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Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Cleburne Insurance

All About Auto Insurance In Cleburne, Texas

Auto Insurance, Now in 34 states!

Cleburne Insurance

All About Auto Insurance In Cleburne, Texas

Texas has a State Minimum Requirement for Liability of: 30 / 60 / 25

Bodily Injury for One IndividualBodily Injury for Multiple IndividualsProperty Damage
$30,000 $60,000$25,000

We Save Our Customer In Cleburne An Average Of $591.55 Per Year

Throughout the year, imagine what you could save on your auto insurance. Who does not like to save money? Savings here in Cleburne, TX can be significant. It has been proven to save up to $591.55 a year for some of our clients. Below is a chart of just some of the things you can do with your savings.

Cleburne Insurance
Number of Candy bars you could buy435
Months of Netflix you could afford with your savings43
Number of Peanuts you could buy107568
Cleburne Insurance

Cleburne Insurance: Top 12 Vehicles We Insure in Cleburne

Car insurance pricing is an intricate process now a days. One of the factors within your power that adds to auto insurance premiums is the vehicle make and model you choose. Majority of the vehicles range from high-performance vehicles, luxury SUVs, sports cars, to the ones that have a low MSRP. The list below shows a variety of vehicles that we insure here in Cleburne. Acura’s and GMC are some of the top ranked vehicles here.

RankVehicle Make
5Ford F-Models
Cleburne Insurance Top Ranking Vehicles

Cleburne Insurance Sample Rates

With the amounts of discounts, and rating factors there are in auto insurance. The rates will be different for everyone. You generally hear about auto insurance being high for a person or super low for another yet they have the same vehicle. Insurance score, credit score, driving history all impact rates. Below are some sample rates that you can compare yourself too. Be sure to give us a call to give you something accurate.

Sample Rates in Cleburne, Texas
Sample Quote/ Policy Location: Cleburne
Agent: Katie
Current Company: Viking
Previous Company: American Family
Who: Female
Age: 62
Vehicle: Chevrolet S10 Crew Cab
Type of Coverage: Liability , Uninsured Motorist
Notes: Now, DUI
Rate: $280
Sample Quote/ Policy Location: Cleburne
Agent: Amy
Current Company: The General
Previous Company: Travelers
Who: Motorist
Age: 16
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz 300SD
Type of Coverage: Liability Insurance , SR22
Notes: Ticket, ID Cards
Rate: $144
Sample Quote/ Policy Location: Cleburne
Agent: Jola
Current Company: Progressive
Previous Company: Sentry
Who: Client
Age: 57
Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz 300TE
Type of Coverage: Liability , State Min
Notes: Coverage, Speeding
Rate: $303
Sample Quote/ Policy Location: Cleburne
Agent: Lauren
Current Company: Progressive
Previous Company: Sentry
Who: Client
Age: 49
Vehicle: Lincoln MKT
Type of Coverage: Liability Only , State Min
Notes: Coverage, DUI
Rate: $160
Sample Quote/ Policy Location: Cleburne
Agent: Shawn
Current Company: Progressive
Previous Company: American Family
Who: Resident
Age: 20
Vehicle: Dodge D350 Club Cab
Type of Coverage: Liability , State Min
Notes: Quotes, Snapshot
Rate: $221
Sample Quote/ Policy Location: Cleburne
Agent: Jola
Current Company: The General
Previous Company: Bristol West
Who: Licensed Driver
Driver Age: 28
Vehicle: Mitsubishi Expo
Type of Coverage: Full Coverage , Uninsured Motorist
Notes: Estimate, Uninsured
Rate: $142
Cleburne Insurance

Cleburne Insurance Best Liability Insurance Rates in Cleburne

Several of our companies offer great competitive rates here in Cleburne, TX. Liability insurance that is required by the state will be the most comparable between Mendota Insurance and Dairyland. Within these two companies, the rates can go below $100 a month which is not bad considering some other carries in our area. If you are looking for some cheap auto insurance just liability coverage, be sure to give us a call.

RankCompanyAverage Price
2Dairyland (Viking)$98.00
3The General$100.00
5Bristol West$120.00
7Liberty Mutual$145.00
Cleburne Insurance

Cleburne Insurance: Rating Factors

Insurance all together can have many different things that effect it. Weather it be highly impacting your rate or slim to none. Some of the factors in the table below that will impact your rate. Between Age, and your credit history, and if you have had any major violations in the last 5 years, that will really give you what your premium looks like.

FactorRate Impact
Anti Theft DeviceLow
Marital StatusMedium
Major Violations (DUI,DWI,etc)High
How Many Drivers Per Vehicles ListedMedium
Credit HistoryHigh
State RequirementsMedium
Claims HistoryMedium
Vehicle Safety FeaturesMedium
Cleburne Insurance

Cleburne Insurance: How Age And Gender Affects Your Rate

 Believe it or not, age and gender do affect your insurance premium. Statistically; older, more experienced drivers, have less accidents therefore less claims on their insurance. They become a preferred customer based on their safe driving habits, and in return receive lower insurance rates. Younger drivers lacking experience will pay a higher insurance premium, until the hit a certain age – usually 25 years old.

Type of CoverageOur Top Companies
Commercial Auto InsuranceProgressive
Renters InsuranceASI, Foremost
Boat InsuranceTravelers, Progressive
Home InsuranceTravelers, ASI, Foremost Star
Car InsuranceProgressive, Dairyland,
Business InsuranceBTIS, Hiscox
Motorcycle InsuranceDairyland, Progressive
Cleburne Insurance

Insurance Companies We Represent in Cleburne

 A Plus Insurance partners with several insurance companies to be able to shop and compare competitive rates for each of our customers and their tailored needs. Progressive and Travelers are our top, preferred insurance companies offering great rates for customers with clean driving records and continues insurance. Some smaller companies in Cleburne, Texas include Mendota, Suncoast, Bristol west and Dairyland insurance.

Insurance Companies in Cleburne, Texas that We Represent
Bristol West
Assurance America
Foremost Star
Best Choice
The General
Orion 181
Cleburne Insurance Carriers

Cleburne Insurance Liability And Full Coverage Rates

Minimum Liability requirements vary depending upon the state. In Cleburne Texas, the minimum requirements to make you legal on the road are – 30/60/25. Liability protects the other party from you in the event of an accident. This breaks down to mean, $30,000 per person for bodily injury, up to $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage. You can adjust your liability limits for higher coverage, if desired.

Liability Insurance rates in CleburneLiability State Average
Full Coverage Insurance in CleburneFull Coverage TX Average
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Cleburne Insurance


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Frequently Asked Questions about A Plus Insurance (formerly Cleburne Insurance)

Q1: What types of insurance does A Plus Insurance offer?

A Plus Insurance offers a wide range of insurance options, including auto, home, life, and business insurance.

Q2: How can I contact A Plus Insurance?

You can reach us at 1.888.445.2793 for any inquiries or assistance with your insurance needs.

Q3: Do I need an appointment to get a quote from A Plus Insurance?

No appointment is necessary. You can request a quote online through our website or give us a call at 1.888.445.2793 to speak with a representative.

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