Expert Guide to Auto Insurance Quotes in Nashville, TN

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Tennessee State Liability Requirements

Required Liability Coverage:
$25,000 bodily injury liability per person
$50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
$25,000 property damage liability per accident
Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Rejection Form
Medical Payments: Rejection Form

Where to Find Low-Cost Insurance for Good Credit Holders in Nashville, TN?

Good credit holders in Nashville, TN, often benefit from lower car insurance quotes due to their financial reliability. Insurers like Suncoast and Allstate consider a high credit score as a sign of responsibility, often leading to reduced premiums.

To further lower rates, maintaining a good credit score through timely bill payments and credit card management is crucial. Additionally, shopping around for quotes and asking for discounts based on credit history can lead to more savings.

Insurance CompaniesAvg. Monthly Rates
21st Century$134
The General$135
Mendota Ins. Company$144
Acceptance RTR$145
National General$149
Bristol West$150
Progressive Insurance$163
State Farm$165

Discover the Most Affordable Car Insurance Quotes Memphis Options

For the most affordable auto insurance in Nashville, TN, companies like GEICO and Progressive are often recommended. They offer competitive rates and a variety of discounts.

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2024 Car Insurance Quotes Nashville

To reduce costs further, drivers should consider raising their deductibles, driving safely to avail no-claim bonuses, and regularly reviewing their policy to ensure it still meets their needs without unnecessary add-ons.

Nashville Auto Insurance Discounts

Maximizing auto insurance savings is crucial. Top discounts include Safe Driver, Multi-Policy, and Good Student benefits. Bundle Savings, Low Mileage, and Anti-Theft perks further enhance affordability.

Safe Driver
Good Student
Bundle Savings
Low Mileage

How to Find the Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance Quotes Nashville, TN

To find the cheapest full coverage insurance in Nashville, TN, start with insurers known for competitive rates, such as State Farm and Nationwide. Full coverage, while more expensive than basic policies, offers comprehensive protection. Drivers can lower these costs by maintaining a safe driving record, choosing a vehicle with a lower insurance cost, and bundling different insurance policies.

Insurance CompaniesAvg. Monthly Rates
National General$125
Progressive Insurance$137
Mendota Ins. Company$150
The General$152
Bristol West$154
State Farm$157
Acceptance RTR$168

What Are the Lowest Cost SR22 Auto Insurance Options in Nashville, TN?

For affordable SR22 insurance in Nashville, TN, drivers should look at providers like The General and Dairyland. These companies specialize in high-risk policies, including SR22, at reasonable prices. To minimize costs, maintaining a clean driving record post-SR22 requirement and taking a defensive driving course can prove beneficial.

Insurance CompaniesAvg. Monthly Rates
Progressive Insurance$88
National General$105
The General$106
Acceptance RTR$107
Mendota Ins. Company$107
Bristol West$112
State Farm$119

SR22 Insurance Process in Nashville



We gather detailed information, ensuring you have all the facts before making a decision.



Receive your SR22 insurance quote, customized to your unique needs and credit profile



We work closely with the insurance carrier to ensure that the sr22 is filed with the state


Policy Management

Our policy service doesn’t end once the documents are signed. We’re here for you, month to month.

Finding the Best Car Insurance for Bad or Poor Credit in Nashville, TN

Bad or poor credit holders in Nashville, TN, can find suitable car insurance options with providers like Assurance America and Mendota. These companies offer policies that take into account factors other than credit scores. Improving credit scores over time and opting for higher deductibles can help in reducing premiums.

Insurance CompaniesAvg. Monthly Rates
Acceptance RTR$158
The General$159
National General$162
Bristol West$182
Progressive Insurance$183
Mendota Ins. Company$186
21st Century$190
Liberty Mutual$228

Top Choices for Low-Cost Car Insurance for Female Drivers in Nashville, TN

Female drivers in Nashville, TN, often find affordable car insurance quotes with companies like Progressive and GEICO. These insurers provide rates that reflect the statistically lower risk associated with female drivers. Women can further reduce their insurance costs by choosing cars with high safety ratings and taking advantage of discounts like multi-car or safe driver discounts.

Insurance CompaniesAvg. Monthly Rates
National General$153
Mendota Ins. Company$155
Acceptance RTR$156
The General$159
Bristol West$160
Progressive Insurance$165
21st Century$167

Which Companies Offer the Least Expensive Auto Insurance for Young Drivers in Nashville, TN?

Young drivers in Nashville, TN, seeking cost-effective insurance should consider providers like Allstate and State Farm. These insurers offer discounts for good students and safe driving habits. Young drivers can also lower their rates by enrolling in defensive driving courses and opting to be on their parents’ policy.

Insurance CompaniesAvg. Monthly Rates
National General$128
American Family$151
Bristol West$153
Progressive Insurance$157
Acceptance RTR$163
Liberty Mutual$169
Mendota Ins. Company$180

Identifying the Most Affordable Liability Only Auto Insurance in Nashville, TN

For liability only auto insurance in Nashville, TN, companies like GEICO and Progressive often have the most competitive rates. This basic coverage is generally cheaper, and costs can be further reduced by maintaining a clean driving record and opting for a car model that is cheaper to insure.

Insurance CompaniesAvg. Monthly Rates
Mendota Ins. Company$90
The General$94
National General$103
Bristol West$104
Progressive Insurance$108
State Farm$110
Liberty Mutual$120
21st Century$126

How to Get the Cheapest Insurance for Male Drivers in Nashville, TN

Male drivers in Nashville, TN, can find the cheapest insurance options with insurers like Nationwide and State Farm. These companies offer competitive rates for male drivers, especially when combined with discounts for safe driving and anti-theft devices. Keeping a clean driving record and choosing a less expensive vehicle to insure can also help in lowering insurance costs.

Insurance CompaniesAvg. Monthly Rates
Bristol West$153
The General$159
National General$165
Mendota Ins. Company$169
Progressive Insurance$177
Acceptance RTR$181
State Auto$186
21st Century$195

How to Get a Free Car Insurance Quote Nashville TN


Contact Us​

Start by reaching out to us, either online, by phone, or in person. Provide basic personal and vehicle information to initiate the quote process.



Provide more detailed information about your driving history, the vehicle you wish to insure, and any specific coverage needs or preferences you have



We will process your information and present you with a customized insurance quote, outlining coverage options and prices tailored to your needs.



Review the provided quote at your leisure. If you decide to proceed, you can finalize the policy, setting up payment and coverage start dates.

Why does my Nashville zip code affect my car insurance quotes?

In Nashville, various local factors significantly influence the cost of auto insurance rates. From the city’s specific weather patterns to its demographic trends, each aspect plays a pivotal role in how insurance premiums are calculated. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these factors:

  1. Weather Conditions and Climate: Nashville experiences a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. Seasonal severe weather, including thunderstorms and the occasional tornado, can increase the likelihood of weather-related accidents or damage to vehicles, potentially leading to higher insurance claims and premiums.
  2. Crime Rates: The crime rate, especially pertaining to vehicle theft and vandalism in certain areas of Nashville, can affect insurance costs. Higher crime rates often lead to increased risk of theft and vandalism claims, prompting insurers to charge higher premiums.
  3. Population Density: As a bustling city, Nashville’s population density contributes to more traffic congestion. Higher congestion typically increases the chances of accidents, which in turn can lead to higher insurance rates.
  4. Demographics: The demographic composition of Nashville, including the age and driving experience of its population, influences insurance premiums. Areas with a higher concentration of younger, less experienced drivers might see higher rates due to the increased risk of accidents associated with this demographic.
  5. Economic Factors: The general economic status of Nashville residents, including average income and employment rates, can impact insurance rates. Economic stability often correlates with the ability to afford comprehensive coverage, while areas with lower economic status might see a higher proportion of uninsured or underinsured drivers, impacting overall risk assessments for insurers.
  6. Road Conditions and Infrastructure: The quality of roads and infrastructure in Nashville can also be a factor. Poor road conditions can lead to more frequent accidents or vehicle damage, influencing the cost of claims and, consequently, the insurance premiums.

These factors collectively shape the auto insurance landscape in Nashville, with each contributing in its own way to the overall risk assessment and cost of insurance for drivers in the city.


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What Happens If I’m Caught Driving Without Insurance in Nashville?

Driving without auto insurance can lead to severe consequences, such as hefty fines, license suspension, and even legal penalties. It may result in increased insurance premiums, vehicle impoundment, or difficulty obtaining coverage in the future.

License Suspension
Legal Penalties
Increased Premiums
Vehicle Impoundment
Coverage Difficulty

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Insurance Quotes in Nashville, TN

What factors influence car insurance quotes in Nashville?

Car insurance quotes in Nashville can be influenced by driving history, vehicle type, coverage limits, and ZIP code. Contact us for personalized insights.

How do I obtain a car insurance quote in Nashville?

Getting a car insurance quote in Nashville is easy! Reach out online or call us at 1.888.445.2793 for personalized assistance.

What coverage options are available for car insurance in Nashville?

Car insurance in Nashville includes liability, collision, comprehensive, and more. We’ll guide you through suitable coverage choices.

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