Simpsonville Insurance: Cheapest Car Insurance With Bad credit, poor credit

Typically anything lower than 601 is considered bad credit

Generally, when you have bad credit or a poor insurance score your auto insurance rates will be affected. Each company will be affected differently. Below are some examples of how bad credit can affect your rates.

Carrier Average Cost
National General$150
Bristol West$166
Mendota Ins. Company$172
Acceptance RTR$180
The General$189

Simpsonville Insurance: Cheapest Car Insurance With Good credit

Typically anything higher than 670 is considered good credit

Just like bad credit can affect your rates, good credit can also be a factor as well. Having good credit is one of the many factors or even discounts that help keep your insurance rates low. Below are some good examples of how each company affects your auto insurance rates.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$136
Mendota Ins. Company$142
Acceptance RTR$146
21st Century$149
The General$150
Bristol West$157
State Farm$162
Liberty Mutual$166
National General$170

Simpsonville Insurance: Cheapest Car Insurance With Bundle / Homeowners Discount

Bundling: Purchasing multiple insurance polices from one company

Our primary carriers offer bundling discounts when you purchase your home and auto insurance together. Even a select few offer the discount when you have your auto insurance within the agency but not the same company. These types of discounts can help you have a huge savings in your pocket annually.

CarriersAverage Cost
Acceptance RTR$133
National General$135
Bristol West$141
Mendota Ins. Company$151
The General$156
Progressive Insurance$158
21st Century$165
American Family$173
State Auto$178

Simpsonville Insurance: Cheapest Liability Only Auto Insurance

South Carolina State Liability Minimum Requirements: 25/50/25

Every state has their own requirements when it comes to state minimum liability. Here in Simpsonville, South Carolina the liability limits that are required are $25,000 per person, $50,000 each accident and $25,000 for the property damage. Our state also requires that we have the Uninsured Motorist as well with the limits of $25,000 per person, $50,000 each accident. Below are some companies that offer low, affordable rates.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$88
National General$91
Acceptance RTR$92
Mendota Ins. Company$104
The General$104
Bristol West$120
American Family$123
State Farm$129
21st Century$130

Simpsonville Insurance: Cheapest liability auto insurance For Young Drivers

Statistics show that the younger you are, the more you will pay for auto insurance

Being a young driver never really comes with the experience of driving just yet, which tends to make auto insurance rates higher for those individuals. Finding cheap auto insurance rates can be difficult when you’re young. Just give us a call to shop multiple companies at once for you! Below are many of the companies we do carry that offer decent rates.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Mendota Ins. Company$147
National General$153
Progressive Insurance$153
Bristol West$154
21st Century$157

Simpsonville Insurance: Best Car Insurance For Male Drivers

Statistics show men account for 68 to 70% of car accidents

Not in all cases do males have to pay higher auto insurance rates, but some companies do use that as one of the rating factors. When shopping around for auto insurance it is best to compare multiple companies, so you are not limited to just one price. Below are some average costs of auto insurance between each of our companies that we carry.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
National General$153
21st Century$154
Progressive Insurance$164

Simpsonville Insurance: Cheapest Auto Insurance With Clean Driving History

Keep your driving squeaky clean. Avoid accidents, violations, & points

When you have a clean driving history, this will go a long way when it comes to your auto insurance rates.  When you have traffic violations or accidents your rates can double or even triple depending on the severity of the ticket. Make sure you drive safe and keep your driving history clean to ensure low rates.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
National General$130
Mendota Ins. Company$133
The General$134
Progressive Insurance$136
Acceptance RTR$151

Simpsonville, SC at a Glance: Helpful Information

Simpsonville Zip Codes: 29680 | 29681 |

Nearby Cities: Greenville, SC | Fountain Inn, SC | Five Forks, SC

Neighborhoods In Simpsonville, SC: Five Forks Plantations, Cotton Mill, Asheton Springs

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