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Galveston Insurance

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Most Affordable Broadform/NonOwners Auto Insurance in Galveston, TX

Galveston Insurance Seekers: A Broadform Policy may be a great for someone with multiple vehicles needing liability coverage

CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$90
The General$116
Mendota Ins. Company$145

A Broad form is a great alternative for someone only needing liability coverage and only 1 driver. The rate is determined upon the individual, rather than rating each individual vehicle.

Cheapest Insurance With Dui, Accidents, Violations in Galveston, TX

At Fault Accidents will cause your insurance premium to go up at renewal. If you’ve recently gotten into an accident, you may want to shop insurance companies to find a competitive rate if your premium has gone up. We can help you find the best option for your Galveston Insurance.

CompanyAverage Cost
Progressive Insurance$155
Mendota Ins. Company$166
21st Century$167
An at-fault accident in TX can cause insurance rates to go up 42.7%

Galveston Insurance Cheapest Auto Rates For Male Drivers in Galveston, TX

Statistics show men account for 68 to 70% of car accidents

CompanyAverage Rate
The General$160
Mendota Ins. Company$168
National General$170
Bristol West$174

Typically, Insurance rates are more expensive for male drivers. Males are responsible for a higher percentage of accidents, and property damage which is the result in an increased premium.

Cheapest SR22 Galveston Insurance in Texas

An SR22 Insurance is a state filing added to an insurance policy

SR-22 lets the state know you are complying by carrying insurance. SR-22 is usually a flat fee of $0 -$25 per term, but can vary depending upon the insurance provider. If you are looking for the cheapest of Galveston insurance, we work with Dairyland Insurance, which does not charge a fee for the SR-22 filing.

CompanyAverage Cost
National General$91
Progressive Insurance$94
The General$97

Most Affordable Galveston Insurance For Female Drivers

Statistics show at age 35, women start seeing higher rates than men

Unfortunately gender still matters in the world of insurance, and Galveston Insurance is no different.

Females typically pay less in auto insurance than males do because of statistics showing men are the result of a higher percentage of accidents. Once females reach a certain age, their insurance rates are actually higher than males in the same age group.

CompanyAverage Cost
21st Century$137
Mendota Ins. Company$137
Bristol West$144

Best Insurance For Young Drivers in Galveston, TX

33% of deaths among 13 to 19-year-olds in 2010 occurred in motor vehicle crashes

It can be intimidating for a first time driver shopping for Insurance. You may not be sure what coverages you need or want, and may be afraid to ask questions. Knowledge is power, ask your professionals all of your questions to make sure you have a great understanding.

CompanyAverage Cost
Bristol West$130
Progressive Insurance$139
National General$146

Best Insurance With Bad Credit, Poor Credit in Galveston, TX

Typically anything lower than 601 is considered bad credit

Keep your Credit Score high by paying your bills on time and not letting anything get to collections. This will save you on your auto Insurance, along with other big life purchases such as buying a home, or financing a vehicle.

CompanyAverage Rate
21st Century$154
National General$165
Mendota Ins. Company$167
Acceptance RTR$180
The General$183

Galveston Insurance reviews

Curious about [Galveston Insurance] reviews? When it comes to choosing the right insurance coverage for your vehicle in Galveston, it’s essential to consider customer feedback and experiences. While individual reviews may vary, our brokerage works with reputable insurance carriers known for their excellent customer service and competitive rates. Here’s a summary of what drivers in Galveston are saying:

  • Satisfied customers praise the prompt claims process and helpful customer support.
  • Many drivers appreciate the variety of coverage options available to suit their needs.
  • Positive reviews highlight the ease of obtaining quotes and managing policies online or by phone.

Top-Rated Insurance Carriers in Galveston:

Insurance CompanyCustomer Satisfaction

While reviews are helpful, it’s essential to speak with an agent to determine the best coverage for your specific situation. Contact us today for personalized guidance and find the right insurance for your vehicle in Galveston.

Why is insurance in Galveston Texas so high?

Wondering why insurance rates in Texas are on the higher side, particularly for drivers in [Galveston Insurance]? Several factors contribute to this, including the state’s high population density, which increases the likelihood of accidents and claims. Additionally, Texas experiences extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and hailstorms, leading to more frequent and costly auto insurance claims. Moreover, the state’s legal environment and high rates of uninsured motorists also impact insurance premiums.

Factors Contributing to High Insurance Rates in Texas:

  • High population density
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Legal environment
  • Uninsured motorists

Estimated Costs for Auto Insurance in Galveston:

Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Rate

While insurance rates in Texas may be higher, comparing quotes from multiple carriers can help you find affordable coverage that meets your needs. Contact us today to explore your options and secure the right insurance for your vehicle in Galveston.

What is The Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas?

Compare Average Car Insurance Prices with Top Carriers in Galveston, Texas:

Insurance CarrierAverage Annual Premiums in Galveston, Texas (Estimates)
Progressive$1,200 – $1,500
Dairyland$1,100 – $1,400
Travelers$1,300 – $1,600
Gainsco$1,000 – $1,300
Assurance America$1,100 – $1,400
National General$1,200 – $1,500
Bristol West$1,100 – $1,300
Mendota$1,000 – $1,200
The General$1,200 – $1,500
Suncoast$1,100 – $1,300

Galveston, TX at a Glance: Helpful Information

Galveston Zip Codes: 77550 | 77551 | 77552

Nearby Cities: Texas City, TX | La Marque , TX | Dickinson, TX

Neighborhoods In Galveston, TX: | Anderson Ways | Port Bolivar | Crystal Beach |

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Galveston Texas Insurance FAQs

Galveston Texas Insurance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Galveston Texas Insurance?

Galveston Texas Insurance provides a range of insurance services for individuals and businesses in Galveston, Texas. We offer coverage for various needs, including auto, home, and more.

How can I contact Galveston Texas Insurance?

You can contact Galveston Texas Insurance by calling us at 1.888.445.2793. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with your insurance needs.

What types of insurance do you offer in Galveston, Texas?

We offer a wide range of insurance options in Galveston, Texas, including auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, and more. Contact us to discuss your specific insurance needs.

What is the best insurance to have in Texas?

The best insurance for you will depend on your specific needs, financial situation, and lifestyle. It’s often a good idea to consult with an insurance agent or broker who can assess your situation and recommend the right coverage for you. Additionally, consider your budget and any legal requirements for insurance in Texas when making your choices.


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