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Here’s where to Start: South Carolina requires you to carry a minimum of $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50,000 for all persons injured in one accident.

There is so much more to know about insurance and rates. That is why we are here, to educate and to serve!

What will this cost on average for Socastee Insurance?

South Carolina State Liability Minimum Requirements: 25/50/25

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
The General$84
Progressive Insurance$92
National General$96
Bristol West$98
Mendota Ins. Company$103
American Family$110
The minimum state requirements for SC are listed for you above. The cheapest option for Socastee, SC is with Dairyland insurance.

Cheapest Sr22 Socastee Insurance

An SR22 Insurance is a state filing added to an insurance policy

A common misconception with SR22 insurance is that an SR22 is its own insurance. An SR22 filing is a endorsement, or a rider on a existing, or a new policy.

What is SR22? Essentially is it proof that you are financially responsible enough to be on the roads. As you’ve read above each State has its own Minimum Liability Requirement, with this filing an individual who otherwise wouldn’t be able to drive due to violations can drive once again.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
The General$101
21st Century$107
Mendota Ins. Company$107
National General$110

Bundling really does lead to savings! Now, buckle up! This is information time, not affirmation time.

Mason is hunting for a great Socastee Insurance rate because he has just moved to South Carolina, GO TIGERS! He calls us here at A Plus Insurance (smart lad). Now, our talented Agent helping him WILL no doubt ask if he is a homeowner or renter?

Why? Because we’re nosy? Well… we are… but that’s not why! We are asking because we are applying insurance discounts to his policy that’ll save him big! GO MASON! Below are the costs with the discounts.

Cheapest Car Insurance With Bundle / Homeowners Discount in Socastee, SC

Bundling Stories: Purchasing multiple insurance polices from one company

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Bristol West$132
Acceptance RTR$135
Progressive Insurance$137
The General$140
21st Century$146
Mendota Ins. Company$149
If you multiple items to insure such as motorcycle, RV, renters, or homeowners, ask your agent about bundling options. The more policies you bundle, the more you can save for Socastee Insurance!

Cheapest Car Insurance With Dui, Accidents, Violations in Socastee, SC

An at-fault accident in SC can cause insurance rates to go up 42.7%

A DUI, and certain violations can cause your rates to skyrocket. In addition to the violation on your record, you may even be required to carry an SR22 filing as well.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
National General$150
21st Century$155
Acceptance RTR$182

Cheapest Socastee Insurance With Bad credit, poor credit

Typically anything lower than 601 is considered bad credit

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Mendota Ins. Company$156
Bristol West$157
National General$168
Acceptance RTR$172
Some insurance companies take a hard look into your credit while other companies do what is called a soft pull. It would be beneficial to take care of your credit in order to keep your rates low.

Cheapest Socastee Insurance

A broadform or a non-owners policy can be a cheaper option when needing liability only

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$100
The General$123
Bristol West$137
Mendota Ins. Company$138
Broadform and Non-owners quotes will vary per each insurance company. Above you can see that Dairyland is the cheapest option for Socastee Insurance.

Cheapest Auto Insurance With Clean Driving History in Socastee, SC

Keep your driving squeaky clean. Avoid accidents, violations, & points

There are many ways to ensure you keep your auto insurance rates low. Keeping a clean driving record is one of the best ways to obtain low rates.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
21st Century$139
Bristol West$146
The General$146
National General$148
Progressive Insurance$148
Socastee Insurance

Cheapest Insurance With Good credit in Socastee, SC

Typically anything higher than 670 is considered good credit

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$132
Acceptance RTR$139
Bristol West$144
National General$157
A good credit score can aid you in many different areas in life. A good credit score can help your Socastee insurance rates and help you obtain insurance discounts as well!

Cheapest Auto Insurance For Female drivers in Socastee, SC

Statistics show at age 35, women start seeing higher rates than men

Females do tend to pay less for their auto insurance than males. At age 25, both genders can see fairly equal rates.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Cost
Bristol West$129
Acceptance RTR$139
21st Century$140
Mendota Ins. Company$147
Socastee Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Socastee South Carolina Auto Insurance

Q1: What is Socastee South Carolina Auto Insurance?

A1: Socastee South Carolina Auto Insurance is a type of car insurance coverage specifically tailored to drivers in the Socastee area of South Carolina. It provides protection and financial support in case of accidents, damage, or theft involving your vehicle while in Socastee.

Q2: What types of coverage does Socastee South Carolina Auto Insurance offer?

A2: Socastee South Carolina Auto Insurance typically offers a range of coverage options, including liability insurance, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and more. The specific coverage you need may vary based on your individual circumstances and the requirements of South Carolina law.

Q3: How can I get a quote for Socastee South Carolina Auto Insurance?

A3: To obtain a quote for Socastee South Carolina Auto Insurance, you can reach out to local insurance agencies, request quotes online from reputable insurers, or consult with a licensed insurance agent. They will assess your specific needs and provide you with personalized insurance options and pricing tailored to Socastee, South Carolina.

Socastee, SC at a Glance: Helpful Information

Socastee Zip Codes: 29577 | 29588

Nearby Cities: Rosewood, SC | Coopers, SC | Watergate, SC

Neighborhoods In Socastee, SC: Brighton Woods, Camelot, Cameron Village

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