Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill, South Carolina

Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill

Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill, SC

Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill Requirements

Your liability coverage requirements can vary from state to state. For Rock Hill, SC the limits required are 25/50/25.

This means that:

Bodily InjuryBodily Injury for Multiple PeopleProperty Damage
Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill

You want to make sure that while you have these coverages, that you are getting the best possible rates and coverage. Contact your agent to help you figure that out and get a free quote.

StateMinimum Coverage RequirementsAverage Cost for Minimum Liability Coverage
South Carolina25/50/25$75
Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill
Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill

If you own a motorcycle and live in Rock Hill, South Carolina, it is beneficial to know what the insurance laws are. Minimum liability limits are required on your bike.

Those Limits are 25 / 50 / 25.

$25,000 for Bodily Injury per person, and per accident.

$25,000 for Property Damage per accident.

$50,000 Combined Single Limit is required for your insurance policy on your motorcycle.

More About Motorcycles in South Carolina

  • Wearing a motorcycle helmet is absolutely mandatory for riders 20 years old and younger. The helmet must have a strap for the neck or chin.
  • A motorcycle safety course is offered but not required for riders in South Carolina. A motorcycle carrying a passenger, is required to have footrests for said passenger. Any moped or motorcycle must have at least 1 headlamp and no more than 2 headlamps when operating their motorcycle.
  • In addition, each moped or motorcycle must have a rear reflector installed. There is a deadline in South Carolina to report a crash, that is 15 days.
  • Crashes are always required to be reported when there is an injury, death, or vehicle damage over the amount of 1,000.

Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill- Who is Competitive?

  • Let’s see who is the most competitive for motorcycle insurance in South Carolina.
  • One of the best rated companies is Progressive. Along with their great rates, they offer a wide variety of additional coverages to make you feel safe on the road.
  • Next up is Geico. Much like their competitor Progressive they also have great rates and offer some additional coverages as well.
  • Direct Auto Insurance has been in business for years and boasts great coverages, and excellent customer service. Allstate Insurance, also a large top competitor, offers great rates to fit your needs and convenient online quotes that will be a breeze to complete!
  • Last but certainly not least, is State Farm. This company is known to go above and beyond for their clients. Be sure to get multiple quotes before deciding on your Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill company!

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking at getting a new motorcycle, it is best to do your research first.

Of course it is best to look into what type of motorcycle you want and that fits your needs. However, you will need to consider the type of insurance you will want after the big purchase.

Regardless, all vehicles registered in Colorado will need at least the States minimum requirement of 25/50/25.

Although it is mandatory to have the minimum liability limits, we always suggest that it is safer to increase those limits or add additional coverages if you are able to do so.

Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill
motorcycle insurance rock hill

Coverage options can include but are not limited to:

CollisionWhen your motorcycle collides with another object or vehicle when in motion or parked. (You will need to pay a deductible first)
ComprehensiveWhen your motorcycle is damaged from external factors such as fire, animal, theft, vandalism, a tree falling, etc. (You will need to pay a deductible first)
Roadside AssistanceWhen the motorcycle breaks down and needs to be towed.
Medical PaymentsPays for medical expenses for yourself and your passengers when in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.
Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill Coverages

Depending on which carrier that you go with, there may be more coverages that are available. The coverages listed above are standard coverages that should be offered amongst all insurance carriers for motorcycle policies.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to one of our agents for more information on Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill
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Motorcycle Insurance Rock Hill

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