and individual circumstances.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need an SR22 in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado, it’s advisable to consult with your insurance provider or the relevant authorities to ensure you meet the necessary requirements.

SR22 Insurance Denver Filings – Top 5 Ways it Affects Your Insurance Rates

In Denver, as in most places, having an SR-22 requirement can significantly impact your auto insurance rates. Here are the top five ways an SR-22 will impact auto insurance rates in Denver:

  1. Higher Premiums: The most immediate and significant impact of an SR-22 requirement is the increase in your auto insurance premiums. Insurance companies view drivers with an SR-22 requirement as high-risk individuals, and as a result, they will typically charge higher premiums to provide coverage.
  2. Cancellation or Non-Renewal: Some insurance companies might choose to cancel your policy or not renew it once they become aware of the need for an SR-22. This could be due to the perceived increased risk associated with your driving history. If your current insurer does not provide coverage with an SR-22, you’ll need to find a new insurance provider that offers SR-22 policies.
  3. Limited Options: Your options for insurance coverage might become limited. Not all insurance companies offer policies to drivers who require an SR-22. This means you might have to shop around extensively to find an insurer that is willing to provide coverage at a reasonable rate.
  4. Extended Requirement: Depending on the reason for needing an SR-22, you might be required to maintain it for a certain period, typically a few years. During this time, you’ll need to ensure continuous coverage with the SR-22 endorsement. Failing to maintain the SR-22 as required could lead to legal consequences and further impact your insurance rates.
  5. Difficulty Lowering Rates: While it’s possible to find more affordable rates over time by maintaining a clean driving record and addressing the issues that led to the SR-22 requirement, it might take longer for your rates to decrease compared to someone without an SR-22. Insurance companies will closely monitor your driving behavior and history before considering rate reductions.

It’s important to note that the specific impact of an SR-22 on your insurance rates can vary based on factors such as the reason for the SR-22 requirement, your driving history, your age, the insurance company you choose, and other individual circumstances. To navigate these impacts, it’s advisable to work closely with insurance agents who have experience dealing with SR-22 Insurance Denver policies to find the best coverage and rates for your situation.

SR22 without a Car? Surprisingly Low Non-Owner and Broad Form Rates

Looking for SR22 insurance in Denver but don’t own a car? Surprisingly, you can still get coverage at low rates with non-owner and broad form policies. These policies provide liability coverage in case you’re involved in an accident while driving a borrowed or rented car. Don’t let not owning a car stop you from getting the SR22 insurance you need to get back on the road.

Non Owners and Broad Form Insurance ProvidersAverage Monthly Rate with SR22
Progressive Insurance$102
The General$111
Mendota Ins. Company$132
Bristol West$135
These are sample rates only

Cost for SR22 Insurance Denver (Full coverage), Colorado

Yes, it is possible to find affordable SR-22 insurance coverage even if you require full coverage in Denver. However, it’s important to keep in mind that SR-22 insurance is typically more expensive than regular auto insurance because it is required for drivers who have been deemed high-risk by the state.

To find affordable SR-22 insurance Denver coverage, you can start by shopping around and comparing quotes from multiple insurance providers. You can also consider raising your deductible or reducing your coverage amounts if you need to lower your premiums. Additionally, maintaining a safe driving record and avoiding traffic violations can help you qualify for lower rates in the future.

It’s important to note that SR-22 insurance is typically required for a specific period of time, usually between one and three years, depending on your state’s requirements. After this period, you may be able to switch back to regular auto insurance coverage.

SR22 Insurance Denver CompanyAvg. Full Coverage Rate
State FarmN/A
State AutoN/A
Progressive Insurance$201.00
Acceptance RTR$202.00
National General$166.00
21st CenturyN/A
Bristol West$192.00
Mendota Ins. Company$205.00
The General$177.00

SR22 Insurance Denver: Rates After a DUI

Unfortunately, having a DUI on your record typically means that you will be considered a high-risk driver by insurance companies, which can result in higher insurance rates.

That being said, it is still possible to find cheap SR-22 insurance Denver rates with a DUI on your record. One way to do this is to shop around and compare rates from different insurance companies. Some companies may specialize in providing coverage to high-risk drivers and may offer lower rates than others.

Another way to potentially lower your insurance rates is to take steps to improve your driving record. This could include completing a defensive driving course, avoiding traffic violations, or maintaining a clean driving record for a certain period of time.

Overall, while it may be more challenging to find affordable SR-22 insurance rates in Denver with a DUI on your record, it is not impossible. By taking the time to shop around and improve your driving record, you may be able to find a policy that fits your needs and budget.

Protect Your Budget: Affordable Liability-Only SR22 Insurance in Denver, Colorado

Yes, opting for liability only coverage can help lower your SR22 insurance rates in Denver. This is because liability coverage only protects other drivers and their property in case of an accident, rather than covering damages to your own vehicle. As a result, SR22 insurance Denver companies often view liability only coverage as less risky and therefore offer lower rates than full coverage policies.

SR22 Insurance Denver CompanyAverage Rates Liability Only
American FamilyN/A
State FarmN/A
Bristol West$95.00
Acceptance RTR$88.00
State AutoN/A
The General$95.00
Progressive Insurance$67.00
21st CenturyN/A
Mendota Ins. Company$69.00
These are average rates only for SR22 insurance Denver

Company fees for SR22 Insurance Denver, CO

Take a look at the chart below to see which companies charge an SR22 fee and how much it might cost.

SR22 Insurance Denver ProviderSR22 Company Fee
State FarmUnknown
State Autona
21st Centuryna
American Familyna
The General$25.00
Acceptance RTRNA
Liberty Mutual$15-$25
Progressive Insurance$25.00
Sr22 Insurance Denver

How Do I Get an Sr22 in Denver?

Step 1: Gather Your Info: Start by collecting the important details you’ll need. Insurance companies require this info to give you an accurate quote:

  • Personal Info: Your name, address, birthdate, and contact info.
  • Car Details: Info about your vehicle (If you have one), like its make, model, year, and VIN.
  • Driver’s License: Your driver’s license number and any additional drivers’ info if necessary. It’s imperative that you know which state you need your SR22 filed in.
  • Driving History: Any accidents or tickets from recent years.
  • Current Policy (if you have one): Details about your current insurance, like what it covers and when it expires.

Step 1: Contact Our Agency Now it’s time to reach out to us so that we can shop multiple carriers to get quotes. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Online: Go to our self service quoting page and fill out the form.
  • Phone: Call us and share your info over the phone to get a quote. Don’t have time to talk? We can initiate quotes via text.

Step 3: We Help You Compare and Choose Once you have your quotes, it’s time to compare them and make a decision:

  • Review the Quotes: Look at the quotes carefully. Compare factors like coverage limits, deductibles, and any discounts each company offers.
  • Choose Your Best Option: After comparing, pick the company that offers the right coverage for you at a price you like.
  • Get Your Policy: Purchase the chosen policy and make sure your vehicle is properly insured. Remember to keep checking your coverage to ensure it remains a good fit for you. The insurance company, in most cases, will file the policy for you to the local DMV.

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