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Castle Rock Insurance

Castle Rock is a particularly affluent locale that’s known as a wine hub that attracts trendy hipsters from all over the state, especially for the Castle Rock WineFest, which takes place in July when the weather is usually perfect. So pour a glass, and let’s talk insurance.

Sample Rates for Auto and Home- Castle Rock Insurance

Lots of things can change your auto And home insurance rates for the better or worse. Down to your zip code matters. In the chart down below, we have 6 different cases to show you sample insurance rates in Castle Rock, CO. As you can see, the clients have different carriers, are all different ages, some are female and some are male, which does make a difference.

We also compared what the rates look like for Full coverage or for liability only, how they pay and if they have any violations on their records. Just look at the sample rates and call your agent to find out more information.

National General$81
Progressive Insurance$81
Mendota Ins. Company$91
The General$95
Bristol West$97
Sample Rates in Castle Rock, Colorado
Sample Quote/ policy location: Castle Rock
Agent :Sy
Current Company: Suncoast
Previous Company: American Family
Who: male
Age: 58
Vehicle: Dodge Ram Wagon 1500
Type of coverage: non owners , med pay
Notes: state filing, premium
Rate: $269
Sample Quote/ policy location: Castle Rock
Agent :Shawn
Current Company: Suncoast
Previous Company: Geico
Who: resident
Age: 51
Vehicle: Hyundai S Coupe
Type of coverage: liability insurance , med pay
Notes: Driver, accidents
Rate: $339
Sample Quote/ policy location: Castle Rock
Agent :Amy
Current Company: Liberty Mutual
Previous Company: Travelers
Who: Female
Age: 18
Vehicle: Nissan Frontier King Cab
Type of coverage: full coverage , state min
Notes: print, by phone
Rate: $228
Sample Quote/ policy location: Castle Rock
Agent :Shawn
Current Company: Progressive
Previous Company: State Farm
Who: Driver
Age: 29
Vehicle: Geo Prizm
Type of coverage: liability only , uninsured motorist
Notes: deductible , premium
Rate: $239
Sample Quote/ policy location: Castle Rock
Agent :Sy
Current Company: Liberty Mutual
Previous Company: Foremost
Who: motorist
Age: 31
Vehicle: Audi A3
Type of coverage: , uninsured motorist
Notes: high risk, id cards
Rate: $279
Sample Quote/ policy location: Castle Rock
Agent :Sy
Current Company: Viking
Previous Company: Nationwide
Who: Female
Age: 56
Vehicle: Infiniti J
Type of coverage: broad form , med pay
Notes: online, automobile
Rate: $218
Castle Rock Insurance

Castle Rock Insurance- Dmv Addresses and Phone Numbers 

I know we do not really consider DMV’s a fun place to visit. Well, whether we like them or not, they are essential to our everyday needs if we are an insured motorist or have a vehicle. Now, some DMV locations even have where you can go online and make an appointment or even see if there are some of your needs that you can take care of online. For Castle Rock Insurance, they have the Registration and Titling and the Castle Rock Driver License Office. See below the locations and phone numbers.

Castle Rock Registration & Titling
301 Wilcox St
Castle Rock, CO 80104
(303) 627-0985
Castle Rock Insurance
Castle Rock Driver License Office
301 Wilcox St
Castle Rock, CO 80104
(303) 627-0985
Castle Rock Insurance

Castle Rock Insurance- Your Credit and how it affects your Insurance rates

If you are wondering if your credit score affects your auto insurance rates, ill answer that for you… YES! Your auto insurance carrier will look at your credit score to determine what your rates could be, and also if they consider you to be a high risk or not. The better your score is, essentially is telling them you are more responsible and trustworthy.

Check out the chart below. The chart shows how your score impacts your average premium For Castle Rock Insurance.

Credit Impact on Insurance Rates in Castle Rock
Average Premium by Score
Average Price
Castle Rock Insurance

Castle Rock Insurance- Violations

Violations are categorized into 3 areas. There are major, minor, and nonmoving violations. Each of those violations depending on what kind they are can impact your insurance rates for several years.

Castle Rock Insurance

Below we have listed a number of violations and how long they affect your rates for:

Violation NameMajor, Minor, or Non-MovingHow Long it Will Affect Your Insurance Rates
At Fault AccidentMajor5 Years
Running a Traffic Light or Stop SignMinor3 Years
Using a Cell Phone with DrivingMinor3 Years
No Proof of insuranceNon MovingNA*
Failure to maintain Clear Distance (tailgatingMinor3 Years
Failure to Use a Seat BeltNon MovingNA*
Failure to Secure Load to truck/trailerMinor3 Years
Driving without a LicenseMajor3 Years
Crossing over a Center DividerMinor3 Years
ParkingNon MovingNA*
Non-At-Fault AcccidentMinorNA*
Failure to Use Turn SignalMinor3 Years
Castle Rock Insurance

Violations, such as speeding tickets or accidents, can significantly impact auto insurance rates. Here’s how various violations can affect your insurance:

  1. Speeding Tickets: Speeding tickets can lead to increased insurance rates, especially if you have multiple violations or were caught speeding significantly above the limit. Insurance companies view speeding as a sign of risky behavior and may raise your rates accordingly.
  2. Accidents: If you’re involved in an accident, especially if you’re at fault, your insurance rates are likely to increase. The severity of the accident and the amount of damage caused will also influence the extent of the rate hike.
  3. DUI/DWI Convictions: Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) convictions are among the most serious violations in the eyes of insurance companies. If you’re convicted of a DUI or DWI, you can expect a substantial increase in your insurance premiums, as you’re now considered a high-risk driver.
  4. At-Fault Accidents: Being found at fault in an accident can lead to higher insurance rates. Insurance companies may consider you a higher risk to insure if you’ve demonstrated a pattern of causing accidents.
  5. Traffic Violations: Other traffic violations, such as running red lights, failure to yield, or reckless driving, can also lead to increased insurance premiums. These violations indicate risky behavior and may cause insurers to raise your rates.
  6. License Suspensions: If your driver’s license is suspended or revoked due to violations or other reasons, you may face difficulty obtaining insurance. When you do find coverage, it’s likely to be more expensive due to the increased risk associated with your driving record.

Overall, insurance companies use your driving history as one of the primary factors in determining your rates. The more violations and accidents you have on your record, the higher your insurance premiums are likely to be. It’s essential to drive safely and follow traffic laws to maintain lower insurance rates and avoid potential legal consequences.

National General$110.00$180.00
Progressive Insurance$80.00$145.00
Mendota Ins. Company$100.00$145.00
The General$110.00$180.00
Bristol West$110.00$180.00
Acceptance RTR$90.00$145.00

Castle Rock Insurance- SR22

SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that is required by some states for individuals who have been convicted of certain driving-related offenses, such as DUI/DWI, reckless driving, or driving without insurance.

If you need an SR-22, you’ll typically have to contact an insurance company licensed in your state and request one. They will then file the SR-22 form with the appropriate state department on your behalf. The insurance company may require you to pay a fee for filing the SR-22, and your insurance rates will likely increase due to the nature of the offense that led to the requirement for an SR-22.

CompanyAverage (SR22 Fee)
Assurance America$25
Bristol West$35
Gains Co$25
Progressive5% (average)
The General$25


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FAQs About Castle Rock Insurance at A Plus Insurance

What types of insurance does A Plus Insurance offer in Castle Rock?

A Plus Insurance provides a variety of insurance options in Castle Rock, including auto insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more. Contact our office at 888-445-2793 to explore your insurance choices and receive expert guidance.

How can I request a free insurance quote for Castle Rock Insurance from A Plus Insurance?

Obtaining a free insurance quote for Castle Rock Insurance is simple. Just reach out to our office at 888-445-2793, and our knowledgeable agents will assist you in obtaining a personalized insurance quote tailored to your specific needs.

Why should I choose A Plus Insurance for Castle Rock Insurance coverage?

A Plus Insurance is your trusted partner for Castle Rock Insurance coverage. We collaborate with multiple insurance providers to offer competitive rates and customized coverage options. Contact our office at 888-445-2793 to discuss your Castle Rock insurance needs and receive expert advice.

What is the difference between an insurance broker and a carrier?

An insurance broker, like A Plus Insurance, is an independent professional who represents you, the policyholder, and works to find the best insurance coverage from various insurance carriers. They help you compare options and select the right policies for your needs. On the other hand, an insurance carrier is the company that provides the actual insurance policies. They underwrite, issue, and manage the policies. In summary, a broker helps you choose the best insurance, while a carrier provides the actual coverage.

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